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FTV Girl Laurie: Fresh Teen In Porn (Jan 2013)

March 3rd, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Laurie | 13,970 views

FTV ORIGINAL. Total first time experience. Meet fresh FTV girl Laurie. She is 19 years old, a bit shy girl. Her height: 5’6". Her figure: 34C-24-34. Very flexible girl, have a tattoo, pierced belly button. She was shot with the assistant-girl with big breasts, and they even masturbated together.


In the FTV members area you can download 200 photos and 5700 Mb of her videos. In her update:
-> Public Nudity: Resort
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm w/Fingers
-> Massage (Hard): Breast
-> Assistant: Alice (breast play)
-> Video of Photoshoot
-> Yoga Scene
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Shaving Scene
-> Foot Fetish
-> Dildo Play

This if FTV Girl Laurie:


FTV Laurie’s Comments: “Hey this is Laurie. I’m 19 years old and just getting into the adult industry. I actually found out about FTV from one of my old school friends, Melody that was on FTV too! This was my first time experience ever, and I’ve never had so much fun in my entire life, I even met a new friend Alice! I really had such a great time. I’ve been very independent since I was 17 years old and have always been into watching porn. I figured I would give it a try myself and am so glad I did. Actually, when I was from the time I was born to about 17 I had a very crazy family life and decided to run away from home and everyone that I know. I’m from Colorado and decided to go all the way to California by myself. I’m still in California and am unsure of whether or not I will stay here, but right now it’s where I call home. I’ve never looked back, not ever. I would say that my life is a little crazy at times, but I always enjoy myself no matter what. My favorite things to do to pass the time are hanging with my friends, shopping, painting (any arts and crafts really) and going to parties. I love parties where you can go and just forget about everything and have a great time dancing the night away. I also love doing yoga and working out. Also I only eat things accordingly to my blood type, I’ve just found that it makes me feel so much better and keeps me healthy. I’m also absolutely obsessed with Lana Del Rey. I love all her music and her personally. I carry my iPhone & headphones with me anywhere and everywhere I go so whenever I want to can listen to Lana. Whenever I’m home alone I just zone out to her voice and to her music. Also just listening to her songs inspire me to do all sorts of different paintings, she’s just such an inspiration to me. I love making my own jewelry as well out of embroidery thread. I love making bracelets, ankle bracelets, necklaces and all sorts of other cute things. I hope you all enjoyed my first time video, I know I did. I can’t wait to continue my career in the adult industry.”


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FTV Girl Aurielee: Bubble Butt 18 (Feb 2013)

February 27th, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Aurielee | 19,077 views

There is something in this girl, you know… No, not a something… She is just exciting! Freshest FTV girl for today! I’ve just selected her photos to share with you guys… And I mast to say I liked a lot of them! Such a nice little pink pussy… such a firm butt… But I definitely advice you to watch her videos (In HD in the members area) because she is cumming so hard, with body shaking and convulsions! This beauty’s name is Aurielee! She is so young and playful girl… teenager, she is only 18! And of course she has her first time experience here, on FTV, and masturbating in front of camera for the first time in her life. Her height is 5’4", her figure: 34C-25-37.
Model Comments: Hello :) My name is Aurielee and I’m 18 years old, as of July. I’m very new to the industry and am enjoying myself very much. My honeybee Alaina and some fans introduced me to ftvgirls and got me curious about nude modeling… Now I am having the time of my life!! I like masturbating, camming, anal play and BDSM. Some of my hobbies are hooping, reading, pole dancing (I have a portable pole in my living room!!), regular dancing, cooking, and playing the piano and guitar. I love talking dirty and pleasing others.  I’m part Irish and English but people think I have some ethnic in be because of my booty but my mom has the same.  I am currently taking a year off before I go to college and living in LA, pursuing my modeling career and enjoying the freedom of being on my own and being financially independent. I have my spot and scholarships ensured at a lovely small liberal arts college that I am very excited about going to in the fall of 2013. I plan on continuing to model and cam during college.. I hope you like my work and receive pleasure from it because I sure enjoy what I do ;). My first shoot with FTV was a blast… I really liked that I was able to incorporate my hobby of hooping. That’s a first! Also, the photos and videos at the public restaurant we’re something I’ve never done before. I was super nervous at first but in the end I was turned on by it all.. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I’m a voyeur! 😛
In her update (All this action in HD):
-> Public Nudity: Park, Office
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard):  Breasts, Butt
-> Nude Hulahoop Play
-> Dressup Scene
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Anal Fingering
-> Cucumber Stuffing
-> Double Penetration
You can download her sample video from here or here.

Here is Young Aurielee:


So… Let’s start watching her photos ??????


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FTV Girl Jessica: Your Valentines’ Girl (Feb 2013)

February 20th, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Jessica | 14,165 views

Gorgeous girl with sexy forms and flexible body FTV Jessica returns. Great butt, nice tits… and such a beautiful smile. In this update: 78 Photos, 4200 Mb Video.
=> Public Nudity: Resort
=> Masturbation:  Orgasm w/Toy
=> Massage (Hard): Breast, Butt
=> Special Automotive Event
=> Shower Scene
=> Valentines’ Special
Jessica’s Comments:Well I’m back, and I didn’t know that my shoot is going to be up 6 months from now!  I must be pretty special to have my update on Valentines’ day in 2013!  Then again my last update I shot in April appeared in August on the website.  Anyways I was honored to be picked for this trip because from what I hear it doesn’t happen often.  And well I do have a crush on the photographer so it was pretty exciting for me.  I’m not into cars at all so most of these special cars I didn’t have any clue about.  It must really be a guy thing because everybody who was at these events were older men our younger guys following and taking pictures.  I’ll be happy with a Jeep or a big car.  I also don’t like to drive and I don’t think I’m a good driver so I would never ever spend so much money on a car.  So I’m on a better diet now (the atkins diet) and my tummy is getting into better shape.  I’m also jogging some and doing situps.  I want to have a tighter figure around my waist.  Here’s a pic of me with my new improved waistline and here’s a pic of me all made up.  I was so upset that while I was rushing to get to the airport (which I missed my plane!) I was scrubbing my face and scratched it above my chin.  I really didn’t want it to show on the pics and I was very self conscious about it.  All the time I was hoping that the people around wouldn’t notice.  The photographer kept asking me to put no makeup on and be natural but I didn’t want to!  You still do see me without makeup when I’m taking a shower or in the morning wakeup shots.
Jessica’s 2nd Comments: Thanks for watching me again and I hope you enjoyed this very normal me where you see me as I am in real life and also how I masturbate normally like at home with my favorite vibrator.  Too many sites ask me to make extra noises and hurry up and fake the orgasm but here I can do it exactly how I like it and orgasm for real.”


This Is Beautiful FTV Jessica: 



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FTV Girl Eliana: Wet First Time Orgasms (Feb 2013)

February 17th, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Eliana | 37,681 views

Videos inside this publication! Such a cute girl, most recent FTV teenager with sweet face and great figure. Meet FTV Eliana. She is 21 years old, she has her first time experience on FTV and she swear she has never been masturbated before. Eliana is 5’4", her measurements: 34B-25-35.
On her page in the FTV members area there is 7.8 Gb of HD video and 353 high resolution photos available for downloading. In her update:
-> Public Nudity: Park
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard):  Breasts, Butt
-> Video of Photoshoot
-> Dress up Scene
-> Extreme Close-ups, Labia Stretching
-> Strong Vaginal Contractions
-> Milky Wet Orgasms
-> Squirting Orgasms
-> Deep Dildo Ride
-> Vibraking Squirting
FTV Eliana’s Comments: “It’s true that I’ve never masturbated before. I did rub and finger myself once in a while but its more curiosity and missing intercourse after months of not having it that sometimes I need just a finger inside me to remember the feeling. When I got asked to taste my finger when I did it in the movie I didn’t know if I wanted to. I don’t think I taste special but I like it when guys go down on me. I was so nervous about getting naked in front of a stranger and thinking that I will have to masturbate made me even more anxious. Its not like I do it, and expecting me to orgasm seemed impossible. The whole time though I was expecting an older creepy porn guy (I don’t know why, just was in my head) but he turned out to be a good looking guy which helped me become more comfortable with everything. He also took it slow (I think he’s been doing this for a long time) and by the time I had to masturbate I as a bit more confident in myself. I’ve never touched a vibrator before and I was anxious again and he left me alone with it (and that was a good thing so I didn’t have to worry about another person watching). At first it was strange feeling, and maybe a little ticklish but then I started feeling this flow go through my stomach and spark into my toes that felt different but good. I knew then that maybe this isn’t so bad after all. Then when that orgasm happened there was a tingle and then a warm rush that went sort of into my cheeks. That’s the best way to explain it.”

This Is FTV Teenager Eliana:



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FTV Girl Jodi: The Wholesome Look (Dec 2012)

February 16th, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In GTV Girl Jodi | 8,412 views

Nice girl, I really like her face and her smile. Meet FTV Jodi. She is a new to FTV Girls and to nude modeling at all, so she has totally first time experience! So you can download HD videos of this amateur teen girl masturbating in front of camera! Jodi is 20 years old, her height: 5’8", her figure: 34B-26-37.
In her update:
-> Public Nudity: Mall
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm w/Toy
-> Tae Kwon Do Scene
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Bead Stuffing
-> Banana Stuffing
-> Double Ended Dildo Play
Jodi’s comments: My favorite console is xbox 360, games include assassins creed, Alien vs Predator, Fable, Gears of War, Starwars Battle front and many, many more. In comics spiderman is my hero. I love spiderman, he’s the best. Xmen is also very awesome, but nobody beats spiderman. Obviously I prefer marvel to DC. I’m also very, very into anime. Watching it has inspired me to write for Animated series (not draw them, I cannot draw) favorite anime shows include Naruto, Death Note, Blood, One PIece (of course) and quite a few others. I’m a huge movie buff mostly seventies sixties time stuff especially horror from that time period.  My greatest dream would be to one day own a film production company. Be able produce the things that I think will be amazing and be apart of them. I’m also interested in directing and writing. Directing more so then writing. I wouldn’t want to write the final script but perhaps outline the entire story and have someone I hire turn it into a screenplay. That way when I have my own company I can do the story outline then step back a little, let directors and writers handle it and just produce it.”

Meet FTV Teen Girl Jodi:



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