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FTV Girl Louisa: Serious Contractions (Feb 2009)

February 16th, 2009 | FTV Girl Louisa | 21,540 views

Here we are: me & new FTV girl. Her name is Louisa & she’d been acted a lot… We have a big & interesting update in the FTV members area: flashing, masturbation, multiple orgasms, anal play, close-ups and much more. And all of this with the participation of this young girl. Louisa is 20 years old, but she is not new to porn. She is modeling for her personal website, but wanted to try FTV. Come to think of it, she has more experience then usual FTV girls so she can show us more. And she did this. Louisa don’t shy the camera & she got crazy strong orgasms. I like her. She has the big clit (or may be it looks so when she spreading pussy) and cool pussy haircut. And she is funny, she like skateboard & snowboard, she know foreign languages. I share her FTV interview video inside this post. And sample FTV photos for now:

Here is FTV girl Louisa:


Louisa’s Sample FTV Photos:

133 141
218 238
227 241
315 316
319 320
332 334
340 343
401 407
409 417
421 428

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60x468j_na FTV Videographer’s Comments: We have succeeded in the restaurant, not too many people eating there, thus I have asked, that it had its breasts all time. One of employees had idea of that we where performance, and tried to receive to look. I asked always by a question, how much serving these restaurants, I run in, know that I do. From time to time they will ask, ‘, that is video the chamber for ‘, and I shall be opinion something as ‘ about, only film projects for it MySpace ‘, and so on. I cannot tell, that girls are conservatively dressed in these situations, thus they are possibly skeptical. We have entered into a set on open air with some accommodation, and I appeared before another by, shooting it, relying on it to see, whether there is a person to a parking lot – but for some reasons its attention was in other place while it was not too late. This housewife with groceries has entered and saw it with its legs completely the distribution touching. It was time for us to go, as I could see, that it has typed 911 or similar. The good moment of installation of the sun received as a result of me some good photos in a gate, and its small striptease in heels was sweet. End with nude detour in a decline. For critical close up fans, enjoy critical close ups clit, it appears in a full detail. It, apparently, likes to extend for the chamber, and loves its viewing ‘ genitals ‘. It always asked to look at photos as I have taken them. A clip 4 – other stage of a masturbation with strong orgasm/contractions, with good close up it happening at 6:20. Its end face undoubtedly should have a good stage of massage of an end face, both those breasts and nice dummies guaranteed a good close up / a firm stage of massage also. The pleasant unexpectedness is processed/comes to an end, there was its performance anal beads as I did not know, that it was abrupt with anal game. Rather new experience for it, also it was pleasant to see its resource with us :)

Sample FTV Video of Louisa:

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Louisa in the FTV Members Area:
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-> Strong Contractions, Multi-Orgasm
-> Self-Shoot in Change room
-> Masturbation to Orgasm with Toy
-> Hard Breast & Butt Massage
-> Extreme Closeups, Anal Play
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Screenshots From FTV Members Area:




There was her homepage & 2 video pages. Also she has 5 photo pages.
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214 photos 4200 Mb of videos of Louisa inside

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wow louisa – stunning

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wow,loiusa – she’s stunning