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FTV Girl Daphne: A Real Shy Teen (Sept 2010)

January 14th, 2011 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Daphne | 9,804 views

Hello, guys. This is Daniel with fresh FTV fruit chubby teen girl Daphne. This girl is only 19 years old, but she has really big-looking boobs. Daphne’s figure: 36C-28-38. She has a full, but nice figure and a sweet face. Somehow in the past year she’s gained 20+ pounds. She is still a very pretty girl. She had a bubbly personality, but she was very shy about her body & she won’t let the FTV photographer to shoot her completely naked. So he made this shoot a shorter one, but not without you enjoying seeing how this chick masturbates, and how she likes to get off. In the members area you can see a visible strong orgasm. This is her total first time experience and she is really shy. Daphne starts with an interview and a little striptease. She was very nervous but once she has her first orgasm she is a lot more relaxed! Going to the pink room, she spreads her pussy for you, then uses a vibrator to pleasure herself. After reaching orgasm, she’s full of giggles and funny expressions. Then she shows her own vibrator and proceeds to use it on the stairs to masturbate a second time. Daphne can only be seen here, on FTV. Get her free video here. Enjoy free photos below:

This Is Chubby FTV Girl Daphne:



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FTV Girl Shyla: Homegrown Beauty (Jan 2011)

January 5th, 2011 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Shyla | 20,736 views

Meet Shyla, the new FTV Girls star! She’s been wanting to shoot with FTV Girls for the longest time but she didn’t know how to contact them. Now she is 20 & she shares her sexuality with us. She brought a lot of stuff with her and FTV seemed to do it all from the cute girl next door look to the fashion stuff, the athletic look and even the teeny girl in pigtails style.
FTV Shyla’s Comments: My parents are cool with me doing softcore porn, as my mom said ‘I’m ok with you doing this stuff as long as I don’t see a dick on your face’. Shyla likes to masturbate, and she masturbates a lot more than she has sex. She usually masturbates 3 times a day if she’s alone. She lives in a house with a girlfriend (nonsexual) of her (but I love girls). She prefers guys in the 5’7" to 5’10" range, not super tall. No big penises either. She likes it deep, but she doesn’t like it thick.
In Shyla’s FTV shot: Public Nudity in the Park, at the Office Area, on the Golf Course, at the Mall; Masturbation to Orgasm with toy; Hard Breast Massage; Dress up Scene; Anal Fingering; Banana Stuffing; Extreme Close-ups.
Below you can find free photos & free videos of Shyla. Also I advice you to visit FTV Stream website where you’ll find a lot of free online FTV videos.

This is FTV Girl Shyla:



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FTV Girl Kristin: Breaking 18 (December 2010)

January 4th, 2011 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Kristin | 19,221 views

Hello world. Here we are with the new hot FTV teen girl Kristin. She has a very nice figure with small tits: 36A-27-38. Her height: 5’7”. She has lots of amazing! photos & crazy videos in the members area. And you can see some samples right in this publication. Kristin just turned 18, she is the total first timer, but this shameless girl was shot all naked, being masturbated and even HAVING SEX with a guy. This photoshot & videos were made by contributing photographer. In her FTV shot: Kristin uses her curling iron to masturbate, rubbing her clit, masturbating with sex toys, uses a vibrator to masturbate to orgasm (with the strong vaginal contractions), takes a nice hard deep ride on the Big Ten Toy, she even tries playing anally, using her finger and a toy. Photographer made nice close-ups. Also FTV Kristin poses with a Lamborghini and two Vipers. But more nice thing is that she has POV sex with the contributing photographer. He ends up coming in her mouth, her swallowing it. Kristin is a real first timer, and FTV-only! Photos & videos below:

This is FTV Teen Girl Kristin:



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FTV Girl Miley: Keeping It Wet (November 2010)

November 16th, 2010 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Miley | 15,319 views

Hello, guys. Let me introduce you new FTV Girls star Miley. She is only 18 years old, her figure: 36C/D-27-37. She still lives with her Dad & stepmom in New York but she’s off for two weeks to travel to LA and do some modeling. She’s not your typical girly girl with little dresses and pigtails and some people think she’s a lot older. She was raised by her dad and I never knew her mom, so she was brought up to be more like his son than a daughter. She played all sorts of sports and basketball & baseball were my fav. She’d rather hang out with guys than with girls. She even watched her first porn with a guy even though he was gay. He would look at the guy and she would look at the girl.  She’s bisexual and sometimes she prefers girls even though she can’t stand some of the whiny ones. She’s more an ass person so she check girls butts and doesn’t really care about breasts even though she has large ones. Now let’s watch some of her photos. Her videos available for downloading in the members area.

This Is FTV Girl Miley:



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FTV Trisha: Giggle Girl (September 2010)

September 3rd, 2010 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Trisha | 8,980 views

Hello everybody. Most recent FTV Girls update brought nice brunette chick Trisha to us. In the members area there are a lot of masturbation & public nudity videos, 5.1 Gb of HDV available for downloading if you have an FTV membership (get it here). So.. Trisha.. she is a total first timer, was shot exclusively for FTV Girls in her 18 years old. Trisha’s figure: 34C-25-35. Her mother is Persian but Trisha was born in Minnesota but moved to Las Vegas and lived in Sin City but she wasn’t completely a sinner so to speak. She was more of a good girl but of course I loved to have fun. She said her name is energizer Bunny cause she never stop dancing no matter where she is at. On Trisha’s videos you could see: public nudity on the street, office area, sports goods store, resort, restaurant, public pool, canal; masturbation to orgasm with toy, hard breast massage, topless rollerblading (with upskirt), shower finger play, extreme close-ups, milky wet juices, strong vaginal contractions. Some of this action you could see on her sample video here and on the photos below in this post. Also below you can find screenshots of her section in the members area.

This is FTV Chick Trisha:


Trisha’s Sample FTV Photos:

102 133
139 151
161 201
207 228
229 247
248 272
253 318
258 338
330 364
359 372
365 368
389 415
420 442
507 516
518 529
457 461
447 450
540 535
550 570
555 571

Download all 370 photos from the members area.

Screenshots From Trisha’s Video Pages:

2010-09-03_162049 2010-09-03_162108 2010-09-03_162126

Download all 5.1Gb of HD videos from the members area.


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