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FTV Girl Noelani: Tiny Little One (October 2013)

December 3rd, 2013 | FTV Girl Noelani | 15,871 views

This girl with a very strange name (FTV NOELANI) looks really young! May be it is because she has a babyface, or maybe it cause she is only 5′ tall. Such a young naked body! She is now a pornstar! But here, on FTV Girls, she had her first time experience. She having fun on the playground near the school and then she going to home to undress and masturbate! In her update:
-> Dress and Heels
-> Public Nudity
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
-> Foot Fetish Scenes
-> Heel Stuffing
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Vagina Gaping Closeups
Total of 191 photos and 39 minutes of HD video in the members area.
Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: Noelani is originally from Hawaii, she’s a quarter Hawaiian, and her name means ‘beautiful girl from heaven’. From what she told me, she never really fit in her high school, and after she accidentally got pregnant, it made the stigma even worse for her. So she left to Dallas, where she stayed with her grandmother. Her interest in adult started as she watched porn online, and always had a thing for wanting to model. Since she is so tiny, mainstream modeling really wouldn’t work for her. So she contacted me with her amateur photos and of course I had to verify her age first. She could pass as 14, even though she is 19. Which also made shooting in public somewhat difficult, as I didn’t want people to think I’m shooting an underage girl. Even in the beginning at the mall, notice the angry housewife faces… anyway, we get lucky and manage to shoot breast flashing, fingering, and butt teases right there in the middle of the department store. Even some right in front of people who were oblivious to what was happening. I also had to pass off the videotaping as if I’m making a facebook thing for her. She mentioned that she was a cheerleader a few years back, so we headed out to a nearby golf course, and had her to carwheels and splits etc… the sprinklers were running, so she got wet, but in this heat might as well cool down! The grass did make her but a bit rashy unfortunately — I should have told her to stay away from sitting in the grass. Some more dares as she takes her top and bottom off in front of a medical office. Then more fingering on a park bench. At home, I have her try the Eroscillator toy, as she has never masturbated in her life! She seemed to be reluctant to have orgasms, and would hold back — like a mental block. At one point she ends up mini-squirting but doesn’t necessarily like it. We then try the Vibraking Toy, which makes her more nervous, until it starts getting her vagina to respond like crazy, squirt one more time, and bring her to orgasm. She finally expresses how it was, and how similar it is to her ‘wet sex dreams’. So in reality, this may have been her very first orgasm of her life. Wearing the heels we bought at the department store (I also bought her a cuddle monkey thing for her flight to LA) she models her dress & heels, and teases us. Then its time for a shoe heel stuffing scene — a rather erotic penetration view of her tiny vagina. So she now travels to LA, to start her porn career, I wonder if she will truly be able to handle adult work. You see her here, as a total newbie being introduced to the adult world…
Also inside this post you’ll find a free video of upcoming FTV girl Lacie!

This is FTV Girl Noelani:


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