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FTV Kelsey & Hazel: Best Friends (Nov 2013)

November 30th, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Hazel, FTV Girl Kelsey, FTV Kelsey & Hazel | 27,655 views

Ho-ho-ho! What do we have here? Lesbians. As it been announced… We have here two sex teen lesbians Kelsey & Hazel playing with each other using big toys. This is the really great update with 382 High Resolution Photos and 118 mins High Definition Video. In this update:
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There will be a lot of photos… And also video ??????

Hazel’s Comments: I’ve known Kelsey since grade school. She’s always been that girl who stood out in school where the guys would stare at her and she loved the attention. Always had that reputation and she loved the guys. I wasn’t part of the popular crowd. So how did we become best friends? We were both doing cheer and we both had a crush on the same guy. She found out about it and set me up with him. It was pretty cool of her, and then I realized she was a nice girl and somehow we just ended up being friends that hung out after school. We weren’t sexual with each other at all, just doing sleepovers and stuff. I ended up becoming a waitress, she ended up doing the glam modeling. She’s always loved the heels and the barbie thing doing herself up and valley-girling herself out. We ended up moving away from each other, I moved to Decatur, TX, and she moved to Dallas, TX. We stay in touch a lot, then she revealed to me last year that she started porn. I didn’t ever think I would care to do that but she has her persuasive ways. Well, here I am, and trying this website that Kelsey says was her favorite website to shoot for. I’m taking her advice. She actually had to drive all the way from Dallas, pick me up, then drive to Love Field airport. We almost missed the plane too because there was a massive traffic jam. And this on a Saturday! Well, I’ve never fooled around with Kelsey, maybe just kissed her but that’s it. I like girls, but breaking that friendship barrier to sex is something that made me a little nervous. She guided me through it and I enjoyed it. I didn’t have much clothes either so most of what you see me wearing is her stuff. She’s all about the dresses, heels, heels heels heels! I did like her pretty vagina and how clean and trim everything looks. Would I do her again? Possibly, if I’m horny. What did I like best? The vibrator, and that big blue toy that vibrated. Its huge but I like it. I asked for the large toys because I never get to experience anything like that in my personal life. Might as well try it once in your life, here’s the opportunity. By the way, that vibrator I plugged in on the bed was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. You wouldn’t need a man with that thing!

This is FTV teens Kelsey & Hazel:



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