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Hello. Welcome… again. We decided to post one girl who appeared on FTV Girls this year. She has a beautiful smile, pierced boobs and 3 updates on FTV Girls. Scarlett is 19 years old. She’s having her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE on the website. Her height is 5’4″. Her figure: 36D-26-35. In her update: – Masturbation to orgasm with fingers, toys – Upskirt in public – Visible vaginal contractions – Squirting – Anal fingering, anal toys – Extreme pussy close-ups, gaping close-ups – Foot fetish scene IN TOTAL 576 photos & 57 minutes of HD videos you can get in the members area (watch or download). FTVGirls Scarlett, Free Photos MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera Scarlett really enjoys what FTVGirls Rob does and she thinks it is fascinating how unique his work is and how much he really appreciates the look of a woman. She did all sorts of stuff with him and toys and she even made herself squirt for the first time. A week before Scarlett came to FTVGirls house she was having sex with one of her lovers and he […] Read more
A very beautiful petite teen girl with dark skin color appeared recently on FTV Girls. She’s been doing porn for a couple of years, but still nice to see her masturbating, stuffing her pussy, and doing funny stuff at FTVGirls. Meet Cecilia, the young ebony lady with a beautiful face and a tiny body. Cecilia is 25 years old. She is just 5′ tall, and her measurements are 32B-28-30. Unlike other FTV girls, Cecilia has a hairy pussy. Her butt is so small, so the dildo she used looks pretty big for her. Look what she’s done during her shot: -> Masturbation to orgasm with fingers -> Simulation of blowjob with sex toy -> Masturbation with sex toys -> Dancing naked -> Extreme closeups -> Milky orgasms -> Vegetable stuffing All this action is available for downloading and watching online in 4K quality in the members area. Get 95 minutes of video and 326 photos with beautiful Cecilia by joining FTV Girls. Photos of FTVGirls Cecilia MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera Screenshots from Videos of FTVGirls Cecilia GET ACCESS TO THE […] Read more
Slim and beautiful girl. What a gift for FTVGIRLS members! Meet skinny babe with nice tits and pretty pussy Sawyer. TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. Her age is 20 years old. She was a cheerleader for seven years. Sawyer’s height: 5’4″. Measurements: 32C-23-30. Almost one hundred free photos of this sexy fuckable girl you can watch below. Videos are as always in the member’s area. You will enjoy 92 minutes of amazing content such as: -> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys -> Massage(Hard): Breast -> Anal Fingering, Anal Toys -> Double Penetration -> Vagina Extreme Closeups, Anal Gaping -> FTV Monster Toy -> Big Ten Toy -> Veggie Stuffing -> Dancing Scene -> Peeing Scene -> Squirting FTV Girls Sawyer Sample Photos Some low-resolution examples below. Original photos are in Full HD 4K quality: -> Sexy Penetration: 124 High-Resolution Photos -> Cute Summer Style: 95 High-Resolution Photos -> Dress Down Til Naked: 83 High-Resolution Photos -> Double Penetration: 83 High-Resolution Photos -> Topless Activities: 59 High-Resolution Photos MUCH MORE EXCITING ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with FTVGirls Sawyer Masturbating in Front of Camera Screenshots from Sawyer FTVGirls videos Some low-resolution examples below. Original videos are in Full HD 4K quality: -> […] Read more
Hey, young girls lovers! We have a great gift for you. This teen girl just turned 18 and she came to FTV Girls for some flashing and masturbation. And this is her FIRST TIME. She’s never been shot naked before. Meet Liz, slim girl without boobs. She’s not curvy at all, and it differs her from others. Her height: 5’6″. Her measurements: 34B-22-35. FTV Girls Liz Liz had recently turned 18 (birthday in June 2002) — crazy to think she was born when FTV was originally launched! She definitely looks better in person. This girl is definitely as new as you can get, being very shy and awkward on camera, though she has a lot of confidence when it comes to her figure and how she looks. That body is incredible, since she was super athletic when she was younger, and it shows on that super-toned waistline and abs, with the perfect butt. Her butt cheeks stick out nicely and guess what she was wearing in this outfit when she came from the airport. I’m sure guys check that ass out all the time, and she knows it. She’s also a sexual girl, though may not seem at first with […] Read more
Meet Aria, the freshest FTV Girls model. This young good-looking girl has big natural breasts in her 19. Her measurements: 34DD-26-38. Her height: 5’5″. She’s not a small girl, but looks very attractive. Even FTV videographer couldn’t stop himself from licking her pussy. I previously worked as an assistant preschool teacher, I have a huge passion for childcare and caring for people in general. I’m from Minnesota so we get some crazy cold winters! Summertime is so nice though, so when it’s warm I love to spend literally all of my time outdoors. I love to hammock, hike, and watch the sunsets! I also love to journal, I basically like to write every single thing down onto paper! Whether that be feelings, emotions, or just random sketches and doodles. I’m huge on reading as well, so I always appreciate a good book. One of my favorites is definitely Fifty Shades of Grey, but from a Christian perspective. It’s seriously so hot and naughty so I love it. One of my favorite things to do is get glam with my hair and makeup done, wearing a super cute outfit to take pictures! Looking at my best is very important to me. From December […] Read more
FTV Girls Blake is a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde with a perfect smile and personality that you will fall in love with … But her amazing qualities will make you want to watch her every inch! She has wonderful D-naturals and we enjoy them throughout the shoot! First, we see her by the pool in a transparent upper part, when she gets wet and massages her full elastic breasts, and then takes off everything that allows us to enjoy this sensual figure. When straightening, she masturbates on the countertop, using a vibrator for the first time, bringing her to a strong orgasm! Then we see her in a gorgeous orange dress and heels, flaunting around the resort, giving us a skirt and down jacket. Having returned home, we watch how she plays with her pretty privates and fingers herself … She loves pink! And so she puts on some sports equipment, runs around, letting her big breasts bounce, stretches a little and wonderfully teases her hard buttocks. Having found a long dildo, she gives him a blowjob and fucks his chest, and then penetrates herself with her first experience with a dildo … When the sun starts to set, she teases […] Read more
What a stunner! Beautiful smile and slim body. Her height is 5’5″. Her measurements: 34B-25-36. Her name is FTV Girls Kyler Quinn. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and it is a place she will always call home. She’s a pretty simple girl, she enjoys drinking her iced coffee in the morning, spending every second she can with her animals (they get anything and everything they need, spoiled beyond belief). She’s currently taking a break from college but she’s going to school to become a veterinarian, she has always loved helping and training animals, it’s truly a passion for her. Right now in life, she’s traveling as much as she can, bringing her dog, and exploring the world. Traveling to Paris is the ultimate dream of her. She loves experiencing new cultures and meeting new friends, right now she’s living and loving her life modeling and having a new experience every day. Kyler hopes you’ll be seeing a lot of her more soon! FTV Girls Kyler Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Dancing Scene Workout Scene Extreme Closeups Anal Fingering Anal Toys Vagina Gaping Closeups Milky Orgasms Double Penetration Kyler’s FTV Girls Photos MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch […] Read more
Finally, we post this beautiful girl with a sweet face. Her name is Mandy, she is 18 years old. Mandy has a good-looking body with small tits and the pretty pussy. Her height is 5’10”, her body measurements: 36A-24-38. With her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE that’s what she brought to FTV Girls: General: Masturbation: Orgasm with toys, Dancing Scene. Fetish: Peeing Scene, Extreme Close-ups, Long Labia & Stretching, Big Ten Toy. In total 242 photos and 34 minutes of video in the members area. Mandy’s FTV Girls Photos GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA WATCH or DOWNLOAD HD VIDEOS Masturbation Videos in Crystal HD Quality Read more
Meet charming playful teen FTV Girls Devon. She is 19 years old. Devon has her first time experience. Her height is 5’6″ (1.68 m). Her measurements: 34B-25-36. General: Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scenes, Massage(Hard): Breast. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Near Fisting, Large Toys, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Mini Squirting. “I am an independent girl, I have no boyfriend, no credit card debt, and I am going to college. I think life is much better when you have toys for boys and you are not attached to anyone, so you are free to do what you want. When I have a sexual need, I just call my boyfriend, and most often I just do online lessons or make money. I am very pleased with my life right now and in a much better place than when I was 17 years old. I really wanted to play in this company, and I was very happy to do it. I have never seen so many beautiful photographs of mine taken with so much variety, and although I didn’t have full makeup, I looked good. I am a little shy of my teeth, but I will also do something when I can afford it.” IN HER UPDATE Naturally Flexible 28 minutes of […] Read more
Hi, this is Ally! I’m actually late to get to the airport, but I decided to write something about myself. If you become my fan, you might want to learn something about me. I always wanted to do porn, but, of course, when I’m younger, I can’t talk about it. Therefore, when I finally turned 18, I began to search. I got to know this site so that I could get my feet wet and get beautiful photos, and that was wonderful, by the way! I usually have curly hair, but I straightened it because people say that I look hotter. I also received a beautiful dress at the request of the photographer, and I was glad that he liked it. This new job certainly pays a lot better than my old job, that’s for sure! I worked a lot in Wendy and, as a dog lover, helped my father’s friend. I had a lot of work in fast food. I lived in Ohio for a while, but currently, I live in Texas with my father, and he is fine with what I am doing now. Not sure what he will feel if I do hardcore, but he is not […] Read more
The fresh model of FTV is pretty girl with charming smile Avery. It’s her first time experience of masturbation and even sex in front of camera in her 19 years old. And her parents know and let her do it. But they should be weren’t expect what their daughter did on camera: Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scene. Extreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Nipple Stretching, Squirting, Milky Orgasms, Double Penetration. Total photos: 523 Total videos: 94 minutes Download or watch online in the members area. FTV Girls Avery FTV Girls Avery came from a small town in Ohio (not going to tell which one!), And she really has not traveled anywhere in her life. She really wanted to get there, and this work seems very interesting to her, and she is ready to take this step. She told her mom and dad about this, and they accept it (She made a decision about this for several weeks before saying that she would go for real). Her mother gave her a cross necklace that she wore during the trip, and it was also on her set. She worked as a nurse assistant, earning $ 13 an hour, and this is really hard work. She’s […] Read more
Do you know who is the fresh face & new, most recent model of FTV Girls? Petite Asian teen chick Lulu with her first time experience. She is just 18 years old. Her height: 4’11”. Her measurements: 32B-24-34. A lot of boobs & pussy flashing on the beash, cucumper penetration, masturbation… In her update: Flirty Cute One: 61 minutes of HD Video Lovely Flower: 100 High Resolution Photos Sandy Stunner: 102 High Resolution Photos Petite Penetration: 109 High Resolution Photos What’s Underneath: 88 High Resolution Photos FTVGirls Lulu episode features: Dancing Scenes, Extreme Closeups, Magic Wand, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Nudity, Shaving Scenes, Shower Scenes, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, VibraKing. Total photos: 399. Total videos: 61 minutes. Watch now. Photos of FTV Girls Lulu MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera Read more
Two sexy chicks in one update on FTV Girls. They are not lesbians. They are sisters. They are twins. Sami: 20yo. Height: 5’6″, body: 32A-24-33. Joey: 20yo. Height: 5’4″, body: 32A-24-33. Both girls are very cute, have a beautiful charming smiles. But don’t have boobs. Still you will have a very great time watching their update. A lot of fun and positive, sex toys & milky wet pussies. FTV Girls Joey & Sami Masturbate Together – 39 minutes of HD Video: Extreme Closeups, Masturbation to Orgasm, Milky Orgasm, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys. Explore Self – 30 minutes of HD Video: Anal Toys, Extreme Closeups, Masturbation to Orgasm, Milky Orgasm, Nipple Stretching, Toys, Vagina Gaping Closeups, VibraKing. A First Strip – 75 High Resolution Photos: Extreme Closeups, Milky Orgasm, Toys, Vagina Gaping Closeups. Dildo Time – 77 High Resolution Photos: Big Ten, Extreme Closeups, Toys. Twins In Style – 72 High Resolution Photos: Anal Toys. Erotic Places – 73 High Resolution Photos: Anal Toys, Extreme Closeups, Nipple Stretching, Toys. 297 photos & 69 minutes of video in the members area. Some Joey & Sami’s Photos MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with these Young Girls Masturbate in Front of Camera The girls […] Read more
Pregnant lady at FTV Girls. Her name is Indica, she is just 18 years old… and she’s really pregnant. Her height is 5’7″, her measurements: 36D-XX-38. Teen with her first time experience has 246 photos & 42 minutes of HD video in the members area: Still Very Naughty – 42 minutes of HD Video Extreme Closeups, Hard Breast Massage, Lactation, Magic Wand, Masturbation to Orgasm, Milky Orgasm, Squirting, Toys, Unique Fetish, Vagina Gaping Closeups. Mother In White – 123 High Resolution Photos Dress and Heels, Toys, Unique Fetish Still Can Be Sexy – 123 High Resolution Photos Extreme Closeups, Hard Breast Massage, Lactation FTV Girls Indica I come to this shoot, knowing that many people will see me. I like the idea of ??that, and I want to do a lot more porn while I can still when I’m pregnant. I have to September 14th, but that could change. I have a boyfriend and he is very comfortable entering the porn world with me, I still love him, and he is the father of my child. We are not married and do not plan in the near future. I’m too young for this right now. I get more excited when I approach my deadline, so I’m […] Read more
Meet charming young lady Cara, the freshest model of FTV Girls. She is just 19 years old. Her height is 5’7″. Her body measurements: 36B-25-36. Small cute boobs, below you can see close-ups of her nipples. You should see Cara masturbating in front of camera. In her update: Multiple Orgasms – 46 minutes of HD Video Anal Fingering,Anal Toys,Dancing Scenes,Double Penetration,Extreme Closeups,Masturbation to Orgasm,Peeing Scene,Toys,Vagina Gaping Closeups Red-Hot Nineteen – 39 minutes of HD Video Dress and Heels,Foot Fetish Scenes,Toys,Veggie & Fruit Stuffing,VibraKing Upskirt Views – 83 High Resolution Photos Extreme Closeups, Toys Pretty Privates – 121 High Resolution Photos Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Double Penetration, Extreme Closeups, Hard Breast Massage, Toys Sultry Red Shoot – 129 High Resolution Photos Dress and Heels, Toys, VibraKing Penetration Finale – 83 High Resolution Photos Anal Toys, Foot Fetish Scenes, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing DOWNLOAD ALL HER PHOTOS, WATCH ALL HER HD VIDEOS in the MEMBERS AREA. FTV Girls Cara This is a crazy story, but I am making this site here because my boyfriend, who likes to watch me masturbate, wanted me to star in it. Sometimes, when he is not in the city, we encounter time, and I masturbate for him, but we, of course, have […] Read more
Very cute teen girl exposing her beautiful body for you today with the recent FTV Girls update. Meet Hazel, 19 yo young lady with nice boobs and innie pussy. Her height is 5’7″, her figure is 36D-25-35. Hazel had her totally first time experience and she did it very well. She looks confident on camera, performed a lot of things: Masturbation to Orgasm with toys, Dancing Scene Hard Breast Massage, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Extreme Closeups, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Peeing Scene. Hometown Cutie – 32 minutes of HD Video Exploring Her Assets – 36 minutes of HD Video Summer Upskirt – 102 High Resolution Photos Cute & Casual – 75 High Resolution Photos The Clit And Butt – 115 High Resolution Photos Intimate Closeups – 90 High Resolution Photos IN TOTAL 382 HQ photos & 68 minutes of HD video. WATCH ONLINE IN THE MEMBERS AREA Photos of FTVGirls Hazel MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED IN HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with FTV Girls Hazel Masturbate in Front of Camera Read more
FTVGirls presents beautiful 18 years old teen girl with charming smile. Nice little body with tiny tits and small ass. Meet FTVGirls Allie. Very petite and young-looking lady with curly hair. She is judt 157 cm tall, her measurements: 30A-22-32. We’re sure you will enjoy every her photo and every minute of her video. In her update: Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scenes, Hiking, Extreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Squirting, Big Ten Toy, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Peeing Scene. Release date: August 13, 2019 Spunky Little Teen: 38 minutes of HD Video Adventure Girl: 34 minutes of HD Video Pink Flower Dress: 74 High Resolution Photos Time To Climb: 86 High Resolution Photos Big Ten Time: 77 High Resolution Photos Her Sexy Casual Style: 71 High Resolution Photos Wide Penetration: 70 High Resolution Photos Total photos: 378. Total videos: 72 minutes. GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA. Photos of FTV Allie MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera FTVGirls Allie in the Members Area GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA WATCH or DOWNLOAD HD VIDEOS Masturbation Videos in Crystal HD Quality Read more
Well well. We got a fresh teen model with her tottally first time experience at FTV Girls. Ashley is her name. Just 18 years old only. 5’10” tall, 38B-27-38 is her body. Not the perfect face, not the best body… just a regular girl… we see a lot of chicks of her type in our daily life. And now she’s naked. In front of camera. And even masturbate. And use sex toys to reach orgasm. And goes anal. What’s more? Here’s the full list: General: Dancing Scene, Masturbation: Orgasms w/Toys. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Panty Stuffing, Peeing Scene, Anal Toys, Long Labia & Stretching. IN TOTAL 365 photos & 87 minutes of HD video IN THE MEMBERS AREA.   Photos of FTVGirls Ashley MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera FTV Girls Ashley I barely got to the Phoenix! When I told my parents that I was going to model in Los Angeles, they became suspicious and wanted to know more. I would not give them details, but they began to look at my phone and saw what I was shooting for. They looked at the girls, and my dad was […] Read more
You wanted it. You waited for it. Here we go! LESBIAN UPDATE. One of the girls you saw on FTV Magic already. Sexy girl with massive pussy Carmen. And the other girl with pierced nipples is Cali (Age: 18 | Height: 5’6″ | Figure: 36D-24-35). Which girl do you like more? Leave a comment under the post. We don’t know who is better. But they match very nice on camera with their tongues and pussies. This update includes: Extreme Closeups, Foot Fetish Scenes, FTV Blue Titan Toy, FTV Monster, Girl Girl, Hard Breast Massage, Kissing, Large Toys, Oral, Toys. Total photos: 174. Total videos: 42 minutes. Get your membership and watch HD videos. FTV Girls Cali & Carmen GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA WATCH or DOWNLOAD HD VIDEOS MASTURBATION, PUBLIC NUDITY, SEX TOYS, LESBIAN ACTION & MUCH MORE Read more
Beautiful teenager Audrey is just 18 years old. But she’s already a cam whore. And this is not enough for her tiny ass. She decided to start career in the real porn. And of course the first step on this way is FTV Girls. Her heightis 5’4″, her figure: 32A-24-34. Tiny girl with small boobs, beautiful pussy and a bit tattooed body. Some info about Audrey from her words: “I worked at Baskin Robbins, McDonalds, and a short work at a pizza place. The money is never that good in something like that but part of the reason why I am doing porn is to support my family. My mom is an addict and doesn’t do anything, my dad is in prison, and I am the only person who can really support my 13 yr old sister.” Well let’s see how hard she tries to support her family: General: Masturbation to Orgasm with Toys, Acrobatics, Dancing Scene. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Double Penetration, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Big Ten Toy, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Peeing Scene. 249 photos & 45 minutes of HD video in total. And this is just the 1st part of two. Get you membership today. FTV Girls Audrey MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED IN HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE […] Read more