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FTV Elle & Malena: Lipstick Lesbians (Feb 2012)

March 13th, 2012 | FTV Girl Elle, FTV Girl Malena | 17,736 views

Lesbian update for today. Two beauty girls, Elle & Malena was professionally shot in hot girl-girl action. They are the real life friends & today they had to lick each other pussies & stuff each other with cucumber! Nice… A lot of great photos in this update, it was hard to choose some of them for you ‘cause all of them just amazing. In the FTV members area you are able to download 8000kb/sec HD WMV Video with this action:
-> Public Nudity in Various Locations
-> Oral Sex & Nipple/Breast Play
-> Hard Cucumber Stuffing
-> Dancing, Public Display of Affection
Notice how the styles on the girls are so different. Malena prefers to be in heels pretty much all the time, while Elle is usually in more comfortable footwear.  Though Malena would seem to be the more dominant one, Elle tends to take over – even though Malena has a stronger personality on the outside, Elle is more quiet.  According to the girls, both of them haven’t had sex with a guy for over a month, and in the case of Malena she not entirely interested in men at this point. Elle does have a ‘temporary’ boyfriend, whom with they have a rather open relationship together. 
Elle’s Comments: Malena softened me up on the public nudity thing. I was really nervous the first time around when I was shooting for this website but since I’ve known Malena we are always getting ourselves into trouble at parties and clubs doing crazy things so I’m a lot more used to it now. We do shoots of each other with our IPhones and I think we should make our own girls gone wild! Our phones are loaded with videos of us flashing or toying each other in the car or anywhere we can get away with stuff. So when Malena got aggressive on me over at the mall we were shooting at I didn’t mind at all and just for the heck of it I wanted to go down on her right there on the spot. I’m the dominant one in the relationship even though it might seem otherwise, so I like to take charge especially now that we’re being videotaped together.

Meet FTV Elle & FTV Malena:


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Malena’s Comments: Heyy, back again for more shooting, and I’ve brought a friend! A lot has happened since my first shoot with FTV. Yeah, that was my very first porn shoot but I’ve done many sites including girl-girl since then. Very recently my hometown finally found out about my porn work and guess what? It was FTV that caught their attention first. In fact, my younger brother’s friend comes up to me and goes ‘hey, you’re a porn star now huh?’ and I asked him how does he know that, and he says ‘I saw you with a zucchini’ and I immediately knew it was my FTV shoot! But doing my soft-core porn is a lot more fun and better paying than when I was working as a waitress and bussing for 10 dollars an hour in my hometown. So yeah, most of my shoots have been great fun, and the FTV shoot I remembered fondly. I hadn’t seen my tour video though and now I see what all the fuss and laughter was all about! I’ve had a few rare bad shoot though. One was with the ALScan site. I would never do it again. It was degrading, and painful in every way. Elle would tell you the same thing. The hours were also really long, and they put you on the cheapest longest flight possible (from LA to Baltimore, with so many stops in-between). So I spent 2 days traveling, one day shooting, and the photographer getting angry if I couldn’t do some degrading thing right. On the other hand, Met Art, Digital Desire and FTV have been a lot of fun. I met Elle through on the set of a shoot about 4 months ago and we hit it off right away. Even better when I found out we lived in the same apartment complex!!! So we would hang out more, and we were sexually attracted to each other and do all kinds of ridiculous public displays of affection all the time. I’m bringing out her wild side she didn’t know she had.

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brian hutchison
3 years 8 months ago

Omg Elle&Malena what a pair of sexy honnies so slim and cute bodies to make love to great tits on both girls,the best photo shoot yet.