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FTV Sophia: Scottish Girl in USA (May 2010)

May 13th, 2010 | FTV Sophia | 80,681 views

Today we have a big update with the super hot girl! SHE IS SO SEXY… I’ll share a lot of her photos in this publication. The girl is Sophia, 21 years old. She submitted several photos in her application for FTV Girls shot: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. And she became 10 times more sexy in the professional FTV shot. Sophia lives in Dundee, Scotland. After college & after she turned 18 she started working in the local strip club and was earning good money, she did so for 2 years. She then entered a modeling competition in Scotland. She put up an online portfolio and got pages of emails from photographers from all different sites wanted to shoot her. Her first ever shoot was a us porn site. She had never done anything like it before. Then she shot for many other sites similar and also playboy. And began the time for shot for FTV girls. In her update: Public Nudity at Old town, City Hall, Canal, Cafe; Masturbation to Orgasm with several Toys; Hard Breast Massage; Video of Photo shoot; Scottish Castle Shoot; Nude Jogging; Girl-Girl Breast Play with FTV Danielle; Extreme Close-ups; Stockings & Lingerie; Foot Fetish; Panty Stuffing; Strong Vaginal Contractions.

This is Sexy FTV Girl Sophia:


Sophia’s Free FTV Photos:

108 109
114 118
127 128
138 115
151 163
165 168
173 179
185 188
186 190
218 221
208 225
232 236
244 245
251 265
263 266
270 274
277 279
284 287
304 314
334 344
347 348
355 364
361 363
365 378
427 438
416 458
481 509
489 490
528 529
544 549

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FTV Videographer’s Comments: On her 3rd day of shooting (and the last day of her stay) we decided to shoot on the canal, where she can do some ‘jogging’. She had her hair in pigtailed braids, which looked really cute on her.  After going naked outside, she masturbates in sneakers (some guys request that girls keep them on…) and some extreme close-ups of her protruding clit. Three finger penetration & use of a vibrator that brings her to another strong orgasm (with very strong contractions at the end).  Sophia is what I call a ‘softcore’ update, but I wanted her to try something kinky, that wouldn’t push her limits.  Panty stuffing was quite alien to her, but after doing it, she said she would want to sell her panties to the ‘highest bidder’.  Supposedly she has a lot of fans in the UK that are excited to see her FTV update (and partly it was them to thank for leading her to FTV). 

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Screenshots From Sophia’s FTV Videos:

2010-05-13_133525 2010-05-13_133548 2010-05-13_133605

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32 Comments on "FTV Sophia: Scottish Girl in USA (May 2010)"

bob james
2 years 9 months ago

Aw,she is the hottest woman so far on FTVmagic,she has it all !!

Mind you,she is a Scot so it figures :)

Pedro Garza
4 years 4 months ago

1 .- A very expressive eyes and a very nice body
2 .- The video when she gets her panties in her pussy is very hot
3 .- A perfect ass and breasts very round
4 .- a pussy with very soft lips
5 .- Excellent ass is very tight and with little use, would have suggested getting a toy in her ass

5 years 2 months ago

sensational chick

5 years 4 months ago

The hottest thing i have ever seen.

Jile Green
5 years 5 months ago

I very love you ,really.Could you send some video about you please,thanks!