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FTV Jessica: Acrobatic Beauty (August 2012)

August 24th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Jessica | 16,962 views

Updated! Added sample video.
Added screenshots from videos.
New FTV Girl is Jessica. She is very hot, sexy blonde, very flexible, has a nice bubble butt. Jessica is only 19 years old, so she is younger than most part of us, has a great smile, but she decided to get into the adult business. Pity, but in other side we can see her naked and masturbating in front of HD camera (what is amazing to see). FTV Girls came highly recommended by a lot of photographers she’s done implied nude glamour modeling with so she thought she’d start with that. In her update:
-> Public Nudity: Park, Mall
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage (Hard): Breast, Butt
-> Acrobatics, Extremely Flexible
-> Video of Photoshoot
-> Dancing Scene
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Anal Fingering
-> Dildo Ride Very Deep Splits
-> Zucchini Stuffing
-> Strong Vaginal Contractions
-> FTV Monster Penetration
And this is 338 HQ photos and 6400 Mb of HD video. Start downloading >>
FTV Jessica’s comments: “The photographer calls me a contortionist, but I’m not an expert or anything, its just that I’ve always liked stretching and I just do it for fun.   I’ve been doing it since I was 12 and I’ve gotten more flexible every time.  The photographer also calls me double jointed.  There’s things I never tried before that ended up here like kissing my feet in these positions and riding that vibrator while I was doing splits.  What I really liked the most was the vibrator that you plug in.  It had super strong vibrations so I couldn’t put it right on my clit but wow it just pushed me over the edge!  Maybe because of my clit piercing it made things vibrate all around my clit but that was probably the strongest orgasm I’ve had that I can remember.”

This Is Hot FTV Blonde Jessica:



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FTV Aubrey: From Dancing To Porn (August 2012)

August 13th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Aubrey | 10,897 views

WOW such a nice girl for today. Aubrey has just been published on FTV Girls site and has a TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE being there and masturbating in front of camera. This teen brunette is 23 y.o., she has a nice slim body with B-size boobs.
FTV Aubrey about herself: “I was born on February 24, 1989 and I a am 23 years old. Just celebrated this year. As the years goes by, I start not to realize my birthday more and more. It makes me more sad each year because it’s like "WOW" I lived a quarter of my life already, and I wish that I was able to spend time with my parents more, but I can only see them a few months; and that is being that they travel to Europe for 6 months for the summer time, and spend the rest of the remaining 6 months in the United States; usually 3 months Florida and 3 months in New Jersey. I was adopted when I was 2 & 1/2 years old in Romania. I can speak three different languages as well, which is Romanian, Hungarian and English. I can read and write in all the three languages. I grew up most of my childhood in Romanian, which I do not regret at all. I learned so much in school, due to the fact that the school system in Romania (Europe in general) is so much harder and stricter then the schools in America.  I played soccer and basketball since I was a little girl and still enjoy to shoot some hoops or to kick the soccer ball around. Once I graduated high-school I decided to go TRADE SCHOOL, which was called Stonetech Career Institute for Court Reporting. I ended up being the 1st to graduate out of my class that I started with. I finished the course in one and a half year, when originally the school itself was three years. I was so happy for myself and I even started to work full time. I ended up reporting for 2 years until I got diagnosed with ovarian cancer about 8 months ago. I did my treatments that I needed to take care of, but the only problem was that I wouldn’t go back to work. All of the agencies were really slow. They were laying off everyone.”
Her application photos:

aubrey3 aubrey5

Aubrey came down from New Jersey to shoot with FTV, then move to LA, to start her hardcore porn. So she is doing the FTV shoot to “get her feet wet” in the adult industry. A first timer when she arrived, she hadn’t done any porn work short of a few self nude photos, and her stripping experience (which definitely has helped give her that nice firm butt). 
In FTV Aubrey’s update:
-> Public Nudity: Resort, Restaurant
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard):  Breast
-> Dancing Scene
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Foot Fetish
-> Banana Stuffing
Total of 223 HQ photos & 4300 Mb of HD videos. Subscribe FTV Girls & download or watch free photos below in this publication. I hope you’ll like her. Also I’ve shared some screenshots from her videos.

This is FTV Brunette Aubrey:



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FTV Girl Mali: Her Very First (August 2012)

August 8th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Mali | 13,294 views

Guys, I’m so enjoyed with this FTV Girls update! Just beautiful girl with amazing body! Now I’m choosing her photos to share with you and I think there will be a lot of them. Mali has a sweet face with attractive smile. Also she has such a perfect legs! With big hips as I like… Mali is 21 years old, her height: 5’1", her measure: 34C-24-34, her tongue and nipples are pierced. You know… FTV Photographer says that FTV Mali has her first time nude shot ever… I don’t know if it is true or not, but this little girl did so much things that most of the FTV girls didn’t do. She just WOW! I saw her HD videos where were anal toy play and dancing scene and want to say that I want her so much. I definitely advice you to SUBSCRIBE FTV GIRLS and start downloading her HD videos with:
-> Public Nudity:  Park, Restaurant
-> Double Penetration Toys/Fingers
-> Extreme Pussy Closeups, Gaping
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard): Butt
-> Video of Photoshoot
-> Nipple Piercing Play
-> Dancing Scene
-> Anal Fingering
-> Anal Bead Stuffing
Some screenshots from her videos:

026 087 102
103 107 137

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Below you can see free photos of this beautiful girl. Just click “continuation of this post”. Also you can click on the main Mali’s photo just a bit lower and find there her free video sample.

This Is Beautiful FTV Girl Mali:



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FTV Girl Sabrina: The Deep Stretch (July 2012)

July 16th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Sabrina | 12,064 views

Such a beautiful girl… Sabrina is 20 y.o. She don’t even need to undress to make me feel good when I looking at her. She has such a great smile and looks like Jessica Alba! And also she got the nice body with big boobs, but a bit chubby! In other words, today we can see Jessica Alba getting naked and masturbating for us! I haven’t seen her videos yet, but I downloading them. You can get Sabrina’s masturbation HD videos in the members area. Also she has an ideal pussy with small labia. You can see it on the free close-up photos below.
FTV Sabrina comments:I was very sexual from the beginning and I learned to masturbate around the same time I first had sex at 16.  Guys at school were attracted to me but also they were intimidated by the size of my breasts and my height.  Most girls were shorter or petite or fat so I stood out.  My breasts were larger D’s back then so every guy wanted to see them or touch them.  I had a pretty serious boyfriend and a year later I got pregnant and had my baby right when I turned 18.  My breasts were so huge then they swelled up to EE or something like that.  I breastfed and the consequence was that my breasts shrunk to C’s and now have a sort of sag to them.  I call them chandelier breasts because when I bend over they hang like that.  One day I want to get a breast lift because I miss having those perfect breasts I grew up with.  I don’t think I’d go for breast implants but there’s a lot of pressure with the porn shooting I’ve started to get implants.  I don’t know.  Even though I have sex a lot I like to masturbate when I’m alone, maybe once a day and it usually means just my fingers.  I prefer fingers and I rub my clit in a certain way, and lube it up with my juices inside my vagina (I’m always wet) by sticking a finger or two inside and bringing my juices over my clit.  Usually I’m lying on my back on my bed but here in this shoot I’m sitting up.  Its the first time I’ve masturbated and orgasmed on video though on the first masturbation I kept getting distracted by looking at myself through the screen on the camera on the tripod so it took a while for me to orgasm.”
In Her update (4700 Mb of video & 210 photos):
-> Public Nudity on the street, at the Park
-> Masturbation to Orgasm w/Toy
-> Hard Breast massage
-> Dancing Scene
-> Topless Jogging Scene
-> Extreme Close-ups, Gaping, Fisting
-> FTV Monster Toy Deep

This is FTV Teen Sabrina:



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Female Orgasm Video Clips

July 12th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In Free FTV Girls Videos | 3,787 views

These are 4 girls of 500+. They are FTV girls. FTV means First Time Videos. These girls masturbate in front of camera for the first time in their lives. You can easy visit official FTVgirls site by clicking >>HERE<<. You’ll find there young girls, toys, orgasms, squirting orgasms, dildos, vibrators, flashing, public nudity, lesbian plays, pussy closeups and even more. FTV – is a solo dream. Visit Official Website and start Downloading

001 004
008 005


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