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FTV Girl Zeba: Persian Kitten II (April 2009)

I’m glad to inform you that cute teen girl Zeba returned to FTV Girls. She was very popular in 2008 among the FTV members and now she returned for another shoot (here is her first review on FTV Magic: FTV Girl Zeba: Persian Kitten (August 2008)). Now Zeba is 22 y.o., she is still cute & smiley. She changed her hairdo, now her hair shorter. This shot was more explicit then previous one: Zeba tried fisting. Also she shot in some public action: flashing and masturbating outdoor, some vegetables action, double toys using. And of course orgasms. Zeba likes to show wet toys on camera after their being in her pussy. And here, on FTV Magic, you’ll see more photos (than in previous Zeba’s publication), more toy action, some video action and screenshots from videos.

Here is FTV Girl Zeba, Second Coming:


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FTV Girl Brynn: Best of Texas 2 (January 2009)

Hello, dear visitors & subscribers (if you not subscribed – do it now). We have a new FTV Girls update. This time we meeting hot blonde with great figure. She is Brynn. Its not the first her FTV visit. Her first time was on July 2008 (and you can see her first review on FTV Magic too, just check the category “FTV Girl Brynn”). Now Brynn – is a pornstar. You can make sure by visiting this hardcore gallery. But we love solo girls, masturbation videos, sex toys. That’s why Brynn on FTV again. She didn’t forget FTVgirls, cause right for FTV were her first shootings. And she told: “No, I won’t go as far as calling myself a porn star, since I won’t shoot sex videos or doing hardcore things ”. How it’s funny, yeah?! In recent shootings Brynn acted 139 solo photos & 1300 mb of solo videos. Let’s see some her photos and also I inserted streaming 2 min free video inside this post.

This is FTV pornstar Brynn:


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FTV Girl Lina: Truly Bisexual (November 2008)

Hello, my little horny friends. Today I wanna introduce you one great girl. Her name is Lina, she is 19 y.o. She is young and beautiful, real amateur girl, never seen before on the x-rated site. But now it is her time. She made the right choice. FTV girls has a great experience in shooting young amateur girls. A lot of girls you can see on hardcore websites started their porn career from And I hope we see Lina’s naked body not only this time. She has a big potential. Lina using toys vaginally and anally. Her shoot was funny and perhaps liked her cause she was shoot not alone. FTV girl Danielle assisted her. It was amazing shot, girls was playing, kissing eash other, didn’t shy to insert fingers inside pussy. But more excited was foot fetish. A lot of staff this kind you’ll see in this shoot. I don’t know if it is solo or girl-girl type. Ladies were together all the shooting day and made a lot of pranks. See some of their photos inside this post…

Meeting FTV girl Lina:


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FTV Girl Leslie: Teen Squirter 2 (October 2008)

Hi, Daniel is here cause FTV members site has new update and 20 y.o. girl. If you come to this site for not the first time, you must be know hot teen girl Leslie. If you like this cute girl, exult! We have her second visit to FTV. First one was in September 2008 (review is here). She was very popular on FTV and members wanted her to returns. Now she has new photo and video materials on her pages inside the FTV members area. Despite the fact that its not the first her shooting, she is all nervous doing this. Its easy to get naked for the boyfriend, but if you doing this in front of camera to be shown every interested man… Her parents and ex-boyfriends don’t know about her nude modeling, but her girlfriends do. She can talk with her girlfriends about this cause she had sex experience with them. Maybe Leslie will become lesbian soon and we’ll see new FTV girl-girl action.

Leslie from FTV:


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FTV Angel Alexa: Beauty Turned 18 – 2 (Sept. 2008)

You must be know this FTV girl with angelic face. Her name is Alexa and she is only 18 y.o. But she shoot for FTV second time, cause FTV members very loved this model, she was voted extremely popular on FTV and they got hordes of requests for her to return. You can find former publication about Alexa here on this blog:  FTV Girl Alexa – Part 1. Alexa looks as cute as ever, But her breasts seems bigger. Alexa had schoolgirl themed outfit with her. Alexa looks very young, and can pass for 16 y.o. She ran around at the park in this clothes. It is always OK if a girl is caught naked… you just need to leave and move to a new location. Then she masturbates in the park and got away with a nice, strong, natural orgasm.


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