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FTV Girl Allie: All in The Fingers (April 2011)

May 12th, 2011 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Allie | 33,254 views

FTV Allie – is a new teen model on the best solo pornsite FTV Girls. Allie is 18 years old & she has her really first time experience being naked, showing pussy close on camera, masturbating in front of videographer and doing other stuff:
-> Public Nudity at Mall & Tourist Area
-> Masturbation to Orgasm with fingers
-> Hard Breasts & Butt Massage
-> Dress up Scene, Flexibility Scenes
-> Shower Scene
-> Extreme Close-ups, Gaping 
-> Hairbrush Handle Stuffing
The best part of Allie – is her finger masturbation & her ability to multiple orgasms. When she cum she has really strong vaginal contractions. Subscribe FTV Girls & watch her HD videos. This update in facts: 294 HQ photos, 3.7 Gb of HD videos.  Below in this publication I prepared some free photos for you. Download Allie’s FTV sample video here.
FTV Allie Comments: Masturbating I do several times a week though wow I masturbated 5 times today and came 4 times! The little bullet vibrator was the best, probably because I’m not used to using them. I just use my fingers. It works every time, and I usually look at girl on girl porn when I’m masturbating.
FTV Videographer Comments: All in the fingers – is because she can get off so easily with her fingers, and she doesn’t need vibrators. She has two natural orgasms early, with visible vaginal contractions.  She has the prettiest private parts too… so some serious focus on close-ups.  Her vagina look so tiny, even up close…

This Is FTV Teen Allie:


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FTV Girl Anessa: Blessed Breasts (May 2011)

May 9th, 2011 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Anessa | 42,754 views

Hello, my dear readers & FTV Girls lovers. I’ve just seen two new teen girls in the FTV members area and want to share their photos with you. In this publication you’ll meet with the skinny teen girl Anessa. She is 18 y.o. and she looks really young with her braces. This girl have great D-size boobs. Her figure: 34D-23-34. Here is one of her application photos: pic . Anessa has her really first time experience on FTV. 316 photos &  5200 Mb of video of her available for downloading in the members area right now. It is public nudity at park, Golf Course, Restaurant, Construction. It is masturbation to orgasm with toy, it is hard breast & butt massage. Also in her shot: dancing scene, dress up scene, extreme close-ups (and she is juicy wet inside), G-spot toy using, double penetration with the glass toy (what a horny little girl!), anal play (!), fisting (near fisting), shoe heel stuffing. I liked very mush her fully-naked acrobatics.
FTV Anessa’s Comments: I masturbate a couple of times a week but if I’m having sex I prefer that. I didn’t even know how to masturbate until I got a vibrator 2 years after losing my virginity. I liked all the toys I used on this shoot. I learned to dance in high school and I took jazz and some ballet. I didn’t know I was gonna dance on video though it was embarrassing. I don’t want to see that part of the video!
FTV Videographer’s comments: She then starts fingering, and using a ‘g-spot’ toy that a member recommended. It seems to work on her, and it does make some nice ‘wet noises’ inside her.
Enjoy free photos of FTV Anessa, screenshots from her videos. Sample video you can get here.

This Is FTV Teen Girl Anessa:



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FTV Girl Tiffany: Girlfriend Of Your Dreams (2011)

April 25th, 2011 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Tiffany | 63,715 views

FTV Girls offers you 100% exclusive sexy teen girls that you will never find anywhere else. FTV Girls focuses on quality over quantity. Meet the new FTV model, pretty nice teen girl with sweet face Tiffany. She is 18 years old and she is already a pornstar, ‘Tiffany Thompson’. Tiffany is one of those girls blessed with a natural kind of beauty, and the perfect body. Leggy & sexy, she’s got a perfect firm butt, and the most amazing natural breasts with hard nipples. Her her height: 5’9", her figure: 36C-25-37. I liked this girl very much so you’ll find her free masturbation videos below in this publication. Tiffany’s update brought to us 279 professional photos & 5100 Mb of brilliant HD video including:
=> Public Nudity at park, fancy mall, resort, restaurant
=> Masturbation to orgasm with toys
=> Massage of boobs & butt
=> Acrobatics at Park
=> Shower Scene, Dressup Scene, Dancing Scene
=> Strong Vaginal Contractions (while she having orgasm)
=> Foot Fetish (she has a big size of feet)
=> Extreme Close-ups (you can see her pussy very close), Gaping
=> Cucumber Stuffing (she fucks her pussy with a cucumber)
FTV Tiffany’s comments:
“I have had to fake orgasms in my masturbation videos before FTV shot, but the videographer was persistent in making me have real ones here. I was not sure I could do this because masturbating is so private to me, but after I had my first real one (when he left the camera and left the room) the rest came much easier. I liked all the vibrators I used that day and I would probably come even faster if there was not any cameras. I came 4 times on that day and I had to say that is a lot even for me.”.

This Is Sweet FTV Teen Tiffany:



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FTV Girl Hayden: The Girly Girl (April 2011)

April 15th, 2011 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Hayden | 20,877 views

Meet the girl shot for FTV Girls in this month, Hayden. She is 18 years old and she is a teen glamour model ‘Hayden Winters’ . Her figure: 32D-24-34, natural boobs! Hayden has an adorable high-pitched voice. Inside the members area you can get all photos & FTV videos of Hayden and this is a lot of stuff: 262 HQ photos & 3600 Mb of HD video. In her shot: public nudity at resort, masturbation to orgasm with fingers, masturbation with sex toy, extreme close-ups, panty stuffing & even cucumber stuffing.
FTV Hayden’s comments: “I’d say my favorite parts were the dried peaches I snacked on and shooting in public places even though I was scared. Attempting to "panty stuff" (which I failed miserably at btw) was also a new thing for me. I did have a hard time masturbating in front of the photographer since it’s such a private thing for me (I won’t even let my boyfriend watch lol). I was a lot more comfortable at the end of the day when I got to play with myself alone like I would at home.”
So… enjoy the free photos of FTV Hayden below, watch her spreading pussy & inserting finger inside, inserting cucumber in her pussy & also just having fun naked on the grass.

This Is Busty FTV Girl Hayden:


click here to get her sample FTV video


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FTV Girl Sofia: Teen At Heart (April 2011)

April 3rd, 2011 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Sofia | 56,490 views

“What a legs!” – that’s was my first phrase when I saw this new FTV Girl. She is Sofia, 22 y.o. girl from Chicago. Her legs not just nice-looking, they are so muscular! She is a very sporty & funny girl. Sofia’s figure: 32A-25-37. Her height: 5’1". She is new to FTV but unfortunately, not new to porn. She is already a pornstar, Sofia Sutra. In her video for FTV Girls: Public Nudity in Old town Tourist Area, Resort, Park, Masturbation to Orgasm with Fingers, sex toys play, acrobatics at park, dancing scene, strong vaginal contractions, shoe heel stuffing, extreme close-ups, glass FTV Toy ride.
FTV Sofia’s Comments: “That is when I lost my virginity, at 16. Since then I have loved having sex, but right now I do not have a boyfriend. The toys were fun but I am a finger rubber! What I mean by that is that I like using only my fingers to masturbate. For whatever reason it is harder to concentrate with things vibrating even though they feel good. By the way, I have never told ANYONE about how I used to masturbate humping a pillow, so I must really like what I am doing here”. Also funny: “Well I was a skateboarder back in my early teens, and through a pipeline I had a face plant that broke my two front teeth.”.
FTV Videographer’s Comments: “Then some wide angle views of her super bubble butt, and extreme close-ups of her clitoris (nice and prominent).  Then she’s back to using her fingers for a real orgasm, and a ride on the Glass FTV Toy.  Not very deep, but sexy to to watch nonetheless.”.
So… FTV Sofia has 263 Photos & 4700 Mb of HD video in the FTV Girls members area. Below you can see free photos of Sofia and screenshots from her videos.

This Is FTV Girl Sofia:



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