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FTV Girl Eva: One-4 Japanese (January 2013)

March 3rd, 2013 | FTV Girl Eva | 47,771 views

Another fresh FTV girl is Eva (also known as glamour model Eva Lovia). She is 23 years old, she’s not a sweet-face type girl but I liked her dunno why. So there will be a lot of photos in this FTV magic update. First of all I need to say that FTV Eva has a nice flexible body with great tits and ass. I can also tell about her personality… but who cares! This is the adult website and the girl was paid for showing her wet pussy and masturbating in front of HD camera. In this great FTV update Eva stretching her pussy and ass, inserting fingers inside and we can even see the inner side of her private parts in HD! FTV Eva has a lot of videos in the FTV members area and inside this publication you can see screenshots from her video pages.
In her update:
-> Exercise, Jogging & Yoga Scene
-> Public Nudity: Mall, Resort, Gym
-> Masturbation:  Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard):  Breasts
Fetish in her update:
-> Extreme Closeups, Labia Stretching
-> Anal Fingering/Gaping, Anal Toys
-> Strong Vaginal Contractions
-> Deep Dildo Ride
-> Foot Fetish
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This is Flexible FTV Girl Eva:


FTV Model Comments: “Hi guys!! My name is Eva Lovia, I’m a 22 year old glamour model that likes to experiment with the occasional sexy female now and then. I’m the girl next door with an exotic twist. I’m Japanese and Spanish, so in other words have killers eyes and a nice booty! I was born in SoCal and then moved to NY, and finally in SC where I currently attend college, everyone needs a back up plan ha-ha. I started off doing bikini competitions with Hooters and modeling with bud light and other companies, eventually the inner bad girl said it was time for a change and I started doing adult work. I also bartend five nights a week and do webcam! I am a busy busy girl and that’s how I like to be. Like most girls I was nervous about starting something of this magnitude and it being on the internet for all to see, but the more experience I had, the more comfortable I was with my new title as a Pornstar and glamour model. I try to balance my real life (school, the bar, and home) and my crazy career. It is hard sometimes but I think nothing worth it was ever easy. I have a sister that dances and a brother that is also a college student. I’m the oldest so I try to keep my shit together and not let any of the success take away from really matters. I love working out, kayaking, horse back riding, and anything outdoorsy. I also love to get a lil crazy with my girls now and then but I’m really a homebody that loves nothing more than a night in with my puppy Lady and a good glass of red wine…now were talking! Don’t get me wrong I love the perks of my job. I love to be able to travel and meet awesome new people. I recently started feature dancing around the country, and the rush you get on stage is unreal. I love making new fans and showing them I am a down to earth girl that’s warm and also has a frisky side! I actually just did a show in Vegas, worked until 4am then went to the airport at 6 to shoot for FTV! The hotel I stayed at had an after hours party so needless to say I got no sleep, after hosting a pool party in 120 degree weather, an hour long shoot, then featuring at night. But like I said nothing good comes easy. I’m actually heading to LA right after typing this to shoot some DVDs and online videos, then heading home where I have to work on two new sites I’m launching, and (check them out \…seriously ha-ha) I’m trying to get involved in all sides of this business, many people just see a pornstar, but really I’m a very hard working business woman in an industry dominated by men. I’m not like most girls and my fans that get to know me love me for it! I’m very active on twitter (missevalovia) and Facebook ( and I love to personally respond to my fans. I hope you guys like my FTV and if you hit me up and get to know me you will see that this innocent face has a little devil on her shoulder ha-ha.”

Free Photos Of FTV Girl Eva:

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FTV Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: “Eva had actually applied to FTV a long while back, but I was somewhat weary that since she’s been a glamor girl for 2 years or more, she might be into that ‘generic’ mode where she does fake masturbation scenes, and possibly with a lot of attitude and limits on what she’d do.  I was proven wrong of course, and she broke that misconception about glamor girls.  From the very beginning, she was a lot of fun to work with, and even though she’s done tons of soft-core shooting, she’d never done public nudity before.  She picked this outfit to start, and it is quite stunning on her, and definitely eye-catching.  People passing by definitely took notice.  Nice firm butt, perfect natural breasts, she’s a total cutie in a little package.  Her slight Asian features mixed in with freckles really give her that exotically cute look.   We took an early breakfast, and a little interview before we headed back home for her to masturbate.  She has  a nice natural orgasm, but because of the way she moves into the couch, you can’t see the vaginal contractions.  So I made sure in the next masturbation her position would be more visible.  She spreads for us, extreme close-ups (notice the juicy wet insides bubbling out) and some labia stretching and clit close-ups as well.  Very pretty private parts.  This is a summer day, and its heating up fast, passing 110 degrees, so within minutes we’re sweating away out on our next location.  She teases us, then masturbates again, this time with visible vaginal contractions, then hits the water fountain nearby to cool down.  A little anal fingering tease, and some cool down with a smoothie with up skirt views right in front of the restaurant.  Back home, she picks out the largest toy she thinks she’s capable of, and rides it hard and deep.  A very erotic dildo ride video from different angles, and she seems to get into it.  Its just the beginning of her ‘workout’…”

Screenshots From Eva’s Video Pages:




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