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FTV Girl Tiffany: Girlfriend Of Your Dreams (2011)

FTV Girls offers you 100% exclusive sexy teen girls that you will never find anywhere else. FTV Girls focuses on quality over quantity. Meet the new FTV model, pretty nice teen girl with sweet face Tiffany. She is 18 years old and she is already a pornstar, ‘Tiffany Thompson’. Tiffany is one of those girls blessed with a natural kind of beauty, and the perfect body. Leggy & sexy, she’s got a perfect firm butt, and the most amazing natural breasts with hard nipples. Her her height: 5’9", her figure: 36C-25-37. I liked this girl very much so you’ll find her free masturbation videos below in this publication. Tiffany’s update brought to us 279 professional photos & 5100 Mb of brilliant HD video including:
=> Public Nudity at park, fancy mall, resort, restaurant
=> Masturbation to orgasm with toys
=> Massage of boobs & butt
=> Acrobatics at Park
=> Shower Scene, Dressup Scene, Dancing Scene
=> Strong Vaginal Contractions (while she having orgasm)
=> Foot Fetish (she has a big size of feet)
=> Extreme Close-ups (you can see her pussy very close), Gaping
=> Cucumber Stuffing (she fucks her pussy with a cucumber)
FTV Tiffany’s comments:
“I have had to fake orgasms in my masturbation videos before FTV shot, but the videographer was persistent in making me have real ones here. I was not sure I could do this because masturbating is so private to me, but after I had my first real one (when he left the camera and left the room) the rest came much easier. I liked all the vibrators I used that day and I would probably come even faster if there was not any cameras. I came 4 times on that day and I had to say that is a lot even for me.”.

This Is Sweet FTV Teen Tiffany:


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FTV Girl Lina: Truly Bisexual (November 2008)

Hello, my little horny friends. Today I wanna introduce you one great girl. Her name is Lina, she is 19 y.o. She is young and beautiful, real amateur girl, never seen before on the x-rated site. But now it is her time. She made the right choice. FTV girls has a great experience in shooting young amateur girls. A lot of girls you can see on hardcore websites started their porn career from And I hope we see Lina’s naked body not only this time. She has a big potential. Lina using toys vaginally and anally. Her shoot was funny and perhaps liked her cause she was shoot not alone. FTV girl Danielle assisted her. It was amazing shot, girls was playing, kissing eash other, didn’t shy to insert fingers inside pussy. But more excited was foot fetish. A lot of staff this kind you’ll see in this shoot. I don’t know if it is solo or girl-girl type. Ladies were together all the shooting day and made a lot of pranks. See some of their photos inside this post…

Meeting FTV girl Lina:


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FTV Girl Isobel: Youtube Girl (October 2008)

Strange title of the post, yeah? You can find this girl on youtube: just look up under ‘Isobel Wren’ and watch her tease videos. She was interested in shooting for FTV, submitted her pics. But she never got back an email or anything! So it all happened again, when a fan of Isobel contacted FTV for her (he’s a member of and told them that she’s interested in shooting, and gave the FTV owner links to her videos on youtube. Now Isobel’s on FTV girls website main page and has a great update in the members area (229 photos & 3800 mb of hd videos). FTV girl Isobel is 24 y.o., she is from Washington D.C. She loves to masturbate, in fact she does it daily, but well, she get a little shy on the first time doing this.  Yeah, she has her own home videos of her masturbating, or stripteasing with the webcam, but its different when you know you’re being shot in hi-def for all to see. 24 free photos and one hq sample video inside this post.

Meeting YouTube Star Isobel:


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FTV Girls Alison & Lia: FTV’s BEST

Alison’s Comments: Well there you go!  Its been over a year (believe it or not!) that I’ve even run into Lia, even though we live in the same city, and shoot with the same photographer, and assist the same shoots.  The photographer who is proud of his new FTV car the lamborghini murcielago decided that we should get together and do a shoot together.  I guess because both us wanted to be the first model to shoot with the car, he compromised this way.  The photos were hot for us both, and it was sort of cool that our dresses & heels actually matched.  We even tongued each others’ nipples which is a first time for us both.  So who is the sexier gal?  I’ll let you decide!
We met up at a cheesesteak restaurant, and sort of sat a few feet away from each other, with the photographer trying to get us closer hehe.  Well he pushed us to flash our breasts out in the busy parking lot, and then videotaped us getting changed into our dresses.  We set out to some fancy place on top of a hill, and that’s where we started stripping down, sometimes having drivers pass by and catch us in the act.  Fortunately we didn’t get into trouble, and the shoot was verrry hot!

ftv alisom lia

Lia’s Comments: At first, meeting up with Alison was something I wasn’t too excited about, maybe I was more excited about the car hehe.  Our lives are so different from each other, even though we work for the same company and shoot with the same photographer, and have sites that are very similar.  This was shot for both of our sites, and a way to promote new members from FTV to our sites.  I had a sexy black dress planned for the shoot, it gives curves to my breasts but maybe it flattens them too much, what do you think?  Alison curled her hair, probably because I had it curled too.  Whatever the case, we both looked hot in this shoot, and the car complimented us together.  This sports car is a lot bigger than I thought, its a real monster in person.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv alisom lia ftv alisom lia
ftv alisom lia ftv alisom lia

In the FTV members area:
91 photos & 150 Mb of video
-Outdoor Nudity, Flashing
-Video of Photoshoot with
-Lamborghini Murcielago Supercar

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FTV Girl Mai: Busti Mandarin (HD Videos)

Hello, I’m Mai Lin, and welcome to my ftv shoot.  I turned 20 a week after this shoot and I celebrated by traveling back to Taiwan to visit my mother there.  My mom is Mandarin Chinese, and I can speak it, but I’m not good at reading or writing it.  I’ve lived most of my life in California, as I moved with my father who is separated from my mom when I was 2 years old.  My father is German/French.   So right now I am trying out softcore modeling because I’m comfortable with getting naked and the money is good.  I’ll never do hardcore though.  Most of my money goes to my education and I’m in my 2nd year of University right now. 

 ftv mai

I’m aiming for a bioengineering degree and then want to go for an MBA.  I want to be involved in the bioengineering business.  Yes, I had a 4.0 average in High School mostly because I was a nerd and I didn’t have any friends.  Things changed a lot out of High School.  Even though I had D’s by the time I was 14 I didn’t get much attention from the boys.   I’m happy with large breasts but I really don’t want them any bigger than this.  I guess befitting of my looks, we went to some Chinese storefront where they had some really pretty architecture.  I started going topless but I was nervous about it since there were people around and the windows behind me were full of office workers.  The photographer seemed unphased about any risk involved and built up my confidence.  He said he had shot here before.  The talk came to my feet, and I like my feet, he videotaped them but seemed disinterested in shooting them.   I like my feet.   He was more than obsessed with my breasts, as many guys are when they see me in a low cut shirt or bikini. 

Sample FTV Photos From Members Area: 

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