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FTV Tasha: A Teen For Toys (March 2010)

March 2nd, 2010 | FTV Tasha | 31,707 views

One of the freshest FTV girls for today is Tasha. She is 19 y.o., she is FTV exclusive and has her total first time nudity/masturbation experience. Tasha has been blonde all her life but changed her hair color just before the shot. Tasha’s height is 5’5", her measurements: 34A-23-34. Pretty slim girl, she did dance most of her life, doing ballet and ballroom dancing. Also she was a cheerleader for a one year. So she’s quite flexible and showed some acrobatic stuff on camera. Also in her FTV shot you can find public nudity & pussy touching, masturbation with several toys, pussy stretching (with close-ups), vagina fisting, FTV toy ride, anal fingering & VibraKing toy using. Videographer’s comment: “…she managed to have an incredibly strong orgasm with it.  Notice the strong contractions throughout, and the very strong pulsations of her vagina at the end.”. Watch Tasha’s photos below, see screenshots from her video pages there also. And get her sample video here.

This Is FTV Girl Tasha:


FTV Tasha’s Sample Photos:

132 134
156 169
161 206
207 215
221 222
245 250
314 319
326 341
333 361
346 357
368 371
402 407
414 415
425 448
453 457
459 460

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Screenshots From FTV Tasha’s Videos:


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FTV Tasha’s General
Public Nudity:  Office & Hotel Area, Masturbation to Orgasm with Toy,
Pool Play, Cheerleader Scene, Flexible.
FTV Tasha’s Fetish
Anal Fingering.
FTV Tasha’s Extreme
Near Fisting, FTV Toy Ride.

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5 years 2 months ago

reminds me of taylor rain
she is sexy