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FTV Alaina & Aurielee: Living Together (April 2013)

December 21st, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Alaina, FTV Girl Aurielee, FTV Girls Alaina & Aurielee | 25,544 views

FREE STREAMING FTV VIDEOS INSIDE! Two cute teen girls here on FTVmagic. They are Alaina & Aurielee. One of them already has an update here: FTV Girl Aurielee: Bubble Butt 18. And you rated her well. So here is she with her friend in lesbian action shot. These girls are very hot! Both girls have nice figures and sweet faces. This episode features:
-> Dressup Scenes,
-> Foot Fetish Scenes,
-> Girl-Girl Action With Sex Toys,
-> Hard Breast Massage,
-> Masturbation to Orgasm,
-> Oral Sex,
-> Public Nudity
Total of 251 HQ photos and 95 minutes of HD video. Get inside!

Cute FTV Lesbians Alaina & Aurielee:

FTV Lesbians Alaina & Aurielee

Alaina’s Comments: Hey there! My name is Alaina. :3 I’m nineteen, and I’m relatively new to the industry. I was stripping and doing work for God’s Girls for about a year before I chose to move to California and spread my wings a bit more. I love what I do so, so much. I really couldn’t ask for a better life than the one I have. Work and all. <3 It annoys me when people mispronounce my name. It’s uh-lay-nuh. Not uh-lawn-uh. I was named after a song from an 80’s hair metal band. The song was "What’s it Gonna Be (Sweet Alaina)" by RATT. My family was interesting. I’m a kinkball. Seriously, I’m REALLY hard to scare when it comes to fetishes. I THRIVE on kink. I am a vegetarian. Trying to transition into veganism, but cheese is obnoxiously delicious. I could easily see myself being a glamorous shut-in of a house wife that spends my days drinking wine and watching shitty daytime television. I enjoy simple pleasures. More than anything in the world, I eventually want to be a mother. People say "what will you do if other kids tease your kid about their mom having done porn?" I’ll tell my child to say "there’s a reason why my mommy picks me up in a Porsche rather than a Ford Fiesta. Fuck off, loser". I spend entirely too much time on the internet. But when I’m not being a LAZYBUTT, I’m dancing on the stripper pole in my living room. This is my only exercise routine. Allow me to reiterate that I am a lazybutt. I regularly engage in conversations of social justice, and addressing the related issues is what I feel to be the most important thing I do with my time. I will enthusiastically claim the title of "feminist killjoy" when one’s joy seems to revolve around being a douchebag. Even though I can be really shy and socially anxious, I LOVE interacting through the comfort zone that is the internet. Say hello to me on Twitter sometime. I’m told I’m quite friendly. <3 I enjoy Tumblr, vibrators, avocados, fragrance oil, and high-quality beer. I can spend hours at a time watching True Blood, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones, and Johnny Bravo. Now bring on the Danish chicks and cream soda.


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FTV Lacie: Erotic, Beautiful & Extreme (Dec 2013)

December 15th, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Lacie | 32,747 views

Free videos inside this post! Beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, amazing girl Lacie on FTV Girls. This update was released on December 13, 2013, Friday. FTV Lacie is 18 years old, but she looks a bit older… and sexy than other girls of her age. Her height: 5’9". Her figure: 36C-25-36. Sweet face, great body! This beautiful teen girl has her first time experience on FTV girls. But she goes extreme! In her update there is 382 photos (1600px) and 81 minutes of HD video (12000kbHD):

-> Public Nudity
-> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
-> Foot Fetish Scenes
-> Anal Toys
-> Double Penetration
-> Vagina Gaping Closeups
-> Fisting
-> FTV Monster Toy Ride
All this action on video in the members area ready for downloading.

FTV Lacie’s Comments:I was referred by a sort of distant friend of mine who is in adult, her name is Kennedy on the pornsites. For the longest time I knew about her dating the photographer for ftvgirls and she would always tell me that I should shoot for ftvgirls also. I wasn’t 18 just yet but I also wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do it with my boyfriend not being happy that I’d be all over the internet naked. Well I finally made my decision to do it now and it was an awesome experience for me. I’m planning to do two tamer softcore gigs after this in LA and then go home back to MN. I’m in my first year of college right now, so the money helps with some of my expenses there. I have a job as a barrista at a coffee shop but of course that isn’t that much in wages & tips. I get hit on a lot there too, but I have to be nice about it, and brush it off. It can get annoying at times. I’m tall, yes, and something about my look makes people think I’m older than I am. I can always get away with places where I have to be over 21. Problem is, I don’t like drinking, let alone drugs or anything like that. I just never got into that sort of thing. My dad is an ex-marine, and currently a sergeant in the police force. I was raised by him, more than my mom, so he wanted me in sports all the time, especially volleyball. I’m planning to go into sports medicine. My brother is now a star football player with a scolarship. I can’t ever live up to my dad’s expectations in sports, but I’m always in that dichotomy of a situation where I want to be more feminine, my dad wants me to be more masculine. Maybe I needed more of a mother’s influence.”

I like this cute girl… So there will be a lot of photos and videos inside this post!

This is Sexiest FTV Girl Lacie:



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FTV Girl Stacey: Babble Little One (May 2013)

December 11th, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Stacey | 8,183 views

Here is the girl who had been shot for FTV Girls in May 2013. Her name is Stacey. And I’m making this review because she is chubby. Yeah, I like this figure type. FTV Stacey is 18 years old and she has her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE on FTV Girls. Stacey is 4’10" tall, her figure: 32C-25-34. From the first look I didn’t like her much but then I was choosing her photos to share and noticed that I’ve chosen a lot of. Sometimes her face looks very pretty. Also I like her teeny feet. In her update:
-> Public Nudity: Car show, Street, Resort
-> Masturbation to Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard): Breasts
-> Acrobatics at Park
-> Dildo Stuffing
-> Cucumber Stuffing
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Foot Fetish: Toenail Painting
-> Fisting
All this in 364 photos and 105 minutes of 12000kb HD video. Get her videos >

This is Chubby FTV Girl Stacey:


FTV Stacey’s comments on her shot:

“My trip started with a full day of travel from Tampa to Phoenix. On one of my connecting flights I sat next to a couple that decided to ask me why I was coming to Phoenix. I told them that I was only here for the weekend for a shoot with FTV Girls. Long story short everyone on the back of the plane figured out why I was there. I might’ve been that I had to explain what FTV was to this couple or that I talk too loud and giggle too much…maybe both. After getting off the plane I got my ride back to the FTV house. My night started with the grand tour and continued into a car show. At this car show I had my first experience with public nudity. Walking between cars topless is easier that I thought. After that dinner and some sleep to get ready for the full day of shooting we had planned for the next day. After waking possibly the earliest since high school, 6:30 A.M., the shooting began. We started with some early morning waking up stuff, nothing I’d ever wanted anyone to see me doing or I really expected to be on camera at least. After that we moved into some other random about the house stuff. Also while walking downstairs I saw a giant lizard laying under the table…


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Free FTV Girls Videos Of Various Teen Girls

December 7th, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Aurielee, FTV Girl Gina, FTV Girl Jody, FTV Girl Madison | 18,614 views

You know what? I was checking the members area for a new FTV Magic update and decided that you should see what I see. First of all FTV Girls – is a video site. And it is all about teens masturbating to orgasm… And also about girl-girl action. So standard video page looks this way:


Here you can watch streaming video or download it to your pc or mobile device. Every update has several videos, and you can watch screenshots for them. And there a lot of models with a great deal of HD videos.

FTV girls’ pussies pulsating only on videos…
Watch teens masturbating in HD

And also I want to show you some videos of random FTV teen models. I bet you’ll like them. The first model is Madison. Her episode features:

  • Hard Breast Massage,
  • Heel Stuffing,
  • Long Labia and Stretching,
  • Masturbation to Orgasm,
  • Panty Stuffing,
  • Public Nudity,
  • Strong Orgasmic Contractions,
  • Upskirt in Public,
  • Veggie & Fruit Stuffing.

Here is the video with babyface FTV Madison masturbating using a sex toy and spreading her legs wide:

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Some Old FTV Videos Streaming

December 4th, 2013 | Posted by Daniel | In Free FTV Girls Videos | 5,540 views

Hello. I want to show you a pair of videos I made a long time ago. The first one is hardcore and the second is softcore one.

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The second video in continuation of this post. Take a look:


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