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Hello, guys. Meet new girl in her 18 years old having her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE on FTV. Her name is Harley and here is the first part of her update. Harley has a wonderful smile, and in person, such an open, fun, and warm personality. But small boobs. Her figure: 36B-26-36, her height: 5’7″. She performed a lot of action including anal. In her update: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scene. Long Labia & Stretching, Anal Toys, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Anal Gaping, Extreme Closeups, Foot Fetish Scene. 34 minutes of HD video and also 235 photos from her first update available right now in the members area. Harley’s Free Photos MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera Read more
Hello, friends. Today we meet FTV Girls Kara. Nice girl with great figure in her 23 years old. Her height: 5’7″. Her measurements: 34B/C-25-35. Nice tits, small ass. This is her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE, but she performed a lot for FTV update. General: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Lingerie, Yoga. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Big Ten Toy, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Squirting, Anal Fingering & Toys, Anal Gaping, Foot Fetish Scene, Fruit & Veggie Stuffing. IN TOTAL 410 photos and 100 minutes of HD video you can download right now in the members area. Photos of FTV Girls Kara MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with Kara Masturbating in Front of Camera Read more
Do you miss lesbian updates? Good news for you! Two girls from recent updates now come together for some girl-girl action. Saraya and her friend Chloe are real life best friends for 15 years. And now they kiss and even lick pussies in front of camera. FTV Girls Saraya’s Comments I had the pleasure of meeting Chloe when we were very young girls. She had a laugh and smile that could light up a room, she was the very embodiment of fire and everyone wanted to get closer to her to feel the warmth. However she has a feisty side to, and just like fire when she gets mad she burns everything she touches. I was drawn to her passion and adventurous spirit. We traveled the world together, hiking camping and exploring within our own sexuality. Me and Chloe grew closer as we grew up and started to experiment with each other and one thing led to another. We are all about feelings and sensations, we don’t label ourselves to one orientation but rather, we like what we like and right now thats each other. What I love most about Chloe is that not only is she sexy and charming […] Read more
Hey, guys. Meet Demi, new FTV girl. She has a big great ass and small tits with long nipples. Her figure: 36D-26-36. Her height: 5’4″. Demi is a tall girl, reminds a housewife despite the fact she is only 22 years old. As for her private parts should be said that her pussy looks not nice, this chick has a dark long labia. But maybe there is some lovers of such a pussies. You’re welcome. Below we posted a lot of her pussy’s closeups. FTV Girls Demi Photos MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with FTVGirls Demi Masturbating in Front of Camera In the members area Demi has many-many great action quality videos in the members area (total length is 105 minutes). Also a lot of free videos of FTV Girls Demi will be posted on girlsolotouch.com. In her update: General. Public Nudity, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy, Upskirt in Public. Fetish. Extreme Closeups, Long Labia & Stretching, Kiegels, Near-Fisting, Speculum, Anal Toys, Nipple Play, Lactation, Fruit & Veggie Stuffing. Download all her videos (105  minutes) & photos (348) in the members area. FTV Videographer/Photographer’s Comments Demi sent an application to FTV with these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12. […] Read more
Hello, horny girls & guys. Today we have new release on FTV Girls with a new sexy tiny brunette Lanah. TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE in her 20 yo from New York. This cute chick has compact body with small ass, little boobs. Her figure: 34A-24-34. Her height: 5’4″. All that she did for FTV is Masturbated! Really big amount of masturbation scenes with various sex toys. You should watch her vids. Here you’ll get some of her photos & a video sample. In her update in 261 photos & 86 minutes or HD video in the members area you will find: General – Public Nudity, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Massage: Vagina, Lingerie. Fetish – Extreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Anal Toys, Milky Orgasm. Lanah’s Free Photos MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera Lanah’s FTV Comments Hey guys my name is Lana and I’m from Ny. This week was my very first time in LA and my frst week of shooing this stuff. I’m from a small town in upstate New York so it gets pretty boring, and I’ve always been very sexual. There’s not much else to do! I remember being in school and […] Read more
Meet fresh and one of the sexiest ladies on FTV Girls released on February 3, 2017. Tall, gorgeous brunette with long legs and a great smile Katy. Her update is separated. And here is what you can see i the first part: Total photos: 265 Total videos: 52 minutes This episode features: Dancing Scenes, Extreme Closeups, Fisting, Large Toys, Magic Wand, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Nudity, Squirting, Toys, Upskirt in Public. GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Katy’s Free Photos CRAZY HOT ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO HER VIDEOS Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Getting Herself Off FTV Videographer’s Comments Katy is a very gorgeous girl with some really long legs; and that beautiful smile of hers is just perfect. When she sent me her application photos #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 (GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA), she seemed too hot for adult. So why is she doing FTV? Because she wanted to try something different other than fashion/runway. I was happy to oblige. She also has a confidence in herself, so she didn’t seem too shy when we started on location at a mall. Her green dress is so short, or maybe because she […] Read more
Cute girl. Really cute. Have a nice butt. And she also horny as well. Her name is Chloe. And when you see her you will think she is a regular girl next door who never do something like this shot for FTV. And this is true. This is Chloe’s TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE and she is FTV EXCLUSIVE. Not sure about future but by now FTV Girls is the only pornsite where you can see this girl naked or plays with pussy. Chloe is 22 years old and she looks like the movie star Jennifer Garner. Same face. Her height: 5’4″, her figure: 34B-25-36. In the members area you will find 380 photos &  107 minutes of 12000 kb/s HD video. In her update: Public Nudity, Upskirt & Downblouse in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm with toys, Kissing (girl-girl), Extreme Closeups, Pussy Stuffing: Faucet, Curling Iron, Hair Brush, Water Squirting, Water Hose Stuffing, Peeing Scene, Panty Stuffing, Anal Fingering & Toys, Big Ten Toy. FTV Videographer’s comments So here she is at last! Partly thanks her witness to Saraya’s experience, and getting to know me better, conservative Chloe ends up choosing to shoot for FTV. Little did I know how kinky and sexual she’d get — then again, I learn through the day that she’s a […] Read more
Hello, ladies and gentlemen! After big loads of sweet young girl Mackenzie we’re happy to introduce you a new, more lusty chick Kourtni. She is 20 years old. Her height: 5’2″, her figure: 34B-26-36. Not sure if it’s true but FTV Girls mention that this is Kourtni’s TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. But she is such a horny on her videos so hard to believe in this. Lets check what the lady says: Born and raised in the beautiful USA. Totally outgoing and always love a challenge! Grew up in a small town and moved to this big beautiful city where i lost my virginity and had a great time doing so. In the last 5 months I’ve had sex twice! So you can say I’m a super tight girl! Animals are my favorite things created here on earth! Top 5 dogs are huskies, german shephards, great danes, labs, and golden retrievers! I got to do my very first shoot here at FTV and i loved it! Tried new things like putting sharpies inside me, using a magic wand, pushing my limits for sure! And… Squirted for the first time ever! (along with my first orgasm EVER) PLus i’m an extreme girl! Who […] Read more
REAL TEEN! TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE! FTV EXCLUSIVE! After all these ‘hardcore’ ladies on FTV Girls we glad to introduce you sweet beautiful teen girl. Height: 5’4″, figure: 34B-25-36. And a sweet face with innocent eyes! Her name is Mackenzie and she is pure 18. In her update you will not see hardcore dildo fucking or anal fisting. But there is some honest masturbation scene in the members area. Also anal plug, peeing and… she came with friend! In her update: General: Public Nudity, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers,Toys, Massage(Hard): Breast. Fetish: Squirting, Extreme Closeups, Foot Fetish Scenes, Shoe Heel Stuffing, Speculum, Peeing Scene, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys. In total in the members area: 236 photos, 74 minutes of video in HD. Get instant access & watch her videos! FTV Mackenzie’s Comments I am 18 years old and was born in Seattle Washington but Currently live in Florida. I come from a very large family of five children including myself. I took care of my siblings when we were growing up because my mom always worked and my dad wasn’t around. We lived on a couple of acres with three goats, eleven chickens, 3 cats, and 2 dogs. I’ve grown up loving kids and animals! In high school, I got good grades and played volleyball/tennis. I enjoyed […] Read more
New FTV Girls realise. Meet Kami. And Kami looks old. When I saw this girl I thought “Is this FTV MILFs shot?” But I took a look at her info and were shocked: her age is 21. Can you believe in this? I don’t know what to believe now! Believe my eyes or FTV videographer? But this lady has a really nice slim body with pretty tiny butt! Her figure: 33B-23-34 with height: 5’3″. Here will be 50 photos of Kami. And also you can watch her sample videos online on girlsolotouch.com. In her update: Public Nudity, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scene. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Near-Fisting, Peeing Scene. All this action (440 photos & 112 minutes of video) available for downloading in the members area. Free Photos of FTV Girls Kami In total in the members area: 440 photos, 112 minutes of HD video. GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch all Videos of this Chick (and videos of 600+ other girls)! Screenshots from the members area MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON VIDEO IN HD GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this FTV Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera   Read more
While we all awaiting for the fresh FTV Girls model… Let me introduce you one beautiful girl who was shot for FTV in late 2011. Her name is Casy, she is. 24 years old, but looks younger.This girl has a very sweet personality, cute face and a nice body with perfect pair of boobs. Her figure: 34C-25-35 and height: 5’5″. Now she is a pornstar… But her career started from this shot. In this update: General: Public Nudity: Mall, Street, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy, Massage (Hard): Breast. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Gaping. All this action (248 photos & 61 minutes of HD video) you can download from the members area. Casey’s Free FTV Photos Watch or Download her HD Videos GET FTV GIRLS MEMBERSHIP TODAY Read more
Last FTV Girls updates were just softcore with all this public nudity and dancing scenes. Until now. Today members area released fresh lady with name Ivy. And this girl will show you hardcore. She will spread her pussy, stretch and fuck with huge dildo. Ivy is a young sexy chick in her 20 years old. She is tall and slim. Her height: 5’7″, her figure: 34A-24-34. And she has very deep vagina! In her update General: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy, Dancing Scene. Fetish: Other Stuffing: Cell Phone,Bottle, Vegetable & Fruit Stuffing, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Peeing Scene, Water Squirting, Foot Fetish Scene, Stocking Stuffing. Extreme: Fisting; Double Fisting, FTV Monster Toy, Magic Wand Penetration. Ivy’s Free Photos 332 photos & 73 minutes of HD video available in the members area BECOME THE MEMBER TODAY Ok… Here is one video sample… Sample streaming video of FTV Girls Ivy Download full version of this video from the members area. Also you will find there many-many videos of other teen girls. Screenshots from her other videos THIS ACTION AND EVEN MORE RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with FTV Girls Ivy Fucking & Stretching Her Pussy Read more
Meet new girl with great big boobs Saraya. Her update on FTV Girls was released today, a couple of hours ago. And you already can watch her photos. Yes, her boobies are fake (you can see scars on the video), but still look very nice. Saraya is 26 years old and she is one of the oldest ladies in the members area. Because 90% of FTV chicks is 18-22. But if you like ladies in Saraya’s age, you can check FTV Milfs website. Her figure: 34DD-25-36. Saraya has never done anything like this before, let alone nudes; and was a bit shy at the start. But then… In her Update: General Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Dancing Scenes Massage(Hard): Breast,Butt Fetish Squirting Extreme Closeups Anal Fingering Nipple Play In total 357 photos and 100 minutes of HD video you can download as a FTV MEMBER. FTV Girls Saraya’s Photos MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Busty Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera Read more
Hello, friends. Good news for those of you who liked FTV Girls Roxanna. And of course you all liked her! Sexy brunette, horny and hot as fire with a figure of top model. FTV Girls released her second update with some great action inside the members area such as squirting, milky orgasms & peeing scene. Also in 314 photos & 110 minutes of HD video you can watch public nudity,  masturbation to orgasm with toy, dancing scene, hula hoop scene. And of course a lot of Closeups of her teen pussy. Roxanna’s Comments I like doing my makeup and I like doing other peoples makeup also. I like getting my nails done at the salon, getting facials, and getting massages. I recently just started picking up djing and I love it. Its something to do for fun on the side. I have a lot of friends that dj. I like cars, but I cant do American made cars. A nice car reminds me of a sexy women. I love women also. My first sexual experience with a girl is when I was eleven years old and I had a sleepover with my girlfriend Kacey. We decided to scissor each other […] Read more
Roxanna – is a fresh FTV Girls model, young & slim teen. She is very fun, open personality with a charisma. She also very beautiful and horny. FTV Roxanna is 5’9″ tall, her figure: 35A-25-36. Roxanna likes to does outdoor things such as canoeing, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, and camping. And very likes animals. Roxanna has some talents which you can see on free photos below: she is very flexible, plays with hula hoop, performs naked yoga. But this is her FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE: she has never shot any adult before, nor has she been in front of a camera. In her update: General Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Dancing Scene Yoga Fetish Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Milky Orgasm Squirting Peeing Scene Strong Orgasmic Contractions In total 274 photos & 94 minutes of HD video of Roxanna can be downloaded from the members area. Free Photos of FTV Roxanna: MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera Screenshots from all videos of FTV Girls Roxanna: Watch all Roxanna’s HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA This Young Girl […] Read more
Dec 2, 2016 FTV members area released new update with 20 years old cute girl Astrid. She’s a natural beauty, with a great figure. Her height: 5’5″, her measurements: 36C-25-36. Perfect butt,  full C cup breasts. FTV Astrid is a shy lady, never do something like this shot before, so this is her FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. Astrid started having sex at 18, but stopped for 2 years. And her vagina was literally sealed shut until the first masturbation video FTV Girls did on this shoot… In her update: General Public Nudity Upskirt in Public Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Dancing Scenes Massage(Hard): Breast,Butt Fetish Extreme Closeups Cosplay Long Labia & Stretching Stockings Anal Fingering Anal Toys Foot Fetish Scenes 252 photos & 83 minutes of HD video of Astrid can be downloaded from the members area right now. Free photos of FTV AstriD MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera Read more
Meet FTV Girls Whitney, 24 yo brunette. She is not a slim lady, but has sexy legs and a full, firm butt! Maybe her soft skin & the lack of tattoos make her body sexier. So FTV photographer made his primary focus the lower half of Whitney. Her figure: 36B-25-38 and she is 5’5″ tall. She can remind you fat Katy Perry with those big blue eyes and the smile. In her update: General Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers, Toys Dancing Scenes Upskirt in Public Fetish Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Peeing Scene Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Anal Fingering Anal Toys In total 357 photos (1600px) & 107 minutes of video (12000kbHD) you can download from the members area. Whitney’s favorite things to do are swimming, exercising, biking, playing sports, cooking, spending time with friends, reading articles about any science or history topic, dancing, exploring, and of course, traveling. In this year she’s been to Mexico, New York, Vegas, Belize, Miami, Los Angeles, Ireland, England, Germany, Greece, and Italy. She travels by herself to all of these places and she loves it. But we not interested in her personality as much as we interested in private parts of her body, […] Read more
I think how I could miss this hottie in the members area and not post to FTV Magic?! Time to make it right. Meet Audrey, young lady with a perfect figure. She is 5’8″ tall, her measurements: 34B-25-36 and she has a perfect ass. In her 23 Audrey has her TOTALLY FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE on FTV Girls. In her update: General Public Nudity Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy Dancing Scene Fetish Upskirt in Public Anal Toys Extreme Closeups In total 321 photos & 113 minutes of HD video (feels like her pussy right in front of your eyes) with FTV Audrey can be downloaded from the members area. Audrey’s Free FTV Girls Photos Much more action recorded on HD video GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch her playing with pussy in front of your eyes Read more
Hello everybody. November 18, 2016 members area updated with a great chick. Let’s meet a fresh face! Teen girl in her 19 y.o. having her first time experience with FTV Girls. Her name is Megan, she is petite, naturally blonde, and have blue eyes. Her height: 5’2″. Her figure: 34B-26-35. She has a really good personality. She loves meeting new people and can start a random conversation with just about anyone! So FTV photographer was able to made a great shot of this open-minded young lady. In this FTV Girls update: General: Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public. Fetish: Panty Stuffing, Anal Toys, Anal Fingering, Speculum, Big Ten Toy, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Extreme Closeups. In total 348 photos (1600px) and 143 minutes of video (12000kb HD) in the members area. FTV Videographer’s Comments Megan, who lives locally, didn’t need to send application photos, I met her at her work, while buying some clothes for Blaire’s FTV shoot. She was so intrigued by the tall Blaire, she got curious and asked about what she was shooting. I referred her to the site, and after a month or so, she decided she wanted to shoot for the site. She […] Read more
New update released in the members area on Nov 11, 2016. Amazing shot with crazy girls! Lana & Stella. Both sexy & horny! 115 minutes of HD video & 452 photos. I advice you to subscribe FTV Girls today and start watching. FTV Videographer’s Comments After Lana’s second return shoot, she was planning to move to LA; there she became roommates with this British girl named Stella. That girl has even bigger breasts, on a very tiny frame, and blessed with a full round butt as well. Since Lana’s into girls, she fell for Stella, not only becoming friends, but becoming obsessive with her, and they rapidly became sex partners. So it only made sense to get them together for a girl girl shoot, the first one they’ve done on camera together. Here’s three pictures of them doing their selfies for fun as roommates: #1 #2 #3. It is very rare for me to come and visit Los Angeles, but a certain even had me there for a weekend; and a nice hotel room to boot. So it was the perfect timing for a change of scenery, and do the shoot around LA. So when the girls arrive, in this […] Read more