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FTV Girls Charlotte: The Gifted Figure II (July 2017)

ftv charlotte

Second part of Charlotte‘s update contains more masturbation scenes and you will like it much more than the first one. And her FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE looks like she’d tried porn before. Charlotte feels much more relaxed and performs much more amazing action.

In this update

General: Public Nudity, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers,Toys, Dancing Scene, Upskirt in Public, Massage(Hard): Breast.

Fetish: Long Labia & Stretching, Extreme Closeups, Foot Fetish, Peeing Scene, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing.

In total 305 photos &  66 minutes of video available for members. GET MEMBERSHIP TODAY.

Charlotte’s Comments

I have a tremendous amount of love for sports! I danced for 10 years, I played volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and obviously I had run track and field for quite some time. After my injury I stayed posted at my house for a while and I remember becoming so frustrated not being able to go out and participate in the last bit of high school sports that I had left of the year. I decided that instead of putting sports over photography like I usually would have done, I decided to put more work in behind the camera and business. I started advertising, and promoting my business and website. I even started selling t-shirts for my photography business at track meets and other school events that I had once participated in. I had many people speak so highly of my work that advertising and promoting wasn’t even needed once I got to a certain point. I quit my part-time job at this sub shop I was the manager for at seventeen and went all out with photography. There were some days that were harder than others. One night I would be taking all my friends out to dinner and paying the complete tab, and the next week I was budgeting and eating off the dollar menu. Some weeks were faster than others but the slower one’s was what did it for me. I grew tired of the off and on pay periods that I decided to go back to a part time job as a barista! For a while there, I was so wrapped up in college and work that there wasn’t much time to even take a breath let alone even attempt to pick up a camera unless I was getting paid. It was sad because I loved to make art the most but I was stuck living the “American Dream” that my highest passion was put on the back burner which led to frustrations and other complications. One day, my friend Lexi asked me to shoot her nude test pics for sending to FTV, I had done nude shoots for girls and their boyfriends before so this wasn’t an unusual question. I agreed and shot some pics for her. She then asked me why I didn’t try for FTV. I guess I had never thought about that. Who ever knew after all these years I would end up becoming more comfortable being in front of the camera rather than behind!! Modeling for this website has made me test my comfort zones, no doubt, but It is super fun and I love meeting people who have the same interests as me! I’m very outgoing therefore, I love new adventures and experiences! I believe that modeling is so beautiful and I could meet plenty of people who share the same love for photography and art by putting myself out there! I loved shooting for FTV because it is really ballsy and it was definitely a new experience to say the least! At first, it is super scary being in front of people naked but after a couple hours of shooting you become use to it and it actually does turn into a more comforting and fun shoot! Rob is super respectful and takes GREAT care of his models, he’s a great lover too, I would be more than happy to come back and shoot for FTV again, maybe with Lexi? We’ve never fooled around before though but I’d be willing to try.

Photos of FTV Charlotte

Masturbation Videos in Crystal HD Quality

ftvgirls charlotte

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FTV Girls Charity: Skinny Teen Play (July 2017)

Do you like slim ladies? I have one slim chick for you. Recent FTV Girls update brought us skinny girl Charity. This leggy teen who looks like a perfect fit for high fashion or runway. Charity is only 18 years old,  her height is 5’3″, her figure: 32B-24-34. She has really small boobs, but she is very funny instead. Girls with little tits has to attract men with personality, not with body haha. On the free photos below you can see how she having fun durring the shot. On her videos you can see how she having orgasms one by one.

In her Update

GeneralPublic Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers,Toys, Massage(Hard): Breast.
FetishExtreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Panty Stuffing, FTV Destroyer Toy, Anal Stimulation.

In total 335 photos and 100 minutes of HD video with Charity added to the members area. You can subscribe FTV Girls and watch instantly now.

Charity’s Comments

Hey guys! So excited that I got to shoot with FTV! Some of my friends have shot for FTV and I always loved their pictures and they had fun stories and I can see why now. I felt like I got to be myself today, which is really cool, like you guys got to see how much I love bagels! Lol (I really do). I can’t even count how many orgasms I had today. Definitely more than 5 and some of those toys should could for 2! Damn! I’m going to have to find me that brown toy 🙂 I loved shooting outside too! Well, inside sort of, the pet store was hilarious to me! I don’t even know what I was doing in there I never do that kind of stuff haha! The lady at the big store definitely saw me doing something naughty, my photographer caught the funniest pic of it. Anyways, thanks for a great day guys and I really hope you enjoy it!

Free Photos of FTV Charity

Masturbation Videos in Crystal HD Quality

ftvgirls charity

you can watch Charity’s video preview there

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FTV Girls Winter: The Wisconsin Beauty (July 2017)

ftv winter

OMG! She is so cute, guys! Her white soft skin makes her looks like an innocent angel. Meet Winter, the new FTV Girls model. Her height is 5’4″, her measurements: 34C-25-35. This girl has really nice body. Before she had worked with FTV (Fashion TV), she had modeled for two years prior.

FTV Videographer’s Comments

When I first got her application photos #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13, at first I thought some impostor had stolen her modeling photos and was acting like its her, which happens all the time. But in this case, this ‘too good to be true’ girl really was the real thing, and we ended up setting a weekend shoot up. When she came in person, without makeup the night before, I could see how gorgeous she was naturally. Coming from Wisconsin, and from a very conservative town, she was ‘breaking out’ of her shell, and wanted to do kinky things that she’d never done before. She had also broken up with a boyfriend and you could say that I just happened to be at the right place and right time for the ‘rebound’. Well, on the first morning, I picked her cutest dress, loaned her some wedges, and went out to a restaurant row before the restaurants open. That way, I could get more risky teasers and such without everyone staring out of windows. Of course, there were people everywhere, so I had to be careful, and it was her first adult shoot as well. I didn’t want to get her too nervous. She did surprise me however, and was more excited about the public stuff and getting pretty photos than anything else. And wow, does she have some sexy legs! I hadn’t seen her perfect breasts yet either until then, they look so good exposed. So once again, we got away with some good photo & video there, and we made that deliver truck guys’ day. Even the guy walking his dog didn’t mind, and actually asked her out lol. She had told me that she prefers using her fingers to get off, and not vibrators (even though she’s tried them) and that is a pleasant change, and her strong orgasm though the contractions weren’t as visible as it will be on her next masturbation. While we get the closeups, I let her talk about how she lost her virginity and other intimate details, and notice how small and ‘untouched’ her privates are. Her first penetration is with a medium sized dildo, which I just expected her to do a light penetration with, but the vibration really got her off, and she ends up with another orgasm. With all these masturbation videos however, I had to put the camera on tripod and leave, so that she wouldn’t be distracted. When I was present, she would get aggressive, or suggest… It was the next morning, and I had seen that application photo (number thirteen) that had her in pigtail braids, so I asked her to do the same again for the shoot. We went out for a jogging video, some of it got overexposed and I deleted it; but it was funny when she runs nude and ends up hiding in the bushes. Then there’s a very sexy masturbation video in the bathtub, her body looks so good with her legs up like that. She end up with a strong orgasm and somewhat visible vaginal contractions, but hard to see from that top angle. Then its all about her breasts, as she gives them a hard massage, and you can tell how super firm they are. A little foot fetish too…

As a bonus you guys can see here her FTVGirls application photos:

Even though she’s done a lot of fashion, and supposedly has a lot of cute clothes, she unfortunately didn’t bring them with her, because she ‘didn’t have a bag big enough’ lol. So we took a lunch break, and I couldn’t resist taking more photos of this supercute girl (as well as flashing those pretty breasts) and then we went to a department store. I had her record herself in the change room as she tried on different clothes. We ended up buying quite a few things, and going back home for a dancing scene with the pink dress/heels combo. I think she looks great naked, so a nude version works too. She got aggressive again… so I distract her with another masturbation video. She has a pretty strong orgasm, with very visible vaginal contractions (most visible of all the masturbation videos she did this trip). I also included the ‘side view’ of the masturbation as a second angle (just because I like how her breasts jiggle and her back arches from the pleasure). As the sun sets, she was chilling at the pool, so I made a shoot out of it, as we can always enjoy more of her in anything she wears. It turns into an anal scene (she’s never used anal toys before!) and kinky penetration with a glass toy. The last clip is a quick outtake video of her in my favorite outfit (which the heels and top we purchased on that store trip) and most of it is seen in the photoshoot (set 3). I do like her in pigtail braids — it really does suit her look. I also know that her look is going to be very popular on FTV, she’s that kind of combination of cute, innocent, and sexy that seems to be the most popular on the site. Makes sense though… who wouldn’t want to have her?

Now she is 20 years old and she is totally new to adult industry. So now FTV members can watch fashion model undress and masturbates in front of camera for the first time in her life! Full list of action with Winter:

General: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers,Toys, Massage(Hard): Breast, Bikini Shoot, Jogging Scene, Dancing Scene.
Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Foot Fetish Scene, Anal Toys.

Her update contains 87 minutes of HD videos and 373 HQ photos. As Winter is so beautiful here you can find here below more than 70 photos of her for free. If you want to watch her videos and the rest of her photos you should subscribe FTV Girls.

FTV Girls Winter Free Photos

Masturbation Videos in Crystal HD Quality

ftvgirls winter

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FTV Girls Ivy: Wild Masturbation (June 2017)

Guys, meet 20 yo CRAZY girl with tight, toned body (5’2″ tall, 32A-22-32) from Oregon. Her name is Ivy and she is just starting out with the adult industry. And FTV Girls – is her first try for real, this teen has her NEW EXPERIENCE here. But what an experience!!

Public Nudity, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scene, Massage(Hard): Butt.
Extreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Gape Cage, Peeing Scenes, Magic Wand Insertion, Fisting.
In total 231 photos and 86 minutes of HD videos in the members area.

You can watch sample videos on

ftv ivy

Videographer’s Comments

There is lots of BTS on this shoot as she was one of those models that would say the cutest, funniest stuff the second the camera went off, so I had it running a lot with her.

We see her play with herself using only her hands which she enjoys, but its not long until she requests some vibration by way of her own black wand toy. She knows just how she likes it, and its not long before shes really getting carried away in pleasure. We transition into some rather kinky play, again experimenting with the Gape Cages. Ivy positions herself with her ass in the air and gives us a glimpse inside her perfect pussy. Turning up the kink a notch, Ivy wants some water poured in as she likes the “full feeling” and then uses a vibrator! Next we see Ivy do some very cute dancing to one of her favorite songs. Her body really shines here as we get to see her tight little frame move and shake as she dances away.

What happened after that was pretty awesome. We intended to do a nice hard butt massage, highlighting her perfect ass. That organically turned into her fisting herself! From butt massage to discovering she can fist her own pussy. She’s just open minded like that. Very willing to try new things, which made this possible. Many girls are opposed to that before they even try it.

Outside we see Ivy flashing at a busy mall area, even with people sitting right behind her. She was pretty nervous, but grew into the public shooting. She even pisses outside an office area! We hit some stores and get some nice views of her petite tits and some nice butt flashes. Ivy’s personality really shows in her FTV update and that’s what makes her so unique and perfect for FTV.

Ivy’s Free Photos

Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera

ftv girls ivy

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FTV Girls Dani: Orgasmic Exotic Beauty (April 2017)

Meet nighteen years old sexy girl who just finished high school. Her name is Dani and she is mix of American Indian and European. Her height: 5’7″, her figure: 34B-23-35. Very nice slim body for real. She’s never done any modeling before even though people always say she has a special look to her and she should try modeling. But she was nervous about getting naked in front of people, so she wanted to try something else, and FTV Girls was the website for her to try as a friend of her kept telling her about it. In her update:

General: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Dancing Scenes, Masturbation: Orgasm with fingers.
Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Squirting.

196 HQ photos and 50 minutes of HD video available for watching or downloading in the members area right now. Some sample photos below.

Masturbation Videos in Crystal HD Quality

dani ftv girls