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FTV Girl Katarina: Xox from Hungary

Hi Members, excuse my english.  I write this story now because my english is better now.  When Yohanna my friend visited FTV for her video last month I wanted to come back too.  She does not live in USA but I do now.  I marry someone in USA after my first FTV shoot.  But we divorce now.  The story is very long you understand.  I am back in Arizona when it is hot and the ice drink helps me.  I get very sexy with ice and masturbate outside.  I make orgasm inside with vibrator.  I think if you watch me talk it is better.  I try bringing many sexy clothes with me and I hope you like my photos.  We make photos and videos all day.  I live in Santa Monica now so I fly back in evening.  Enjoy my photos and videos thank you!

ftv katarina

Photographer’s Comments:  I was happy to see Katarina again, and being 26, she looks just as she did on her last visit.  Nice firm figure, sexy petite form, and of course, that gorgeous face.  Big hazel eyes, sensual lips and beautiful smile.  Her coverpage picture kind of reminded me of Jennifer Lopez…. So we shot her at a FTV members’ home, while he got to watch a significant portion of the shoot, and participate in the interview, playing pool, and xbox gaming.  Watch for some milky drips before her orgasm in clip #3.  I tried getting all the erotic angles in her masturbation videos.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv katarina ftv katarina
ftv katarina ftv katarina
ftv katarina ftv katarina

In the FTV members area:
263 photos & 910 Mb of HQ video (2000 kb/sec)
-Ice Play, First Time Interview
-Masturbation to Orgasm w/toy
-Pool Play, More Masturbation
-White Lingerie & Stockings

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FTV Girl Melissa: Smooth As Silk

Hi, I finally get to write about my experience doing a video with FTV.   Looking back at the video again I see how the videographer didnt seem to know how to compensate for bright sunny light I look all washed out for the first part of this video!  My hair was much lighter back then too.  I had just turned nineteen though some people thought I looked under age.   We went to this beautiful mexican-villa style hotel and took photo and video there.  I even flashed my private parts right there in the walkway.  Then we went to a nearby part where I did some more teasing and flashing, then I ran into a thorny tree right when I was trying to walk sexy!


I took my dress off at home and brought two pairs of bikini swimwear with me.   I had a green one we ended up using for pictures, and a white one that I got to wear for my pool scene.   The way I was looking at myself I see I was really proud of my figure.  My breasts had grown quite a bit since I was seventeen, they were falling out of the bikini top.  It as almost the end of the day, so nobody was at the pool.  I realize now that even though I was shy I was willing to get naked where people could see me.  But this first day was a good warmup for me before I did the crazier stuff on camera the next day.

Sample FTV Pictures (Click To Enlarge):

ftv melissa ftv melissa ftv melissa ftv melissa
ftv melissa ftv melissa ftv melissa ftv melissa

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FTV Girl Bianca: Sunshine Girl

Hi Sweeties!  I’m Bianca, and this is my first time video.  Me and the photographer hit it off right away and had a lot of fun working together.  There was a cute girl with him too, her name is Violet and she’s a model like me!  I was shy in the beginning because I’ve never modeled in the nude outdoors like this before, standing on a wall, with cars driving by!  I still have a bit of acne, I’ve just turned 20 and its getting better but please don’t fret over it!  My big pretty brown eyes should make up for it.


We went to a hotel in the area which seems pretty deserted (lucky for us!) so I could get naked without anyone bothering us.  I don’t think I could pose nude if someone else was looking.  My ex-boyfriend would have liked to see the photos they took here because he was a photographer too and loved taking pics of me.  The assistant asked me some intimate questions and I told her the truth that I’m almost more into girls nowadays than into guys.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv_bianca_2 ftv_bianca_3
ftv_bianca_4 ftv_bianca_7 
ftv_bianca_5 ftv_bianca_6

In the FTV members area Bianca has:
152 proffesional photos & 208 mb of video
-Outdoor Public Nudity
-Multi Toy Play to Milky FTV Orgasm
-Big Ten FTV Toy/Double Penetration