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FTV Girl Taryn: Barbie Doll (November 2008)

November 6th, 2008 | FTV Girl Taryn | 15,152 views

This girl is real barbie-girl. She looks like a doll. May be cause of her white hair, or cause of her interesting face. On the moment of the shot she was 24 y.o. But I think she looks older. Her height – 5’7”, her measurements: 34D-25-35. She has a gorgeous body and unnatural grown boobs. But they looks super, perfect. Taryn is beauty in her pink outfit, it match her very much. Its “her clothes” :) As you can see on the free photos (inside this post), this girl was shoot with other FTV model Danielle (her review is here). These FTV models looks great together. Both busty and not skinny. They’re kissing and swimming naked in the pool…

FTV Girl Taryn:


Taryn’s Sample Photos:

112 115
120 129
119 225
222 233
237 321
334 343
351 412
433 434
437 533
539 555
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About model and her shot from her words: Big thanks for watching her shoot. She first found out about FTV through her ex-boyfriend, who visited this site and some other ones. This one was her personal favourite, because of the classy nature it presented the girls in. She wanted to pose for FTV, because it was playboy-style with extra stuff. She actually didn’t do anything about it until she saw an ad on Craigslist for FTV modelling, and so she tried out and applied sending two amateur pics of her (one when was was a brunette!) . She wasn’t sure if she would get accepted since FTV girls all seem to be naturally busty. Well guess what, she’s here! She flew in from Las Vegas where she works and lives, and flew out in the evening. She’s originally from Washington State, so the Nevada/Arizona weather she’s never really gotten used to. She has a twin sister, who looks a lot like her, and does makeup, in school they were called the barbie twins! Actually she was a nerdy girl in high school and was teased for her big lips and chunky looks. Things changed when she blossomed she guess. Now she works out every day, its a strict regimen for her. From weights to cardio and stretching, she’s doing her best to stay in shape. She still splurge here and there, especially if she’s going out for dinner. For a year now she’s been doing exotic dancing and it makes her good money. Initially she tried some local strip clubs but most were sleazy, until she started working at one of the most classiest clubs in Las Vegas. Now it is a lot of fun, clean, and all the girls working there are great. Sorry she can not mention the club she is working at though, at least right now. Her other goal is to make it into Playboy. She’s doing some videos where she’s dancing in the background this fall, for their cyber girls, but she really want to be a centrefold. With her look many people think she’s slutty, or just because she’s a dancer, she’s easy. But she lost her virginity at 17, and she’s only been with two guys seriously since then. Taryn’s twin sister is even more prudish than she is. But her parents are supportive, and they are OK with what she is doing. She saves her money, she doesn’t blow it on addiction, and she own a beautiful house in the suburbs. She is not into fancy cars like the owner of FTV site, she is more practical and have a pickup truck that gets her around. Anyways, she hopes you liked her FTV shoot, she knows it is not as crazy like some of the FTV videos she’s seen on the tour, but she can not shoot any penetration FTV video because she is going to model for Playboy. Thanks for watching her cinematic debut. Visit FTV Girls and download her videos >>

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-> Hard Breast Massage with Danielle
-> Pool Play
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