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Whatta we have here? Last update in 2015 and two young sexy lesbians! They are FTV Nina (brunette, was shot for FTV before) and Serena (blonde, first timer). They are real-life friends and here’s the story how this shot happened… FTV Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: Nina’s friend, 18 year old Selena made a cameo appearance on Nina’s second update, hanging out with her poolside at night. At the time, she steadfastly refused to show any nudity while she was in her bikini, but with Nina’s encouragement over the past few months, she’s decided to try it out. Call it a corrupting influence, but she did enjoy herself over the two days she stayed over for the shoot. Here’s a photo of them together (* in the members area), then a bunch she sent over to me along with a few bashful nude selfies. On the first night over, the gorgeous Nina is reintroduced (which we’re happy to see more of any time!), and she presents her friend. This update features: Public Nudity, Public Display of Affection, Masturbation to Orgasm, Magic Wand, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Glass FTV Toy, other sex toys, Long Labia and Stretching, Girl-Girl, Kissing, Oral sex, Vagina Gaping Closeups Extreme […] Read more
Hello, guys. Its Daniel. Again. But I’m sure you’re happy to receive news from me. Tomorrow we have an update on FTV Girls and while we’re waiting for it I offer you to meet with another one girl who was shot for FTV in may. Her name is Sydney, she is 22 years old and as the videographer said, this is her first time experience ever. Thats why the girl was shy at the beginning (until she started to fuck herself with banana). She sent these photos in her application: Sydney has a great appearance: sexy blonde with well-shaped body. Her height: 5’3", her figure: 32B-24-34. In her update: Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Dancing Scenes Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt Stockings & Lingerie Visible Vaginal Contractions Anal Fingering Anal Gaping Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Bottle Stuffing In total 481 photo & 113 minutes of HD video. Some of this content yo’ll find here on FTV Magic in free access, but most part of her update (including videos of her masturbation) you can download from the members area. This is Sexy FTV Girl Sydney: Sydney’s comments: graduated high school…no college yet, i hate flying..hahah no heights for me, no […] Read more
Guys! Finally we have here fresh teen meet with totally first time experience! I’m so glad to introduce you YOUNG horny girl Cadey. She is only 18 years old, such a smiley and funny, with slim body and shaved pussy. Her height: 5’5", her figure: 32B-24-35. You’ll definitely love her teen spirit and sweet face. Lets see what her update brought to us: Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Massage(Hard): Breast Magic Wand Water Squirting Vagina Gaping Closeups Extreme Closeups Other Stuffing (Doll) Veggie & Fruit Stuffing In total you’ll find 283 HQ photos & 102 minutes of HD (12000 kb) videos with Cadey in the members area. Cadey’s Comments: When I looked into doing a shoot for FTV Girls I wanted to see what I was getting into first LOL! I took a look at the site and LOVED what I saw, especially the public nudity stuff which I hadn’t really done before so I was pretty excited about doing that. It seemed really cool how comfortable the models were and that was definitely the vibe I got from my shoot, it was seriously the best time and the photographer guy Eric had me cracking my ass up (get it, […] Read more

FTV Girl Marley: Canadian Beauty (Dec 2015)

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Just a couple of hours ago FTV Girls website update with a horny brunette Marley. Her previous update you can see here on ftv magic (young brunette who stuffed her vagina with a baseball bat). And now this young girl with nice slim body return for some more action: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Glass FTV Toy Panty Stuffing, Cameltoe Strong Orgasmic Contractions Anal Gaping, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys Jogging Squirting, Water Squirting Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Long Labia & Stretching 220 photos and 49 minutes of video (1st update) + 182 photos and 66 minutes of video (2nd update) available for downloading in the members area. Model Comments: My name is Marley, I’m a 20 year old Canadian chick who just recently got into the porn industry. My thoughts so far, well its been quite an interesting two months. From the good, like meeting all sorts of awesome people, to the bad, getting extremely sick one month into my career. But lets back track a little, I got into porn quite sporadically, I was sitting at home watching porn on one of my favorite websites when I scrolled right to the […] Read more
December 1, 2015. Teen girl in the age of 19. TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. Meet Fiona, young girl with nice body. Her height: 5’2", her figure: 34C-24-35. And look to her body! She is really well-shaped. Because she run close to 5 miles a day, as well as lift weights and attend crossfit classes. Everything is fine: nice tits, great butt, no fat. Ohh… That’s a body every girl should have. So we have here a great girl with great personality and let’s see what we got in the members area to watch: Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Dancing Scenes Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Massage(Hard): Breast Jogging Anal Fingering Anal Toys Squirting Strong Orgasmic Contractions Extreme Closeups Long Labia & Stretching Total: 312 photos and 97 minutes of video. You can download now. Model Comments: I am 18 years old, five foot two, with green eyes. I graduated high school a year early at the age of 17. Shortly after graduating high school, I earned a wrestling scholarship to a private bapist college. I am currently on my second year, and working towards my Masters in Biotech, with a minor in personal fitness. I hope to eventually run my own biotech […] Read more
Guys, we have here another one TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. FTV Girl Darcie appeared on FTV Girls on November 27, 2015. And first thing I noticed is her big boobs of course. But unfortunately not only boobs big. Her measurements: 36DDD-26-37, height: 5’2". Darcie is 23 years old, she is from Armenia. To be honest I haven’t seen any nudity from this country so lets see what do we have here: Public Nudity Masturbation to orgasm with toy Massage(Hard): Breast Extreme Closeups 311 High Resolution Photos, 85 mins High Definition Video in the members area. Darcie’s comments: Hey FTV! Darcie here. So basically I was REALLY scared before this shoot. I hadn’t heard of FTV before so I didn’t really know what to expect. I heard that we would be shooting in public and on a boat and driving around with a guy I.d never met before and I kind of freaked myself out! Turns out my photographer was hella cool and that was fine. I’ve done some modeling but mostly in promotion of my DJ career. You can actually hear my stuff on Soundcloud, search for DJ Darcie Dolce. I guess I’m shy about the porn thing. I feel […] Read more
Hello, guys. Last time I entered FTV members area I noticed 2 new updates at a time. Not a big updates, with two different brunettes. The first one is a really small one: 155 photos, 57 minutes of video and a girl Tracy. This is her first time experience in her 22 y.o. She doesn’t have a body of a model: 36B-26-36, her height: 5’5". But Tracy can show us some action: Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Dress & Heels Ben Wa Ball Stuffing Squirting Extreme Closeups Strong Orgasmic Contractions Anal Toys Vagina Gaping Closeups Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: Tracy sent in these photos of herself .Though her hair is now shorter (I wish she had kept her hair long like in her application photos). She was very very very shy in the beginning, and off camera the first 30 minutes was just warming her up to the video camera. Then you see her getting ready, and I’m just recording her body in tease form with what I can capture off the green dress. Nice breasts, full butt — after she’s done with her makeup, I ask her if she could masturbate on camera. I put two cameras on tripod and leave. She gets […] Read more
Hello, dear friends. It’s Daniel. Last FTV Girls update (November 20, 2015) brought to us horny 20 y.o. girl Anyah having her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. She is very funny, no shy, having a lot of fun during her shot and public nudity scenes. Anyah has a slim well shaped body, her figure: 33B-24-35 with height 5’4". There is something special in her eyes. May be lenses… Anyah loves to stretch her pussy, spreading it out, so you’ll see a lot of pussy close-ups in this update. And also: Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Dancing Scenes Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Golf Ball Stuffing Anal Fingering Anal Toys FTV Monster Toy FTV Titan Toy Fisting 258 photos & 113 minutes of video uploaded to the members area. You can get access and watch/download all her videos + videos of other young girls. Anyah’s comments: So I’ll just start from the beginning! I was born in Oneonta, New York and moved to Kansas when I was five. My family was the type that could never settle down in one place. We always moved every five years or so. I never minded it too much, I actually kind […] Read more

FTV Girl Nina: FTV’s Most Beautiful (Oct 2015)

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There was a girl from October 2015… I missed her last month. But I decided to share her body with you. Her name is Nina and she is 19 years old. Nina is a young girl with big boobs. Her height: 5’2", her measurements: 32D-24-34. Look at the photos of her in real life: Want to see this girl naked? She has two updates on FTV Girls website, a lot of photos & videos. In Nina’s FTV updates: Public Nudity Masturbation to Orgasm with Fingers Masturbation to Orgasm with Toys Upskirt in Public Massage(Hard): Breast Extreme Closeups Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Anal Fingering Vagina Gaping Closeups Long Labia & Stretching Massage(Hard): Breast Shower Scenes Anal Toys Foot Fetish Scenes 84+83 minutes of HD video of Nina’s performance, 277+367 HQ photos with Nina you can download from the members area. Almost 3 hours of video! Nina’s comments: Hey it’s Nina I was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. Cute little city in the east where everyone is friendly. I was born into a big family with 3 sisters and one brother with me being right in the middle. I love my family more than life and I would truly do […] Read more
Hello, friends! Daniel is here. And today I share with you some (a lot of to be honest)photos of the new girl published on FTV Girls pornsite. Her name is Mya. Her update was released a couple of days ago and main interesting moments from it you’ll see here below. Mya is 22 years old, slim girl with height 5’3" and measurements 34B-23-34… she’s a referral by a photographer that works for another adult site, and she didn’t want to do any hardcore just yet, so he sent her to FTV Girls to shoot to ‘warm her up’. Even though she visited the tour and saw a lot of FTV tour videos, actually doing it (in the extreme heat of the summer) was both fun and exhaustive for her. In her update: Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Dancing Scenes Massage(Hard): Breast Visible Vaginal Contractions Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Anal Fingering Anal Toys Panty Stuffing Nipple Stretching & Play Peeing Fisting Hair Straightener Stuffing 405 photos & 96 minutes of video in total with Mya in the members area. Model’s comments: My name is Mya. I’m 22 and I was born and raised in Arizona as an only child. I […] Read more
Hello, boys & girls. Today I introduce you a freshest for now FTV girl, her update was released on October 30, 2015. Her name is Blake. She is teen blonde in the age of 18 years old (recently turned). She has her first time experience on FTV Girls. Her height: 5’7". Her figure: 34C-24-33 with a perfect pair of C cup breasts. Blake is gorgeous, talkative, and easy going in person, she wasn’t very shy about shooting adult for her first time. She sent some her personal photos in her application: Blake’s Comments: Growing up, all of my friends and classmates could tell you with one word what they wanted to be when they were older.even as independent as i was, a title never fit. this killed my passion as i just couldn’t understand why i didn’t but everyone else just "knew." education put a hold on my wild curiosity and at a young age i turned to drug use. I was raised very conservative and no one in my family were users, so that wasn’t to blame. i always felt there were different parts of our mind i wanted to access. thankfully when i was 10 or so we […] Read more
Today we meet a fresh FTV Girl Molly. This young girl recently turned 18, her height: 5’7”, her figure: 36B-24-35. Molly has zero adult experience. This sweetie tries out her first shoot with FTV, and learns to have her first orgasm on camera. In her update: Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Squirting Extreme Closeups Kissing Magic Wand Vagina Gaping Closeups 93 minutes of her HD videos & 240 HQ photos you can instantly download from the members area just after subscribing. Model Comments: So I shot my first porn! Ha-ha that’s so crazy to say that. If you would have asked me a year ago if I’d ever try anything adult I would have thought you were crazy. I really wanted to get out of my small town in Ohio and California is a place I’d wanted to go, so I figured I’d give modeling a try. Everyone has always said I should model because I am so tall. My friend Iggy and I came out here together to try this whole thing out. I guess you could say I’m a somewhat sexual girl, but its crazy that before this shoot I’d never had an orgasm before! […] Read more
This FTV Girls update supposed to be released in October. But for some reasons we have it here and now. One of the tiniest and sweetest girls backs to FTV Girls after two years. And now she is cuties and sexier. I’m talking about Stacey. She was taken to FTV Girls in 2013 in her 18 years old (and of course you can see her previous update here). Unlike the other girls on FTV Girls she didn’t start her porn career so we can say she is FTV and only girl, FTV Girls exclusive. Stacey is only 4’10" tall, her figure: 32C-25-34. You know why she is the bubble little one? Because on the little body the girl has the good forms and elastic smooth skin. You can watch all the beauty of her body on the photos below. Also you can get access to the members area and watch her videos: Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Extreme Closeups Bottle Stuffing Makeup Brush Stuffing Multi-Toy Penetration Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Anal Bead Stuffing FTV Goliath 105 minutes of HD videos and all her 364 photos you can watch after paying $30 and subscribing FTV Girls here. Model’s Comments: Ohh where […] Read more
Her height: 5’6", her figure: 36D-24-36. You know what? Sorry for honesty, but this girl remind me a pterodactyl… Her name is Ashley, she is 19 years old, she has a pair of great big boobs… but her face… Just because of the guys who may like her and just because of her big boobs I’ll share Ashley’s photos on this site. May be some of you also will like the her naughty action: Public Nudity Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Extreme Closeups Fruit & Veggie Stuffing Anal Toys Squirting Strong Orgasmic Contractions Vagina Gaping Closeups 532 photos & 131 minutes of HD video in the members area. Some of her photos below in this publication. Model Comments: Hi Guys! I’m Ashley Adams, and I had a great time shooting for FTV…I had heard great things about FTV and knew I’d be in good hands, but what I didn’t expect was just how much fun I had shooting! I liked getting naked and flashing in public, and of course fucking that office building was something I’ll never forget ha-ha! I even got to keep the toy! I think the Vibraking was my favorite though, man that thing is intense. […] Read more
Do you remember the girl Staci? If not – here is her previous update on ftvmagic. Two days ago I was searching members area looking for the beauty girls for the new site ftvblog.info and found the second update with Staci. OMG she is such a sexy chick! With that model’s face, with that great smile! Funny, smiley Staci showing us herself another time. I’m crazy about her. I find her second update much better than the first one. And I definitely will share a lot of photos here (she’s very photogenic). Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers, Toys Lingerie Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt Extreme Closeups Glass Ball Toy Anal Penetration w/Toy, Heel Double Penetration Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Heel Stuffing All this action recorded in HD and available for downloading in the members area (1.5 hours of video). Model Comments: Hey, its Staci again, and I’m back! I’m more experienced now and more confident about modeling than compared to the first time I was here. That shoot was a lot of fun but I had absolutely no experience at all! I’m more in tune with my body too now. I find my sexual life quite interesting. As long as i can […] Read more
Guys, meet Kinsley. She is a really cute girl with sweet face and nice natural boobs. She looks such an innocent but you’ll be surprised watching her photos and videos. Her photos you’ll see in continuation of this post (I think I’ll share a lot of cause Kinsley looks great for me). And you can try to find her videos on girlsolotouch.com website (videos will be there in couple of days). So… FTV Kinsley is only 18 years old (recently turned) and she just finished high school (!). She wanted to start a softcore career in adult, and was referred to FTV Girls first, and see how she likes it. In her update: Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Dress & Heels Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Long Labia & Stretching Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Double Penetration Anal Toys & Fingering FTV Monster Toy All her 383 HQ photos and TWO HOURS OF HD VIDEO you can download in the members area. Kinsley’s comments: i loved all the locations about todays shoot they were all so pretty! my favorite was the yellow flowery one ha-ha yellow is one of my favorite colors even tho i have a ton. […] Read more
Hello everybody. Another one update with two girls. One of them is Jenna who started her FTV Girls modeling in 2015. And the other girl is Melissa who shots for FTV from 2008 and recently born a child. Melissa’s Statistics. Age: 24 | Height: 5’2" | Figure: 34B-24-34 Jenna’s Statistics. Age: 21 | Height: 5’3" | Figure: 34C-25-38 There is a lot of things you can do if you’re a girl, even more if you’re a pregnant girl, much more if you have another naked girl for a shot. And I was ready for everything: milking, kissing, pussy licking, sex toy play, fisting, etc. But there is one thing I’ve just seen in this update I wasn’t ready for: filling pussy with mink from tits using speculum. Ok, lets view the full list of this shot’s action: Anal Fingering, Double Penetration, Dress and Heels, Girl Girl, Kissing, Oral sex, Multi-Toy Penetration, Masturbation to Orgasm, Vagina Gaping Closeups Fisting (whole fist in pussy), Lactation (to the mouth), Magic Wand masturbation, Speculum in pussy, Bottle Stuffing, Squirting, Unique Fetish, Large Toys Enter and watch all 394 photos & 101 minutes of HD video in the members area. Meet FTV Girls’ Lesbians Melissa […] Read more
Hello, dear friends. While we’re waiting for a new update on FTV Girls website lets watch the photos of two young horny girls pleasuring each other. Both young and beautiful. Their names are Meagan & Sophia. And these girls are crazy in their ways of getting orgasms. Check out their video samples to better understand what am I talking about. In this update: Extreme Closeups, Fisting, Girl Girl, Kissing, Magic Wand, Masturbation to Orgasm, Oral, Squirting, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Foot Fetish Scenes, Strapon Total photos: 328, Total videos: 94 minutes. These girls become wild while fucking each other. Subscribe FTV Girls today and start watching. But better to watch some screenshots of their videos than read about this, right? FTV MEMBERSHIP = FULL ACCESS Subscribe once and watch all the girls FTV Megan’s Comments: Today i shot for First Time Videos for the second time and it was wonderful! When i talk about FTV to people i tell them that it was one of my favorite shoots because of the uniqueness and how fun it is ! The photographer really makes me feel very comfortable and makes me feel like im able to be myself. I hope i come back […] Read more
New FTV Girls update released on August 28, 2015. Meet young FTV girl from Texas. Her name is Lindsey and here is 3 facts about her: 1) she is only 19 years old; 2) she is the total first timer: this young girl has never done anything adult; 3) she has triple D cup natural breasts! In Lindsey’s update: Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Massage(Hard): Breast Schoolgirl Look Peeing Scenes Extreme Closeups Strong Orgasmic Contractions Anal Fingering 305 photos and 73 minutes of her video inside the members area. Lindsey’s comments: I’m kind of a lone wolf to say the least, but I’m totally okay with it. It’s rare that I find a good friend that sticks. But when I find one, boy are they stuck! I have two best friends that I hold dear to my heart and will never let them go. Nikki, whom has been there for me since the beginning of high school has always had my back and I couldn’t trust anyone, even my family, more than I trust her. We have had the craziest of times together and gotten into the biggest trouble. From tripping on acid and driving while still tripping, to sneaking […] Read more
She is so sweet! She is like an angel… Such a beautiful girl in her 19 years old. Just look at her, get FTV membership and watch her masturbating in front of camera in HD quality. Her name is Alexia and she is a total first-timer. Yes, you won’t see this cutie anywhere else except FTV Girls. Alexia is 5’3" tall, her figure: 33B-24-35. She had sent in these photos of herself in her application for FTV shot: And she was invited in FTV residence where she showed her dirty side: Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Dancing Scenes Massage(Hard): Breast Vagina Gaping Closeups Extreme Closeups Strong Orgasmic Contractions Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Anal Fingering Foot Fetish Scenes Anal Toys Peeing Scenes Milky Orgasm FTV Monster Toy Fisting All this crazy action performed by FTV Alexia recorded on camera in HD quality (1.5 hours of video) and you can download it right now after subscribing FTV Girls. FTV Alexia’s Comments: Hey! Alex here. I was born in the dirty south where everyone lives in rural counties and life just has a slower pace in general. My parents split up when I was very young, so I’ve always been a mommy’s girl. […] Read more