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FTV Girl Jeri: She Can Do What!? (Feb 2014)

Don’t miss videos inside! Holly shit! That’s just WOW! What this young girl do with her pussy! Vagina perverts like me will definitely like this post lol. Meet FTV girl Jeri. She has her first time experience on doing stuff like this and also looks innocent in her 22 but… In her update in the members area I’ve seen and was really shocked:
-> Public Nudity
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
-> Squirting
-> Ball Stuffing
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Nipple Stretching
-> Other Stuffing
-> Water Hose Stuffing
-> Water Squirting
-> Vagina Gaping Closeups
-> Foot Fetish Scenes
-> Panty Stuffing
-> Extreme Fisting
-> FTV Monster Toy

So.. This is horny FTV Jeri:


Jeri’s Comments: I first started masturbating when I was very young. I think around age 12 in middle school. I lost my virginity when I was a freshman in high school. When nobody is around and I have some time to myself, I break out my big girl toys. I love to masturbate using huge toys and I sometimes even use my whole fist. My favorite toy to use is the Hitachi! I swear its every woman’s best friend and has the potential to replace my boyfriend, if it could cook me dinner that is. 😉
A huge turn on for me is a dark haired man that has a little bit of body hair, but freshly groomed. I also love it when a man takes charge in the bedroom and takes from me what he wants. The biggest turn off for me is when a man is submissive to me. I’m really looking forward to starting school again. I would love to go back and study Spanish, English and writing, Graphic Art, Photography, or even Phycology. I think it would be really beneficial to understand why people think the way they do. Spanish and English I definitely want to take because it is also crucial to be able to communicate effectively with all types of people. I just recently started traveling the US and have been to North Carolina, Georgia, PA, Arizona, California, as well as Florida. In the very near future I will be visiting New Jersey and I do not plan on ending my traveling any time soon. It is amazing to see the world that we exist in and all of its many flora and fauna. More plans for my future include seeing the rest of the states and I have even promised my sister that if she graduates with a 4.0 GPA that I will take her to New Zealand. After I have seen more of the states I would eventually like to relocate from the east coast and go west. California or Arizona have proved to have quite the potential to be the new state that I may call home. At this time in my life however, I still have much more exploring and understanding to do before I am ready to leave the place that I have called home since birth.

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FTV Girl Riley: 100% Cute (October 2011)

I’ve just watched archives in the FTV members area and seen this beautiful, really sweet teen girl FTV Riley, 20 years old.


This girl had already been reviewed here, on FTV Magic, make sure to visit the other Riley’s post here: FTV Girl Riley: 110% Cute (March 2012) with great free photos! Riley has a great teen body with small tits, accurate pussy, small feet. Her figure: 34B-24-34. Riley is full of life, you can see it in her amazing naked dance video scene (I will post it here streaming below). Also I have read all her text she wrote for this update (take a look below) and you know what? She is so cute but such a slut! 🙂 Also FTV videographer called one of her video “Total FTV Girl”. Do you know why? In this update:

Total photos: 302. Total videos: 90 minutes. Subscribe FTV and download.

This Is FTV Girl Riley:


FTV Riley Comments:

Now if your wondering about how i got into the industry, that’s a sorta, hmm how should i put it, complicated story. So short story was i needed money cause i don’t come from an even middle class family so when it came to tooth paste, underwear, whatever it was my job to support myself and buy it. So i was working at a shoe store getting about 10 hours a week, barely supporting myself when i got in some kind of trouble. So i basically owed about $2000 to the government -.- and had no money, yikes. So i went to the local strip club for an amateur contest and didnt win, but i met a "lovely" girl who won and made "friends" with and exchanged numbers. Few weeks later i call her to see how she’s doing and to talk about another amateur contest, well she said forget that lets talk about porn. So i didn’t have a boyfriend, didn’t have a man so i figured what the hell why not! The money was great and I’ve always been the very sexually open one in the group. So porn here i come! and honestly all i can say since is i was at the right time at the right place cause here i am now sharing my story with you and it may be a bit wild but we all have wild lives. So getting back to my sexual open-ness ;). In my group of friends i was always the wild one, i either had two guy friends, one on each arm that i was hooking up with. They thought i was their lil treat but they had no idea at how much i had them on call, when i wanted to fuck they were both there. I’ve also had this oral fixation since i was a child i was a thumb sucker. Then about 14 i think is when it went from thumb, to dick. I never really knew what i was doing when it came to sucking dick, but I’ve just always liked to do it. Id get really into it and just really, what guys would say, put my heart into it. I’ve gotten from most men that i am in there top if not best dick sucker ever, idk its just that i like to please a man and being able to be the reason of him going crazy just turns me the F on! lol anywho i do like oral satisfaction, girls boys and on myself. I find it crazy when i meet girls who say they think its gross for a boy to lick their pussy. I’m like damn girl is your shit that nasty or something! like what the hell! I loveee when a man or lady goes there, of course you shower and make sure you nice and ready and you don’t want to leave a bad impression of your self hygiene on your lover but to say you just do not want to participate in any kind of oral sex, i find that just weird. I mean maybe i don’t have anal, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less sexually open then any other. I’ve fucked in front of friends at parties, just having fun! You only live life once so why not just live it up, don’t dwell on it and cry over this boy or even start regretting what you’ve done.

[flashvideo file= image= /]

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FTV Girl Amber: Fresh Out Of Cali (Nov 2013)

Hi everybody. This is Daniel. Let me Introduce you the new FTV girl Amber, sexy young redhead cutie. Amber is 21, and she has her first time experience on FTV. Amber has a cute face and a pretty nice pussy.


Her pussy looks like all pussies should look like! Just perfect! You can see it in 234 photos and 72 minutes of video (in the members area). In this update:
-> Public Nudity
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
-> Dancing Scene
-> Assistant: Kalila — Penetration w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
-> Strong Vaginal Contractions
-> Anal Fingering
-> Long Pink Toy
-> Heel Stuffing
-> Foot Fetish Scenes
-> Milky Orgasm
-> Extreme Closeups
She is really nice girl. Her comments: “Hey Its Amber, Just thought i should tell you a little bit about myself before you watch my videos. I was born in Los Angeles CA. Grew up in a fairly small town near hollywood. My first sexual experience was with a girl. My dads best friends daughter. At about 12 years old. At first i was scared because i wasnt sure what was going on. we were in bed going to sleep…or so i thought. and i kept feeling a hand touch me. it felt good and she told me she had done this before so i let her keep going. she started touching me and playing with my breasts. so we kept kissing, each others neck and playing under the covers. one of us ended up with a hickey somehow and our parents were so confused. doubting that it was from either of us. We did this a few more times as kids. I lost my virginity at 16 years old. To a guy i was with for 2 years. the first time wasnt that great but after that it ended up being so great i was convinced i was addicted to sex. after we broke up i had met a girl that soon became my best friend. one day we were talking about things we had never done before. I brought up a threesome, neither of us had ever done it. so we called up my ex boyfriend and told him our greeat idea. needless to say he was all for it. we went over to his place and things started to happen. first with her and i. then things slowly got heated. after that, the whole idea of me hooking up with a girl while watching her have sex has always turned me on. i really enjoy hooking up with girls. in some occaasions more than men. i have had an equal amount of boy and girl friends. After high school i went to college for music. Learning how to record mix and master. it became a passion of mine very quick. while there i met a guy i ended up dating for about a year. he had the biggest dick i ever seen to this day. all the sex we had was great. i came everytime. ever since then i started to play with myself every day. having multiple orgasims. i really enjoyed making these videos for you and i hope you have as much fun watching them as i did making them ;)”.

Meet FTV Girl Amber:


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FTV Girl Cassy: Rocker Extreme (April 2012)

Meet the FTV girl Cassy. She is 19 years old and she is actually a pornstar… Wow I didn’t expect. She has an average figure with small tits and pierced belly button. Her measurements: 34A-25-34, her height: 5’6". I can say some things about herself but let her do it by herself.
FTV Cassy:hey guys! I’m cassandra, cassy for short. 🙂 I’m 19 years old and a thrill-seeker! 😉 i am a mutt basically..I’m french, cherokee, irish and german. I’m very passionate about music. i love to write and play music as well as listen constantly. i have favorite artisits from many genres but i listen to old school rap, funk and jazz, 80s metal, black metal, pop, and punk the most. i love to learn, I’m always reading something. i cant get enough books I’m a total bookworm! i also love to sketch and make crafts…i love to create in general. when I’m not doing any of those three things, I’m hanging out with my friends. with friends i like to go out to shows and see live music, watch movies, go see a basketball game (love bball, go knicks!) and have bonfires and cookouts. i prefer just hanging at home with friends or parties at friends houses but sometimes i like to go out and get wild ;p i love to be active. i like to swim, ski and play soccer and basketball. I’m very attracted to both men and women. i actually had sex with a woman before i ever had sex with a man. i lost my virginity as a senior in high school at 17. i don’t like manly women i love women who are girly and cute and fun. but i love men for their manly attributes, of course.”
In Cassy’s FTV update:
=> Public Nudity at the Office Area,
=> Masturbation to Orgasm with Toy,
=> Self Shoot, Shower Scene,
=> Extreme Close-ups,
=> Strong Vaginal Contractions,
=> Heavy Squirting,
=> FTV Monster Toy Deep,
=> Very Deep Fisting,
=> FTV Toy Ride.
So total you can download 4500 Mb of her HD video in the members area. Enjoy her free photos below.

This Is FTV Brunette Cassy:


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FTV Girl Riley: 110% Cute (March 2012)

Meet the sexy slim teen girl Riley. She’s a full-on pornstar nowadays, and she started shot naked with FTV in Oct. 2011, that was her absolutely first time. Here is her first FTV update where you can download her sample video. FTV Riley is 20 years old, she is supercute. Small boobs, small butt, but so sexy body & face! For this update FTV Riley was shot in supercar shoot which leads to upskirt views, flashing and finger play. Back home, she uses the eroscillator vibrator and comes to a strong squirting orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. As she puts her hair up in a cute ponytail, her love of her funky music has her dancing. Then she used banana as a toy, she fucking herself in a various positions, which then leads to a bottle in the pussy scene. Then she’s wearing a cute skirt and heels, teasing us some more, then spreading, fingering, and gaping her private parts. Another masturbation, and she squirts into the camera and all over the FTV photographer! 
FTV Riley’s Comments: “Yeah, so I wear glasses! You never really see it on camera but most of the time I’m without makeup and wearing these and don’t call me a nerd! People never recognize me this way but this is how I dress comfy kind of like the last time I was here.  I’ve lost some weight because I had my wisdom teeth pulled last month and I really didn’t eat much while my jaw was healing.  I know how the photographer wants all these clothes for me to bring so I packed to the max with two pieces of check-in luggage.  Even though I’m only staying for the day!   I remember my first time shoot like it was yesterday, hiking that mountain in super hot temperatures!  This time the weather is a lot better maybe even chilly.  A lot has happened in my life since then and I’ve become the ‘famous’ pornstar Riley Reid.  I enjoy my work and I don’t think its changed me any.  I know a lot of girls end up in drugs or chainsmoke or go nuts but I don’t let that happen to me.  Remember Smoking IS bad for you! hehe.  The money I’ve made helped me purchase a house, and an ’89 BMW!  Why so old you might ask well I love classic cars and I like BMW’s!  I also turned vegan, I don’t have any meat anymore.  I feel healthier this way and going to the gym when I can helps too.  And don’t worry about me getting breast implants like most girls in porn I won’t succumb to peer pressure!  Thanks for having me again!”

Sexy FTV Teen Girl Riley:


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