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FTV Girl Cadence: First Timer (September 2008)

September 17th, 2008 | FTV Girl Cadence | 9,343 views

Let me show you new FTV girl Cadence! She is 24 y.o. She do shoot like this first time in her life (FTV, you know :)). The night before shoot Cadence was so excited to do the shoot so it was hard to fall asleep. When she woke up in the morning she made sure she had packed all of her clothing including a sexy outfit or two for the shoot. She swear she could have packed her whole suitcase in that bag haha! Anyways, with her luck her plane was delayed an hour so she sat in the airport and listened to music anxiously awaiting her flight to Arizona to start her shoot. When she landed the photographer picked her up in this totally hot Saleen Mustang. She’s really into cars and she must admit that she found the photographer to be really cute and that was most certainly a plus. Hopefully her being nervous doesn’t show in the videos too much but she’s sure you guys will love her nice ass and natural boobs. You can download her sample video -> here <-.

Here is Cadence:


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Cadence Comments: Speech the FTV photographer on the telephone made me feel completely certain that we’d have a great shoot. The night ahead I was really excited to make the shoot it was difficult to dope off. When I awoke in the morn I made a point I had compact all of my fitting out admitting a erotic outfit or 2 for the shoot. I swear I may have backpacked my full bag in this bagful haw-haw! Anyways, with my fortune my airplane was held up an hr so I sat down in the aerodrome and heard to music apprehensively waiting my flight to deal me to AZ to begin my FTV shot. When I downed the FTV photographer culled me up therein all spicy Saleen Mustang I think it’s called. I am actually into autos and I must acknowledge that I found the FTV photographer to be very attractive and that was most for certain a positive. And so, we attained his condominium somewhere in a good brief gated community following to the golf gross and he gave me a legal brief on FTV and later on previewing the FTV site I was ready to begin my FTV shot! Hopefully me being spooky does not prove in the videos overmuch but I am sure you fellows will enjoy my pleasant ass and natural tits.
In my 1st scene I was not sure if I needed to use a FTV toy or not simply I chose to only use my fingers to get going me up. I really love applying my fingers on myself and they get in handy once there’s nothing other round he he. Once we started FTV shooting I kinda doped off into my own up world & got actually horny by employing my fingers to delight myself. Before no time the least bit I had already got my 1st climax and was really shocked that I was so comfy with FTV shooting ahead of guy with camera. There was something around masturbating in front of a guy that initially made me a feel a bit bit clumsy but I rapidly forgot about that afterward starting up to delight myself & I think that will demonstrate in that FTV video.
I am not sure about earliest FTV girls, but I’ve never used a such vibrator before!!! The FTV photographer demonstrated me this thing that he called up the FTV Rabbit and I started to play with it and it forced out a very strong vibration. I was really sexed to use this FTV toy and find out if it was all it’s broke up to be. In the backyard there was a good comfy sun chair and cocktail table that I did good apply of. I generally alike to use water ice to lubricate my pussy with but besides used a bit of lubricate to begin me forth. I was not amazed when I foundered enjoy with this vibrator. I set up the setting on wherever it wipes my clitoris and has the pearls circulating at the same time. It felt surprising!!! It wasn’t long before I beat out the acme of my joy and had a different sexual climax and came concluded the toy. I am earnestly attending buy one of these FTV toys as soon as I can pass to my local adult store lol.
Since I bumped AZ to be actually hot, seeing as how I’m from NJ originally, I patterned this wishful the perfect time to array by the pool. As the FTV photographer had that on his listing of FTV shot locations I was joyed to know that it was time to get more sunlight and perhaps pleasure myself when doing it. Across at his friends condominium I noted the pool area was actually open for lookers but I found out that along a Tues at 3 p.m. there would not be anybody around but I was wrong hah. While doing the FTV photosets essentially whole naked the FTV photographer noticed a few looker-ons which really made me spooky but I was into the FTV shot and just held acting my thing with town behind me. I used the vibrator to imbue myself making it in and out till I got sufficiency joy out by it. After this onanism scene I was a bit angry from so much insight and climaxes so we took a break out for food for thought and continuing on with the FTV shot after that.
If I put up use 3 words to name FTV I’d say it was exciting, impulsive and enjoyable. I had many amusing issuing to Arizona for the day to test something fresh. I felt up like it was a mini holiday and it was good to start the FTV shot off with FTV guy Aaron and end with FTV guy Rob at his gorgeous mansion where we could make some really classy FTV pictures. I hope everybody loved my 1st time video because I know I did!!!

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