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FTV Girl Leslie: Teen Squirter 2 (October 2008)

October 17th, 2008 | FTV Girl Leslie | 24,343 views

Hi, Daniel is here cause FTV members site has new update and 20 y.o. girl. If you come to this site for not the first time, you must be know hot teen girl Leslie. If you like this cute girl, exult! We have her second visit to FTV. First one was in September 2008 (review is here). She was very popular on FTV and members wanted her to returns. Now she has new photo and video materials on her pages inside the FTV members area. Despite the fact that its not the first her shooting, she is all nervous doing this. Its easy to get naked for the boyfriend, but if you doing this in front of camera to be shown every interested man… Her parents and ex-boyfriends don’t know about her nude modeling, but her girlfriends do. She can talk with her girlfriends about this cause she had sex experience with them. Maybe Leslie will become lesbian soon and we’ll see new FTV girl-girl action.

Leslie from FTV:


Sample Leslie’s Photos:

103 109
125 281
147 139
143 165
209 212
227 264
274 410
509 414
451 453
528 532
…and much more in the members area.

From Leslie’s words: She was so excited about coming back that she really didn’t sleep much the night before. She even went to a sort of slumber party with three of her bisexual girlfriends and she sort of tried to explain what she’s going to be doing in Phoenix. You see, even though she’s been up on the site now for several months, she don’t think anyone has found out about it. Not her family, friends, or ex-boyfriends. Which is a good thing.  So Leslie explained to her girlfriends that she’s sort of doing this ‘nude thing’ and so on. They’re kinky and bisexual in their personal lives, but Leslie doesn’t think they would strip for the camera. For her, she took a pretty big step in her life doing this. But she love it!  So have she had sex with these girlfriends? Yes! With two of them, everything but using toys on each other! So Leslie have to thank all of FTV members who sent emails to the FTV owner who forwarded them to her. Its all compliments! She was pretty excited to hear that she was very popular on FTV and voted well, even though she never saw her members’s area videos. She’s doing well in her personal life, going to college, working, & traveling during the summer vacation. FTV model Leslie traveled to Italy in August, but contrary to popular belief, she didn’t has any hot Italian man seduce her there. They either would ogle her or make rude gestures & noises. She travels alone or with some girlfriends, but she think it would be nice one day to travel with a boyfriend. Its half a year now since she’s had sex with a guy. She’s sexual as ever, but she resort to her toys or girlfriends. Maybe she will become lesbian soon! No, Leslie like guys too of course, she couldn’t give that up. You might think of her as fearless posing all nude out here, but believe her she do get nervous about it. She just doesn’t show it on camera. And its fun anyway. She can’t believe the things she end up doing out at these hotels & resorts out here in Phoenix! Think this she sitting there using a toy at some entrance to a fancy place, and her squirting all over the floor! Its better to squirt there than on fine furniture :). She’s not being egotistical when she say this, but Leslie really did look amazing in that dress and the gold shoes set the right feel to it. Visit Leslie in the members area >>

In The Members Area:
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-> Flashing at Airport
-> Full Nudes at Park
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-> Milky Wet Juices
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-> Tree Climbing
-> Ballet Dancer
-> Deep & Hard Fisting
-> Multi Masturbation
-> Hard Orgasm
>> Download her 299 photos & 4400 mb of videos >>
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