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We missed such a funny playful teen girl released in November on FTV Girls. Catching personality, charismatic chick! And she does it anally… Meet Bella, 21 yo girl from Saint petersburg, Florida. Her height is 5’4″, her body measurements: 34C-25-36. Nothing special about body… but she can easily amaze you with the action! From public nudity to deepthroating! In Bella’s update: General: Public Teasing, Upskirt in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers,Toys, Dancing Scene. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Peeing Scene, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Anal Stuffing: Marker, Foot Fetish Scenes, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, FTV Gape Cage, Vagina Gaping Closeups. IN TOTAL 500 photos & 110 minutes of HD video in the members area.  Photos of FTV Girls Bella GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA WATCH or DOWNLOAD HD VIDEOS Masturbation Videos in Crystal HD Quality Read more
Here we are to announce the most recent model on FTV Girls, just released. Name of this beautiful blonde is Angelina. And she really looks like an angel. Angelina’s height is 5’4″, her measurements: 34C-23-35. She just turned 18 a few days before the shoot. She is a total first timer and you can see how she shies of camera. Not too much action in her update… but still she shows nudes, spreads pussy and masturbates. In her update: General: Public Teasing, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scenes, Stockings & Lingerie. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Strong Orgasmic Contractions. Total photos: 259. Total videos: 59 minutes. WATCH IN THE MEMBERS AREA. Free FTVGirls Photos of Angelina MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera Read more
She is definitely one of the greatest FTV Girls models of all the time. Members’ favourite girl with cute face and dirty mind has 5 solo updates and 2 lesbian updates in the members area. Her name is Melody and here is her 7th update. With every update she surprises us more and more. Now she fists her ass and stuffing her pussy with baseball bat & plastic bottle. Well… here’s what had been added for the members: General: Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Fetish: Water Bottle Stuffing, Squirting, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, FTV Monster Toy, Extreme Closeups. Extreme: Anal Gaping, Fisting, Baseball Bat Stuffing, FTV Titan Toy, Anal Fisting. IN TOTAL 402 photos & 82 minutes (more than one hour!) of HD video in the members area. Melody’s FTV Girls Photos MUCH MORE ACTION WITH MELODY RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with Melody Masturbating, Stuffing, Fisting, Gaping in Front of Camera Any curly squirt member returned, and now is still ahead, with all the possible new challenges and fetishes! We see her again in a pretty dress, in front of a lot of monster toys. It’s a hot day, but she has something. She pushes him with her strong vaginal muscles. Using a vibrator, […] Read more
TEEN girl with TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE on FTV Girls. Vanna is 19 years old tiny girl. Her height: 5’3″, her measurements: 33B-23-35. She is super cute, and super extreme. What a sexy girl! What a juicy photos! What a hot videos! Charming girl with a tiny body stuffing herself with large sex toys. You should see it! General Public Teasing Upskirt in Public Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Dancing Scene Fetish Peeing Scene Extreme Closeups Vagina Gaping Closeups Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Squirting Anal Toys Extreme Fisting Multi Penetration FTV Titan Toy Total HQ photos: 404 Total HD videos: 78 minutes Watch (download) all her videos in the members area. Vanna’s Story Hello, sexy people. My name is Vanna. I was born and raised in Miami Florida, the sexiest city in the United States, and I am nineteen years old. Before I got into the world of adult films, I was a former ballerina for 8 years. I visited the high school of performing and visual arts, where I spent half of my full-time study in regular school subjects, and the second half of my day I studied classical ballet and modern dance. I have always loved dance ballet, but from a very […] Read more
Lesbian update. Meet two sexy girls Vanna & Jayde. Vanna is 19 years old, 5’3″ tall, her measurements: 33B-23-35. Jayde is 20 years old, her height is 5’5″, her figure: 36D-26-36. And these girls have been real life friends and lovers for over 2 years. Girls have two updates in the members area: First episode features: Dancing Scenes, Dress and Heels, Dressup Scenes, Extreme Closeups, Girl Girl, Kissing, Large Toys, Magic Wand, Masturbation to Orgasm, Oral, Peeing Scene, Toys Total photos: 175 Total videos: 72 minutes Get instant access! Second episode features: Ball Stuffing, Extreme Closeups, Fisting, Girl Girl, Hard Breast Massage, Hard Butt Massage, Kissing, Masturbation to Orgasm, Oral, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys, Unique Fetish, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing Total photos: 198 Total videos: 61 minutes Get instant access! Photos of Vanna & Jayde I GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA WATCH or DOWNLOAD HD VIDEOS Masturbation Videos in Crystal HD Quality FTV Girls Vanna & Jayde After a little (late) lunch break, we went to a park for more pretty photos and some nice intimacy on location (though it was rather windy). Some breast play as well, since Jayde’s breasts are rather incredible and no doubt fun to see squeezed and played […] Read more
Meet beautiful teen girl Syara. Sweet face, slim body & beautiful bubble butt. Her measurements: 32B-23-33. Her height: 5’1/4″. Petite teen in her 19 years old with TOTALLY FIRST TIME experience really likes big dicks. In her update: General: Public Teasing, Upskirt in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers,Toys. Fetish: Vagina Gaping Closeups, Extreme Closeups, Long Labia & Stretching, Squirting. Extreme: Big Ten Toy. In total: photos: 298, videos: 69 minutes. Download (watch) in the members area. FTV Girls Syara Syara sent these photos: #1 #2 #3, then once I verified her age, these nudes #4 #5 #6 #7 #8. She was flying in from Detroit, and she works at a fast food joint. From the start, she would tell me that she loved big penises and fucking, so I hoped that she would be able to do big toys. On the downside, she was very awkward every time the camera turned on, nor could she take instruction properly, so without me talking to her every five seconds, she would stiffen up. I even told her that I shouldn’t be talking this much, as she needs to be doing the talking and ‘flowing’ with the camera, but it wasn’t going to happen. She masturbates with her fingers, having a squirting orgasm, but I think at the end there she doesn’t like the squirting (she […] Read more
She looks like a model: beautiful face, slim body, long legs. Meet charming girl Mazzy. And we have 2 updates of her. So you’ll get a lot of free photos below. Videos in the members area. Mazzy is 20 years old. Her height: 5’11”, her figure: 35B-24-34. Small boobs & beautiful pussy. Actually it’s nice to watch even her clothed outdoors photos. So hot & sexy. And much more awaiting for us indoors. In her updates: FTV Girls Mazzy I FIRST episode features: Dancing Scenes, Extreme Closeups, Fisting, FTV Monster, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Teasing, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys, Vagina Gaping Closeups, VibraKing Total photos: 207 Total videos: 62 minutes Watch (downlaod) her videos. GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA WATCH or DOWNLOAD HD VIDEOS Masturbation Videos in Crystal HD Quality FTV Girls Mazzy II SECOND episode features: Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Double Penetration, Extreme Closeups, Foot Fetish Scenes, FTV Monster, Masturbation to Orgasm, Peeing Scene, Public Teasing, Toys, Upskirt in Public, Vagina Gaping Closeups Total photos: 279 Total videos: 61 minutes Watch (downlaod) her videos. MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of […] Read more
Meet Carmen, 19 yo TEEN girl from Dallas, Texas with her TOTALLY FIRST TIME experience on FTV Girls. Carmen has slim body with small boobs, nice ass and good-looking pussy. Hr height is 5’9″, her measurements: 36B-25-36. Finally Carmen’s shot includes some public nudity. Even naked outdoors acrobatics. Below you can find 68 from 394 photos of beautiful Carmen. She also has more than 2 hours of HD video available in the members area only. In her update: General: Public Nudity, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers,Toys, Up-skirt in Public, Dancing Scenes, Massage(Hard): Breast,Butt. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Big Ten Toy, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Shoe Heel Stuffing, Anal Toys. In total 394 photos & 134 minutes of 4K video available for members. FTV Girls Carmen’s Photos MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera FTV Girls Carmen Carmen sent these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4. Very cute girl, though she did change her hair color before she showed up. I like her with the light hair color, but she’s still very cute no matter what her hair is like. She’s a tall girl, and with heels she does stand over six feet. From the very start I noticed how personable she […] Read more
Tall, leggy, busty and sexy… Meet beautiful FTVGirls Sophia from Orlando. This chick has 2 updates on FTV GIRLS. Can you believe that this stunner is just 18 years old? Sophia is 5’10” tall, has body measurements: 36D-27-36. Nice natural boobs, but look not too big on her body. She’s not a slim girl but still very hot. FTV Girls Sophia How are you, my name is Sophia, I’m from Orlando,Fl and i am trying out my first porn. At 18 years old, most young adults are just graduating or going off to college… not i, though. I have different dreams in mind. For instance, pornography. I’ve always been pretty open with myself let alone my body. Where as most people find discomfort in showing themselves, i fully embrace it (why have something of wonderful value if you don’t find peace in it?). Since i was younger i was always the wild child of the family, everyone doubted my path because of my old nave, childish era i went through. Looking back on it, i’m grateful i got to experience a wild side because it prepared me for everything my future had/has to hold for me. My hobbies include dancing and adventures, […] Read more
Meet petite Larissa. Girl with really small, tiny body. TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE and FTV EXCLUSIVE girl. You will like her. We like her also so we shared with you around 80 photos of her. Larissa is just 20 years old. She is  5’3″ tall, her measurements: 33B-23-34. Videos are in the members area as usual. In her update: General: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scene, Massage(Hard): Butt. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Squirting, Peeing Scene, Foot Fetish Scene, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing. In total 81 Minutes Of Video & 435 Photos available for members. Get instant access! FTV Girls Larissa I was born in Cincinnati Ohio. Growing up I was very athletic, I tried all of the sports. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, you name it. I have always been one of the smaller girls in my team so that has always given me an advantage. I was also very interested in science. It was one of my best grades all through my school years, along with math. I moved to Arizona when I was about fourteen years old. That was actually perfect timing for me to start high school in a new place. I spent most of my high school career running for the track team. I also […] Read more
Meet new girl on FTV Girls. Pretty chick with big boobs and brackets in her 23 years old. Her name is Alyssa, and she will make you crazy. Her height is 5’1″, her body measurements: 32D-23-33. Enjoy free photos of this lady below and become the member to watch her HD videos where you can see Alyssa fuck sex toys and stuff her pussy with hair straightener. In her update: General: Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scene, Massage(Hard): Breast, Upskirt in Public. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Anal Toys, Peeing Scene, Hair Straightener Stuffing, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Fisting, Braces. In total 489 High Resolution Photos, 142 mins High Definition Video in the members area. FTV Girls Alyssa Hey as you know my name is Alyssa. If you didn’t know already, I’m 23 years old! My birthday is in January, so next year if anyone wants to get a me a gift!! I work a full time job at a call center, I love to hoop dance, maybe I’ll let them post a video of me hoop dancing sometime when I get better. I love pizza, it’s my favorite food. I think the best pizza place in the world is Mountain Mikes in Modesto, CA. If you’re ever out there, go and try that pizza. I don’t […] Read more
Recent FTV Girl Victoria has one more update in the members area. And this update is LESBIAN. And we have another girl here: Sasha. Age: 21, height: 4’11”, body: 34B-26-34. Here we can see not just playing girls but beal lesbians: girls who kissing each other and licking pussies. Some photos from this update we shared below. But much more acton recorded in videos. In this update: Extreme Closeups, Foot Fetish Scenes, Girl Girl, Hard Breast Massage, Hard Butt Massage, Kissing, Nipple Stretching, Oral, Public Display of Affection, Public Teasing, Toys, Upskirt in Public. In total 260 photos & 65 minutes of HD video. Download here. Photos of Sasha & Victoria GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA WATCH or DOWNLOAD HD VIDEOS Masturbation Videos in Crystal HD Quality Read more
Hello, guys. Here’s the fresh FTV model with the TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. Victoria is 21 years old. Her height is 5’7″. Her figure: 36C-25-35. Average boobs, beautiful pussy. And she is a squirter! In her update: General: Upskirt in Public, Public Teasing, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Massage(Hard): Breast. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Squirting. In total 184 photos, 35 minutes of HD video in the members area. FTV Girls Victoria I’m going to school to become a teacher. I want to teach high school, I also like helping around when i can by giving back in anyway i can. I dance on my time off and cheer i also like to go to the gym so i stay in shape. my favorite color is pink and light blue. my whole room is pink and alf the clothes i wear are pink. I’m into fast cars it turns me on. I like to go hiking with friends and have some me time like watching cartoons or even the show friends. i have two boxers puppies they are my world. My eye color is brown. and they also change color. i love to go shopping get my hair done and nails done just like any other girls. I’m also into […] Read more
Really beautiful young girl. With nice body shape and soft skin. Such a great butt! You will like this chick a lot. And not only by her appearance. She has such a great personality! You definitely should watch her videos. But here we share with you a lot of photos of this charming teen. Meet FTV Girls Zoe, super cute 19yo model. She is 5’3″ tall, her body: 34A-23-35. She has her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE with FTV Girls and she has real orgasms with visible pussy contractions. In her update: General: Upskirt in Public, Public Gymnastics, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scene. Fetish: Extreme Closeups, Anal Toys, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Peeing Scene, Milky Orgasm, Long Labia & Stretching. MORE THAN HOUR OF HD VIDEOS & ALMOST 500 PHOTOS IN THE MEMBERS AREA Some Photos of FTV Girls Zoe MUCH MORE ACTION RECORDED ON HD VIDEOS GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera About FTV Girls Zoe This ex-cheerleader sent me these application photos. She is a supercute teen with a lot of energy; and what an amazing pair of legs and butt she’s got! We meet up with her at a busy tourist area, and watch this girl in a […] Read more
Busty girl with cute face appeared on FTVGirls this month. Girl-next door with no tattoos, looks great without makeup. And she has two sexy updates with a lot of masturbation scenes. Aria is 18 years old. Her height is 5’6″, her figure: 36D-26-38. Really nice boobs and charming personality. We share with you more than 100 photos of FTV Girls Aria. All her HD videos you can get in the members area. In her 1st update General: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Dancing Scene, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Massage(Hard): Breast. Fetish: Schoolgirl Look, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Extreme Closeups, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing. TOTAL: 321 photos, 51 minutes of HD video. GET THEM ALL. FTV Girls Aria I am a free spirited, independent woman who loves hiking, running, art, dancing, and sex–of course. I graduated early from high school this year and decided to head to the west coast. I love getting to know new people, and so I make an effort to travel often. What really turns me on is passionate people. Anyone who has a cause for which they care deeply is a person I’d like to get to know. I am a very open and honest person and I see porn as an extension of these qualities. Through this […] Read more
Hello, guys. We have some fresh meat for you today. Meet Jody, 20 years old. This pretty chick has slim body and very long legs. Her height: 5’8″, her body: 34B-24-36. Charming girl with a beautiful smile. Total first time experience for FTVGirls! In her update: General: Public Teasing, Dancing Scene, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys. Fetish: Peeing Scene, Extreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Razor Handle Stuffing, Shaving Scene, Anal Razor Handle Stuffing. In total 246 photos & 66 minutes of HD video in the members area. FTV Girls Jody Hiii this is something new i have always wondered about ever since I got older and i met this guy and we were up all night talking about it and i was seeing how it was done and what girls do so after thinking about it for a very long time i decided to give it a go. I am a very fun outgoing person i have dreams and goal just like the rest of you guys here and this is me working towards my goal to get where i wanna be in life. This is just a step forward for me my very first shoot was fun and i had a blast and i enjoyed doing this i’ll […] Read more
Something new for FTV Girls but still very and very beautiful. Meet cute Isabel, short girl with amazing body. Her measurements: 34C-25-36 with the height: 4’11”. Isabel is just 19 years old, this Teen girl have her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE at FTV Girls. 173 photos & 63 minutes of HD video in the members area: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Massage(Hard): Breast,Butt, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dancing Scene. Extreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Long Labia & Stretching. Download videos or watch online! FTV Girls Isabel She’s a local girl who came by after sending some # 1 # 2 photos with two # 3 # 4 files – from a guy who’s a fan of FTV. She wanted to make some money before going to school, but deep inside she also wanted to break out sexually and deal with just one guy since she lost her virginity. As far as I could tell, she was not satisfied with sex or masturbation and she hoped to learn more through this shoot. She is very petite and reminds me of Stacey of FTV, similar in size and build. She’s a black-Hispanic mix, and what stands out most is her hair and her full breasts. When you’re naked, you realize how round and […] Read more
Oh those legs! Meet Joslyn, fresh FTV Girls model. FTV EXCLUSIVE, totally first time experience. She’s hot, she’s sexy, filled with energy and fun. Not a cute nextdoor style girl.Joslyn is 5’8″ tall, her figure: 34A-24-33. Slim and beautiful blonde, 20 years old, brought a lot of joy to FTV Members: General: Upskirt in Public, Dancing Scene, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Stockings & Lingerie. Fetish: Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Extreme Closeups, Panty Stuffing, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, FTV Monster Toy, Double Penetration, Hairbrush Handle Stuffing, Big Ten Toy. In total: 422 photos, 81 minutes of 4K video. Download or watch video online. FTV Girls Joslyn Through a mutual friend, Joslyn was mentioned as this cute silver-haired blonde that every guy wants to plug into clubs … The photos I saw were very pretty # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5, and we always need more blondes on FTV, no doubt. Meeting her personally, she had this enthusiastic attitude and she was pleased to get pretty pictures of herself and seemed to have absolutely no shyness with regard to showing herself in public. No matter how she poses, her panties become visible because this skirt is so short and her legs are so long … At home, she does a striptease dance to the music […] Read more
Big thanks to FTVGirls for this amazing update. It’s just perfect: two young beautiful girls lick each other, suck feet, fuck dildo… Paisley & Sabina look great near that’s why we share with you 100 photos below. If you wanna watch videos with them you should get the membership. In this update: Anal Fingering, Dancing Scenes, Fisting, Foot Fetish Scenes, Girl Girl, Kissing, Masturbation to Orgasm, Oral, Peeing Scene, Public Display of Affection, Toys, Upskirt in Public. Total photos: 426 Total videos: 95 minutes FTV Girls Paisley & Sabina When I first shot Sabina, I thought, what a gorgeous, perfect figure, and it would be nice if she made a girl for FTV? It was her first adult shot, but since then she has made other shoots of the girls. She’s just for girls, so I wanted to find the perfect match for her. Then there was Paisley, which I started a few months later, and I also wanted to talk with another girl, preferably an extreme one. In the end, it was Paisley who contacted me and said that she wanted her to be the first girl girl with FTV, and she wanted to do this with Sabina, whom she […] Read more
Actually we weren’t sure to make this update or not cuz the face of the model is just ordinary. Nothing special and charming for most of people. But FTV Girls made nice photos, especially closeup photos of this babe. So you should see at least her pussy. And some of you maybe will find this girl attractive. So here you are. Meet Tyler, 18yo lady with tight beautiful pussy. Tattoo free, girl next door type. Height: 5’6″. Body: 36A-27-37. In her update: General Upskirt in Public Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys Dancing Scene Fetish Extreme Closeups Peeing Scene Hairbrush Handle Stuffing Anal Fingering Vagina Gaping Closeups Foot Fetish Scene IN TOTAL 268 photos and 84 minutes of HD video. You can get all of it in the members area. FTV Girls Tyler Hello, my name is Tyler, they are very modest and easy. I’m always full of smiles. Being outdoors is where you basically see me. I have 3 cats and really love them. I was born and raised in Arizona, but I visited different places. The reason I’m on the camera is that I’m too shy for myself. Its good to push your boundaries. Meeting new people and learning about them has always intrigued me. […] Read more