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FTV Girl Cassy: Rocker Extreme (April 2012)

June 8th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Cassy | 7,923 views

Meet the FTV girl Cassy. She is 19 years old and she is actually a pornstar… Wow I didn’t expect. She has an average figure with small tits and pierced belly button. Her measurements: 34A-25-34, her height: 5’6". I can say some things about herself but let her do it by herself.
FTV Cassy:hey guys! I’m cassandra, cassy for short. :) I’m 19 years old and a thrill-seeker! 😉 i am a mutt basically..I’m french, cherokee, irish and german. I’m very passionate about music. i love to write and play music as well as listen constantly. i have favorite artisits from many genres but i listen to old school rap, funk and jazz, 80s metal, black metal, pop, and punk the most. i love to learn, I’m always reading something. i cant get enough books I’m a total bookworm! i also love to sketch and make crafts…i love to create in general. when I’m not doing any of those three things, I’m hanging out with my friends. with friends i like to go out to shows and see live music, watch movies, go see a basketball game (love bball, go knicks!) and have bonfires and cookouts. i prefer just hanging at home with friends or parties at friends houses but sometimes i like to go out and get wild ;p i love to be active. i like to swim, ski and play soccer and basketball. I’m very attracted to both men and women. i actually had sex with a woman before i ever had sex with a man. i lost my virginity as a senior in high school at 17. i don’t like manly women i love women who are girly and cute and fun. but i love men for their manly attributes, of course.”
In Cassy’s FTV update:
=> Public Nudity at the Office Area,
=> Masturbation to Orgasm with Toy,
=> Self Shoot, Shower Scene,
=> Extreme Close-ups,
=> Strong Vaginal Contractions,
=> Heavy Squirting,
=> FTV Monster Toy Deep,
=> Very Deep Fisting,
=> FTV Toy Ride.
So total you can download 4500 Mb of her HD video in the members area. Enjoy her free photos below.

This Is FTV Brunette Cassy:



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FTV Girl Harper: A Sexy Referral (June 2011)

June 5th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Harper | 7,801 views

First summer girl and most recant FTV model here and now on FTV Magic! Meet FTV Harper. She’s not a girl with slim figure and not this type of girl but there is something sweet in her face. She is 23 y.o., she has a nice soft skin. Her height: 5’7", her measurements: 36C-27-38. I am not the fan of boobs like hers. But I like the way her pussy looks. Only the large labia, nothing more. Looks like a tasty hamburger. Well… Harper has her absolutely first time experience shooting naked for FTV girls (FTV exclusive).
Some words from Harper:This is Harper here and for starters, I would say I am an outgoing, funny, sweet, easy to get along with, trust worthy kind of girl. At least that is what my friends would say about me and for the most part, I would have to agree with them. My best friend and I are trouble and other people always suggest we get our own reality show. I do admit though, I have a crazy side to me just like everyone else. That is why you are watching my first time video, my friend Teal just had her first one a few weeks ago and told me how fun and new it was so she suggested I do the same. Last minute sort of thing but everything worked out great. It was completely out of my comfort realm because I grew up with a very religious background, but I had fun with it and enjoyed myself.. a few times… I had never before this been photographed naked other than myself taking photos in the mirror. It did take me awhile to relax and I can’t say that I fully relaxed but the thrill of it is what kept me going. Before this I had never used a vibrator or a vegetable for that matter so it wasn’t ideal to do all of that for my first time on camera but if extremes like that didn’t occur, then the saying "Go big or go home" wouldn’t be used. It turned out to be a gorgeous day where we filmed so it was a lot of fun visiting all of the different sights.”
In her update: public nudity at resort, golf course; masturbation to orgasm with toy; hard breast & butt massage; dancing scene, jogging scene, yoga scene; extreme close-ups, zucchini stuffing, strong vaginal contractions. Below you can find a lot of free photos of FTV Harper. Subscribe FTV Girls and download her HD Vids.

This Is FTV Girl Harper:



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FTV Girl Amie: Russian Teen (December 2011)

June 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Amie | 12,692 views

She is pretty nice and smiley teen girl from Russia. Her name is Amie, she is only 19. But in her 19 she shoots for FTV Girls (do not miss, this is her first time experience ever). Her figure: 34B-24-35. In her FTV update: public nudity at park, mall, masturbation to orgasm with toy, ballet scene, video of photoshoot, extreme closeups, gaping, banana stuffing, foot fetish and also FISTING (that I really like in her performing lol). All this stuff recorded in HD: 376 photos & 5 Gb of video.
FTV Videographer comments:I never received Amie’s writeup, so there isn’t any comments by her for this shoot — so I’ll write more about her through the pages.  Amie is one of those rather innocent looking girls, who upon arrival from Florida was rather shy and nervous at the airport.  Considering she’s traveling from the other side of the country to a strangers’ place to do a porn shoot, 19 and rather ‘innocent’, its understandable.  After she got settled at the house, I did a little interview of her (wearing exactly what she arrived in) and did a little striptease video of photoshoot as a little warmup.  After taking her out for dinner, I wanted to see the vibrator she had brought with her.  According to her, she bought it about 6 months ago, and has been using it (3 times a week) ever since.  It really gets her off, and she’s very loud about it — I wondered if she would be doing that with parents around!  This portion of the update is somewhat of an ‘outtake’, though placed first for chronological reasons.  I didn’t make higher resolutions for the two videos below because of the low light gain settings, which means in darker conditions, the video is grainier.” .
Below you can watch & download more than 40 free photos of FTV Amie.

This Is FTV Teen Girl Amie:



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FTV Tatum: Four Firsts (March 2012)

April 15th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Tatum | 12,248 views

FTV Tatum’s comments:Hello everyone my name is Tatum! I am brand new to this industry and are having a blast so far! Being able to travel is amazing and this is a super fun "job".”
Meet the one of the freshest FTV girls Tatum… She is 22, from Seattle, a former synchronized swimmer, and more recently, a bikini model. Total first time experience shooting adult, she’s getting her feet wet with FTV. FTV Tatum is pretty slim, with small tits and… What’s with her pussy? Ahh… that’s just a piercing. She plays with her long labia (even trying to tie in a knot), with her pierced clit. Everything with great close-ups! Talking to close-ups, there is also some fisting scenes in her FTV update. Look how easy she sticks her fist in the pussy! Nice fisting scene with stretching & great close-ups so you can see even the inner side of her pussy.
Tatum’s comments: “Sticking a dildo that was bigger than my arm on the stairs of an office building and riding it was exhilarating! Also walking around the streets of suburbia butt naked was entertaining especially since I had a slight following. Two boys that go to college in Arizona saw me getting naked with some flowers then were parked on the hill I was nakedly walking up so I figured I would give them a surprise by trotting right up to their car window for a quick chat as a woman walking her dog scolded me for my public indecency, ooops…. I also experienced the rush of squirting for the first time while I massaged my clit with a vibrator that resembled a retro toothbrush.”
There is also one thing in her update: the second girl & girl-girl action. The second girl is Cassy and her update will be seen next month on FTV Girls. I should say that FTV Girls pornsite updates 4-5 times a month with great young chicks so I advice you to subscribe FTV girls… You will not regret it! 

This is FTV Tatum:

FTV Tatum


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FTV Girl Jaslene: Kentucky Cutie (March 2012)

April 4th, 2012 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Jaslene | 6,832 views

Warning! A lot of pussy close-ups in this update. Meet the new to FTV teen girl Jaslene. She is 18 years old & she has a really juicy pussy… Ohh I said about pussy again. So Jaslene… She grew up in a very small town in Kentucky. After high school, she really wanted to pursue mainstream modeling so she moved to New York City and got a few gigs but nothing big. Things didn’t pan out exactly how she was hoping so she ended up moving to Texas with some military friends of mine. After a short stay there, she moved to LA where she now lives and ended up getting into the adult industry. But this is not as interesting as her pussy and her FTV update. On videos with her:
-> Public Nudity at Resort
-> Masturbation to Orgasm with Toys
-> Massage (Hard): Breast
-> Shower Scene
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Milky Wet Juices
-> Strong Vaginal Contractions
-> Banana Stuffing
Totally 230 HQ photos & 4.5 Gb of HD video with Jaslene available for downloading in the FTV members area. Below you can get free photos.
Jaslene’s Comments:
“I am actually not a very sexual person in my personal life. I have never really masturbated either which a lot of people find strange. Doing shoots like this has helped me grow sexually in a way which I am thankful for.”

This Is Young FTV Girl Jaslene:

FTV Jaslene


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