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Hello, boys & girls. Glad to see on FTV Magic again. Do you like young redhead girls? We have one for you today with two big updates. Her name is Dolly, she is 18 years old and this teen have her total first time experience on FTV Girls. Dolly’s height: 4’11". Her figure: 32B-23-34.Yes, this young cute redhead has never been in adult before… but she goes extreme playing with FTV Monster toy, stuffing fruits, fingering ass and soda can stuffing! In her updates: Kinky Little Redhead: Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Schoolgirl Look Yoga Bead Stuffing Anal Toys Extreme Closeups Double Penetration Long Labia & Stretching Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Vagina Gaping Closeups Foot Fetish Scenes Squirting Golf Ball Stuffing FTV Monster – Deep 366 photos, 61 min of videos Get access & Download >> Kinky Little Redhead 2: Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Schoolgirl Look Upskirt in Public Dancing Scenes Massage(Hard): Breast Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Anal Fingering Anal Gaping Long Labia & Stretching Visible Orgasmic Contractions Foot Fetish Scenes Fisting Soda Can Stuffing 328 photos, 70 min of videos Get access & Download >> FTV Videographer’s Comments: This girl never seems to be short of schoolgirl […] Read more
Another one update of the young nice-looking girl Madi. Her previous update you can find on ftvmagic here. If you don’t know or forget Madi is only 18 y.o., but she has a gorgeous figure with big boobs & accurate teeny pussy. This update is more extreme and you can watch Madi performing the following actions: Public Nudity Dress & Heels Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Bikini Stuffing Water Hose Stuffing Water Squirting Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Foot Fetish Scenes This is 243 photos and 47 minutes of Ultra High Definition video. This means that you can see Mady almost like she is in front of you. This means that you can see her pussy very-very close to you. Download videos in the members area. And OH GOD I like her. This means that you’ll find A LOT OF HER PHOTOS below in this publication… in various stiles, with various angles & views. Madi’s Comments: My ideal girl would definitely be one with pretty eyes a nice ass and brunette. With guys.. well if you have money i could care less what you look like. I’m very picky and it ruins me to say that cause i […] Read more
Hello, guys. Meet the new FTV Girls star Tara. Her update is fresh, released on July 24, 2015. Tara is 23 years old, her height: 5’1", her figure: 34C-26-35. Tara has her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE here like many of the other girls acting for FTV. But I can see big bright porn future in Tara’ eyes: this lady goes anal and already looks like a pornstar with her glasses. In her update: Public Nudity Jogging Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Pussy Stuffing: Traffic Cone Anal Toys Speculum In total this is 343 HQ photos and 124 minutes of HD video. Become the FTV member and download all her videos. FTV videographer wrote that Tara had a real Orgasm during the shot (no faking it on FTV, Tara comes for real, with visible vaginal responses). There will be a lot of her photos below for free to watch, guys. With a lot of close-up shots. Even anal inner side close-up shot. May be some of you will like it. This is Sexy FTV Girl Tara: Read more
Hello our dear friends, our subscribers and our visitors. Today we meet young busty brunette who just turned 18 years old. This teen girls has her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE here and now in front of you and HD camera. All of you who like young girls would like her cute face and soft skin. Her name is Madi and her boobs are big and natural. Her figure: 34D-26-35. And this girl in her age when tits look straight not down. Also Madi has very nice accurate pink pussy. Wanna know what she did with it during the shot for FTV Girls? In her update: Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Pussy Stuffing: Golf Club Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Visible Vaginal Contractions And as you can see out of title of this post Madi’s update divided on parts. For the I part you can download 180 HR photos & 42 minutes of HD video. Get access to the members area and start watching her videos or downloading them. Videographer/Photographer’s Comments: When this girl sent in application photos #1 #2 #3 she was pretty elusive about sending more, and I wasn’t sure if she had implants or not. She looked too […] Read more
When FTV Girls website updated on July 10, 2015 it brought to us young horny girl with name Hope. She is 21 years old and she extremely loves fisting. She was shot with assisting girl Stacey, who inserted fist in the Hope’s pussy deep. But not only fists were in this girl’s pussy: she fucked her vagina with banana, corn(!) and TWO glass toys. She even tried to use FTV Goliath Toy (very long sex toy). Let’s see what you can watch in the members area: Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Girl Girl: Assistant (Stacey) Dancing Scenes Anal Toys Anal Fingering Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Kissing: Assistant (Stacey) Strong Orgasmic Contractions Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Double Penetration Fisting FTV Goliath Toy For now you can download 291 High Resolution Photos, 79 mins of HD video of this young crazy sex-addicted girl. Assisting girl’s comments: Picking Hope up at the airport, I got the impression she was a very giggly and fun-loving girl. We had instant chemistry which was great considering this was my first time fisting someone. While I was initially nervous, she eased me into it with her enthusiasm. The experience for me was unlike any other. Being able to […] Read more
I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world… She looks plastic. It’s fantastic… Her eyes are not real, her lips are not real, her face… she looks like a doll. But her body is real: small boobs and a little petite ass. Her figure: 32B-24-34, her height: 5’3". And this Barbie goes very dirty way. Her name is Valantina and she is 20 years old girl having her first time ever dirty shot. In her update: Public Nudity Dancing Scenes Upskirt in Public Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Extreme Closeups Anal Fingering Anal Toys Anal Bead Stuffing (10) Strong Orgasmic Contractions Milky Orgasm Panty Stuffing Heel Stuffing Valantina’s Comments: My hobbies in life are dancing, playing sports and inspiring people. One of my favorite moves when it comes to dance would be turns. I think it’s interesting how one can express themselves through dance and personality. I’ve been dancing for 7 years.My dream is to be part of a burlesque dance team. I find it exciting to be the center of attention. My favorite outfits have sequins and stripes. I feel like making up routines is only half the battle. Looking the part and enjoying the dance is the biggest part of […] Read more
Hello, dear friends. Today we have here young hot brunette Marley who comes to Los Angeles from Canada to try out her hand in the adult business. Right after this FTV shoot, she going full-on to the industry. Marley sent these photos to FTV Girls photographer to start working with: In her 20 y.o. Marley is 5’6” tall, her figure: 34C-24-34. She has a sexy slim body with nice long legs and a great small boobs. FTV Marley looks very serious in her plans so demonstrated a lot of nasty, hardcore things during her FTVGIRLS shot (such as pussy & ass spreading with extreme close-ups, double penetration). So probably we’ll find her holding 2 big black cocks in her ass soon. In her update: Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Massage(Hard): Breast Squirting Anal Fingering Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Foot Fetish Scenes Double Penetration Anal Gaping Large Toys Baseball Bat Stuffing 367 HQ photos & 116 minutes of HD videos with ftvgirls Marley available for downloading in the members area. Meet FTV Brunette Marley: Read more
Hello, guys & horny girls who loves the girls. Today we have a very sexy stuff: very cute young girl Olina, the girl with sweet face, small tits & bubble butt. Olina is a playful teen who had a lot of fun flashing her boobs (street, cafe, grocery store) & spreading pussy on public: she even fucked her asshole with cucumber in doggy style on the street. Olina masturbated to orgasm with her fingers, fisted herself and played with sex toys (even in the car). When this young girl cumming, you can see her vaginal contractions. You can watch some of her videos for free on girl solo touch pornsite in a couple of days. Total in her update: Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers Upskirt in Public Long Labia & Stretching FTV Monster Toy FTV Blue Monster Toy Anal Penetration Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Extreme Closeups Olina is only 19 years old, her height: 5’2", her figure: 34B-25-36. She looks so young and horny! Don’t waste your time and get FTV membership to watch her having orgasm in front of camera… or watch her free photos below. This is Young FTV Girl Olina: Read more
Today we meet young hot brunette with name Bailey. This girl has been already shot for FTV Girls last year, in her 18. And of course you can find her update here, on FTV Magic (FTV Girl Bailey: Orgasmic Overflow). Last shot she was funny and playful, with brighter hair color. And this time Bailey becomes more mature and sexual. Her height still 5’9", her figure: 35C-25-35. For this time Bailey made for us some great videos and photos: Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Massage(Hard): Breast Squirting Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Long Labia & Stretching Anal Fingering Anal Beads Speculum Extreme Closeups Double Penetration Fisting All this porn action can de downloaded in 363 HQ photos and 77 minutes oh HD videos in the members area. This is FTV Brunette Bailey: FTVGirls Bailey Comments: Thanks for having me back! I am currently living in Marina Del Rey, California. This will be my second appearance on FTV. The last time I had the priviledge of shooting with FTV, I was living in Nor Cal. I was born in Santa Monica but I was raised in the Bay Area. After a little over a decade, I decided that it […] Read more
Hello, guys! Two girls in one this time in this update from FTV Girls website. They are not lesbians, they are first cousins. But girls kissing each other deep. Their names are Athena & Mindy. They are 19 & 21 years old and this is their first time experience! Yes, these girls masturbate in front of camera for the first time in their lives. This is always much funnier when two girls visit FTV. In this update: Girl-Girl, Kissing, Dancing Scenes, Hard Breast Massage, Hard Butt Massage, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Nudity, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Anal Fingering, Dress and Heels, Extreme Closeups, Foot Fetish Scenes, Large Toys, Magic Wand. Right now you can download all their 313 hi-res photos & 105 minutes of HD videos from the members area. Mindy’s Comments: Hello my name is Mindy, and I am 19 years old from Phoenix Arizona. Recently I have moved to san antonio, texas for college. my major is biology and I love school and everything it entails. Most of my family members are in the medical feild, so im guessing thats where I get the dream of becoming a doctor. i want to be a raidologist, at least thats […] Read more
New sexy teen girl with smooth skin and fit body having her first time experience on FTV Girls (has never even done nudes before). Her name is Nicky and she is only 18. I like her face, her bubble ass, her pierced boobs. Just perfect body and FTV Nicky showing it doing exercises in gym and acrobatics outdoors. Everything is great but her pussy has a very long labia. In fact, no matter how you’re sexually active to have such a pussy. In her 18! It’s all by the nature. Also with all this labia around her pussy you have more pressure on your penis when you’re fucking Nicky (if you’re such a lucky one). Except her pussy on your screen you’ll see: Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Massage(Hard): Breast Dancing Scenes Long Labia & Stretching Extreme Closeups Pool Cue Stuffing Visible Vaginal Contractions Nipple Play Unique Fetish: Hymen Tight Jeans You can get all this stuff in the members area (in 314 high resolution photos & 83 minutes of high definition video). Model’s comments on the shot: The experience with this shoot was exciting because I got to wear my own clothes and do my own make up for […] Read more
Hi, guys. Here is the new FTV girl. Her name is Aeris and she is 18 years old. Young girl, innocent look… Looks like bookworm. But not for the shot, that’s what she is. but not the beauty one in my opinion. May be some of you will like her so I share with you guys more than 50 of her photos. And also may be some of you will like her figure: 32B-23-34 (her height: 5’1"). This is her first time experience, she is FTV exclusive, not been shot by everyone before. In her update: Upskirt in Public Dancing Scenes Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Squirting Anal Penetration Extreme Closeups Marker Stuffing (10) Foot Fetish Scenes Toe Sucking Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Big Ten Toy Water Hose Stuffing Water Squirting Total of 295 photos & 63 minutes of HD video. You can download her videos or watch another girl masturbating in the members area. Aeris’ Comments: I like cars, but I do not have a nice one. Just a black 2014 Jetta. It does not take off like I wish it would and sometimes I feel like I can hear it screech in discomfort when I floor it. However, it’s packing […] Read more
Look at her! What a sweet face and what a horny teen girl! Avri is a total first timer who loves to masturbate. She one of the few innocent looking girls on FTV Girls. In her age of 21 she has height 5’2" and figure measurements 34D-23-34. Yes, she has D-cup natural breasts and she is soo flexible (inside too). What can you expect from this young smiley girl? A LOT OF things! In this update: Public Nudity, flashing, Upskirt in Public Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers, Toys Strong Vaginal Contractions Vagina Gaping Closeups Double Penetration Double Ended Dildo Foot Fetish Scenes Extreme Closeups Glass Ball Toy Anal Fingering Squirting Nipple Play FTV Monster Toy Fisting Yoga What a… girl! Little sexual beast! 485 photos and 119 minutes of HD video in the members area awaiting for you! This is Young FTV Girl Avri: Read more
So… Today we meet the fresh teen girl from FTV Girls who’s name is Ellie. And she looks really young. Innocent, funny, playful girl with sweet face. In her 19 her height: 5’2", her figure: 32D-25-35. She submitted some of her photos to FTV studio before was invited for a shot: But for such a cute teen girl she has too big boobs and a wide pussy. But that’s not all. FTV Ellie performs a lot of nasty, horny things in her shot, such as: Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers, Toys Dancing Scenes Ballet Squirting Vagina Gaping Closeups Extreme Closeups Long Labia & Stretching Double Penetration Speculum Nipple Play & Stretching Fisting You can download all her photos & videos in the members area (401 photos, 123 minutes! of HD video). More than 80 her photos for free below in this post. Ellie’s comments: I love to write but writing about myself is harder than I thought! I was born and raised in a small town in New Hampshire. On and off I’ve had a few boyfriends, but they are all immature. I really really really wanted to leave town and do something new. I’m very sexual, […] Read more
Hello, our dear guests & readers. Today I share with you some photos & video of young girl Cassidy. This tall teen is a total first timer who is comfortable with her sexy figure, and wants to start her adult experience with FTV. Yes, this girl wants to start her porn career with FTV Girls as many others. Cassidy is 18 y.o., her height: 5’4", her figure: 34B-24-35. In her update you’ll see some masturbation and some girl-girl action. Total of 310 photos & 70 minutes of HD video available for downloading in the members area: -> Public Nudity -> Upskirt in Public -> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers -> Girl-Girl Scenes -> Dancing -> Jogging -> Fetish -> Extreme Closeups -> Visible Vaginal Contractions -> Spanking -> Anal Fingering -> Foot Fetish Scenes -> Long Labia & Stretching Cassidy’s comments: Today was my first shoot. I thought I wouldn’t be nervous until I was on my way this morning, and then it hit me. It is a pretty nerve racking experience. It was so much fun though, which I honestly didn’t think it would be. I met Addison and having her on the set helped calm my nerves. I’ve done 2 […] Read more
Her name is Jenna. She is 21 y.o. And she is cute & sexy at one time! Her height is 5’3", her figure: 34C-25-38. FTV Jenna is really horny! She fucks her pussy with Tennis Racket! She takes FTV Monster toy deep in her pussy. In total: -> Public Nudity -> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt -> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy -> Downblouse and Upskirt in Public -> Magic Wand masturbation -> Tennis Racket Stuffing -> Extreme Closeups -> Vagina Gaping Closeups -> Visible Orgasmic Contractions -> Glass Ball Toy -> Heel Stuffing -> Anal Fingering -> FTV Monster Deep -> Fisting All this action in 444 photos & 95 minutes of HD video available for downloading for FTV members in the members area. Jenna’s comments: Hey guys, it’s Jenna. I just finished my First Time Video and I had so mych fun trying new things! I have played with some new toys including this vintage king vibrating wand that blew my mind. I also got to cum with my favorite toy the hitachi magic wand. I even fisted myself today for the very first time! I have never even fingered myself with five fingers. I was pretty impressed I could fit so […] Read more
Meet Kenna, 19 y.o. girl with teen body. Her figure: 34B-25-36. FTV Kenna has her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE here on FTV Girls. First time I saw her I thought “What a beautiful girl, what a sweet face”. She looks like a Barbie, like an angel… I don’t know… Like a very-very nice girl. But what covers that innocent smile? Horny & lustful bitch! Ohh… I can’t call her bitch. She is so sweet. But looks what she performs for FTV Girls: -> Masturbation to orgasm with fingers; -> Vagina Gaping Closeups; -> Foot Fetish Scenes; -> Blue Monster Toy; -> Extreme Closeups; -> Dancing Scenes; -> Banana Stuffing; -> Anal Fingering; -> Public Nudity; -> Gymnastics; -> Squirting; -> Fisting. You can subscribe FTV Girls and download all this content right now. For about only $20 you get access to the members area with unlimited downloads. This is FTV Teen Kenna: FTV Kenna’s comments: My name is Kenna James and I am 19 years old. I’m a small town girl from the Midwest. I love to read books, go shopping, go hiking, swimming, jogging, and i love to workout and do yoga! I used to be an exotic dancer […] Read more
Hello, guys. What do we have here? Nice, sunny girl with beauty name Flower. She is 20 y.o. and she has her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE here on FTV Girls. Her height: 5’7", her figure: 34C-26-36. And one great thing she brought to FTV is Yoga! This girl stretches and make unbelievable action with her body in different positions. In her update: -> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers -> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy -> Long Labia & Stretching -> Vagina Gaping Closeups -> FTV Blue Monster Toy -> Extreme Closeups -> Panty Stuffing -> Glass Ball Toy -> Heel Stuffing -> Public Nudity -> Anal Toys -> Squirting -> Yoga Total of 341 photos & 94 minutes of HD video in the members area. FTV Lila’s comments: I am who I am , fully supported by my family and friends I wouldn’t be anything without the people ! With that in mind I remain humble and aware. Never judging or worrying , it’s just not my style ! I offer to you unconditional love though you may be wondering how so through this screen, I invite you always to tap in and take a deep breath ! The root of ALL… prana, and […] Read more
This girl I like so much! So here will be a lot of her photos and a pair of videos. Her name is Meagan, she is only 18. Meagan is very cute, funny and playful girl with a great figure. Her figure: 32B-23-34, her height: 5’1”. With such a sweet innocent look Meagan did a lot of nasty things during her shot for FTV Girls: -> Public Nudity -> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt -> Dancing -> Public Upskirt -> Extreme Closeups -> Vagina Gaping Closeups -> Anal Fingering -> Foot Fetish Scenes -> Veggie & Fruit Stuffing -> Extreme Fisting -> FTV Monster Toy You can download all her photos (372) and videos (128 minutes) in HD quality in the members area. This is Meagan, FTV Girl: And here are her photos she sent to FTV Girls to be invited for the shot: FTV Megan’s comments: Hello, my name is Megan and I’m 18 years old. I was born in Palm Springs California and have lived their my whole life. I lived with my dad until i was 13 and then i lived with my mom at 14 years old until i was 17. My background is Italian and Peruvian. My […] Read more
This girl looks very young because of her teen figure & a sweet smile. And her eyes! Her name is Belicia, she is 19 years old. Her height is 5’3", her figure: 34B-24-34. This sultry-eyed teen did her very first shoot in adult with FTV Girls. Such an innocent girl with such a nasty activity: fingering, fisting, public nudity, sex toys deep and more. 168 photos & 30 minutes of HD video in the members area: -> Dancing -> Public Nudity -> Bottle Stuffing -> Extreme Closeups -> Vagina Gaping Closeups -> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt -> Veggie & Fruit Stuffing FTV Belicia’s comments: I’m very open minded, free spirited and adventurous, id like to say.I absolutely love roller coasters. Anything that has to do with a thrill, I’m more than up for. Going rock climbing on a sunny summer day as well. I’m up for any adventure as long as I’m getting a thrill out of it. Although a lot of the times i may be scared of falling of the rock or some stupid superstition about roller coasters braking down and throwing all of its passengers off. I like cuddling when I’m watching a scary movie, which by the […] Read more