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FTV Girl Lisa: Make Me Squirt

Hey, my name is Lisa and I’m a resident of Phoenix.  I wasn’t here all my life though, I moved from Ohio a couple years back when my dad got a better job out here in construction.   My whole family is tall, 5’9" for me is pretty short compared to my dad & two brothers.   The freckles come from the Irish side of my family, and my height is from my German side.  We met up for shooting nudes several weeks ago when one of their scouts approached me and I looked into the website and decide to try it out.  I’m not shy, I’m not conservative, and I’m not a prude.  Sometimes my look gives a very innocent flavor but I’m far from it.  I’ve lived through some tough times in Ohio and know how to handle myself. 

ftv lisa

Being the minority white girl in town you had to be able to take care of yourself.  So… on to the video.  At the Laundromat near my neighborhood, the model Lia approaches me, and starts taking nudes of me on the spot.  There were several guys in there, but we ushered them out and ‘politely’ told them to come back in 15 minutes.  They kept coming back to peek though.  I’ve read enough hustler mags (thanks to my brothers collections) so I know how to pose and spread that way you guys want it.  I know guys (especially 30 something men) are always checking me out and want to fuck me, but good luck hehe.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv lisa ftv lisa
ftv lisa ftv lisa

In the FTV members area:
225 photos & 666 Mb of video
-Multiple Squirting Indoors & Out
-S&M with nipple clamps & labia
-Large Bead Stuffing
-Dressup Scenes, Interviews

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FTV Girl Emma: Redhead Nympho

Heyyy.  What a day!  My shoot was so tight.  I acted like I’m a mallgoer shopping for stuff.  Little did people know we were shooting for a pornsite!  Well… is something like this porn? I don’t think so.  Its not like I’m having sex.  Did you get to peek up my skirt like a perv?  Here’s your opportunity!  Some guys saw what happened and one guy in a fancy car sat there watching so I flashed him!  Or maybe he was on his cell phone calling the cops!  We were out of there when more ppl were watching.  I don’t want to offend anyone!  I headed over to a park.   Here I spread my legs peel my panties aside and finger fuck myself.  I look so bad-girl!  I have fun this way.


I come back to the house & get it on with my vibrator!  Its small and discreet so nobody sees it.  Very useful when I’m going to the airport!  I didnt get any time limits when I masturbate so I did it until I came twice.  I felt all wet inside and juiced up for more sex!  More more more!  Horny girls always want more.  I’m a nympho, and its why I did this shoot in the first place.

Sample FTV pictures:

113 146
322 152
219 308
316 346

You’re going to ask if my hair color is natural and of course it is! There’s no highlights or touchups its just like it is.  Guys get off on my red pubic hair!  I’m part Irish and part Hungarian, and some other good stuff.  Oh and if u’re wondering those are freckles on my pussy!  If you’re wondering even more those tattoos I got when I was 15.  I lost my virginity 2 years after that! 

In the FTV members area:
168 Photos & 1246 Mb of 2000kb/sec WMV Video
-Flashing & Upskirt at Busy Mall
-Public Nudity/Masturbation at Park 
-Masturbation to Orgasm w/toy
-Hard Breast & Butt Massage
-Glass FTV Toy Play, Multiple Orgasms