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Female Orgasm Video Clips

July 12th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In Free FTV Girls Videos | 3,931 views

These are 4 girls of 500+. They are FTV girls. FTV means First Time Videos. These girls masturbate in front of camera for the first time in their lives. You can easy visit official FTVgirls site by clicking >>HERE<<. You’ll find there young girls, toys, orgasms, squirting orgasms, dildos, vibrators, flashing, public nudity, lesbian plays, pussy closeups and even more. FTV – is a solo dream. Visit Official Website and start Downloading

001 004
008 005


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Female Orgasm Video Galleries

July 12th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In Free FTV Girls Videos | 2,758 views

Free FTV Videos: A brunette teen posing & masturbating to orgasm.
?urled blonde enjoing herself on videos – another FTV video gallery.
More FTV videos: The same girl in glasses rubbing her wet pussy.
Also this one FTV gallery: Girls having fun with each other on a public beach.
And this: Teen lesbians dildoing & fingering their pussies.
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FTV Girl Chloe: Little Anal Teen (January 2012)

July 4th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Chloe | 13,256 views

What a strange title of this publication, right? Cute girl, beautiful smile, so innocent… And she does anal. FTV exclusive. Meet Chloe. This young lady is 19 y.o., she shot for FTV Girls in January 2012 and today I will share with you some of her photos from the members area. Chloe looks so sweet and untouched like an angel. But what’s on her mind? Chloe did a lot of nasty things for FTV shot, guys. Total of 221 HQ photos & 4500 Mb of 8000kb HD video you can download from the members area right now if you subscribed FTV member. 8000kb HD porn video means that her pussy like in front of your eyes, you can see her pussy structure and even almost touch it. Take a look:


Looks better in full size, of course. Subscribe FTV Girls & Enjoy! In Chloe’s update:
-> Public Nudity at the office area,
-> Masturbation to orgasm with toy,
-> Hard breast & butt massage,
-> Extreme close-ups,
-> Anal Penetration, Glass Toy,
-> Panty Stuffing,
-> Banana Stuffing,
-> Foot Fetish.
FTV Chloe’s application photos:

chloe1 chloe2 chloe3 chloe5

FTV Chloe’s Comments: “I just finished doing my photos and videos for the website and as I’m writing this down I really can say I had a fun time.The day went by so fast too it felt like an hour when it was really the whole day. FTV Sara told me about the website and said if I want to try soft-core porn this is the best place to start. When I turned 18 I was thinking about it but I was too nervous to really take that step and contact the website. When I turned 19 I said its time to make a go at it. The photographer liked me and said that its nice that I don’t have any tattoos and I agree I don’t want them either. I just think I’d regret it later on in life.  So when we met up we ended shooting right away and I got naked at a parking place right away!  I was nervous but also I thought it was daring and fun. I’ve never been naked outside like this and only the guys I’ve been with have seen me naked.  I think a couple of people saw me running naked for sure at the grocery store!  Then I masturbated and used two vibrators that I’ve never seen before that need to be in a wall socket very much like a hair dryer and they made me cum so hard!  I used to use just my fingers but ever since I discovered vibrators I never went back to fingers.  I like sex too of course and it depends if I have a boyfriend or not.  Otherwise I masturbate about 5 times a week.  Butt sex was something new to me and if I had shot 6 months before I wouldn’t have ever done it on the shoot but I’ve started liking it with some of my newer experiences with the guy I was with.  Still not as good as regular sex but sometimes I just want it differently.  I’m mostly Swedish background but I’ve never been to Sweden.  My family moved here in Sacramento before I was born.  I do want to travel a bit and see the world some day, one day!”.
So… Below you can watch some free Chloe’s FTV photos. For more of her you should visit

This Is Cute FTV Girl Chloe:



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FTV Girl Brina: Sparky Blue Eyes (June 2012)

July 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Brina | 6,803 views

Hello, my dear readers, FTV Girls lovers. Today I have another one girl for you, freshest for today and she is a first-timer. It means that she spreading her legs exclusively for FTV Girls and especially for us. Her name is Brina, she is a sexy slim 20 y.o. girl. Her figure: 36B-24-36. Brina apparently discovered the FTV site on her own, fell in love with how it was shot, saw a lot of the tour videos, and really wanted to have her first time experience with FTV. Actually her name was Sabrina, but we actually shortened it to Brina, as a girl upcoming on FTV had the same name. Beautiful smile, energetic crystal blue eyes, and something very innocent, untainted about her. You’ll  notice it in her videos. In the FTV members area you can download 4200 Mb of Brina:
-> Public Nudity in Park
-> Masturbation to Orgasm with Toy
-> Hard butt massage
-> Video of Photo-shoot
-> Topless Jogging Scene
-> Extreme Close-ups
-> Foot Fetish
-> Hard Dildo Play
-> And even Squirting!
Enjoy the free photos of FTV Brina below. Get her sample video here.

This Is FTV Girl Brina:



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FTV Girl Madison: Blue Eyed Babyface (June 2012)

June 17th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Madison | 16,166 views

Sweet, innocent and very beautiful girl for today. Her name is Madison, she is 19 y.o. Her height: 5’2". Her measurements: 32C-24-35. Nice figure, pierced nipples. This really young-looking girl did A LOT OF lusty things for FTV Girls website. I liked her so much, saved a lot of photos on my PC and want to share them with you.
FTV Madison’s Comments:My heart was pounding and the run to the tree seemed to take forever. When I got back I just felt a rush off exhilaration and wanted to do it again! Afterwards I changed into a sexy dress and we went to a beautiful location. We were interrupted a couple different times but I don’t think anyone saw me. The photographer pulled out a purple vibrator from his pocket and gave it to me. It had a little egg shape on the end of it which definitely did the trick! I was so wet after that, I couldn’t wait for the next "challenge" which ended up being a big cucumber! We went to a beautiful and green area with a huge water fountain. To make things even better, it was right next to a big highway and every one had a clear view of us at least for a few seconds. The cucumber was really hard and I took it in all sorts of positions! :)”
In FTV Madison’s Update:
-> Public Nudity at Resorts, Parking Area
-> Public Nudity at Restaurant, Street
-> Masturbation to Orgasm with Toy
-> Hard Breast and Butt massage
-> Strong Vaginal Contractions
-> Hard Dildo Penetration
-> Water Hose Stuffing
-> Nipple Piercing Play
-> Extreme Close-ups
-> Cucumber Stuffing
-> Car Wash Scene
-> Vibraking toy
-> Foot Fetish
Total of 451 photos & 6700 Mb of HD videos. Download free photos below. Watch HD masturbation scenes in the members area.

This is FTV Teen Girl Madison:



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