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FTV Girl Amelia: Living The Dream (October 2009)

The girl I wanna meet you with is totally beautiful. Her name is Amelia and her face… She looks like a model in my opinion. But she is not a model, she wanna start the career as a marriage counselor. She is 20 years old and there is one thing that confused FTV photographer. Amelia is a virgin. I think it is normal to be virgin in 20. I know that a lot of girls lost their virginity before they turned 18 and I think Amelia is more right than those girls. Why she is a virgin? She is a Mormon and won’t have sex until she is married. Here I don’t understand her. Her religion assume to not get sex pleasure. And now she shot for FTV Girls. She masturbated using sex toys but without penetration. But she inserted fingers inside.. not very deep. Bad girl, bad Mormon lol. Amelia is a local girl, lives in Phoenix too. And FTV photographer liked her big house on top of a mountain so he decided to make all the shot there. Amelia masturbated to orgasms with toys, massaged here breasts & butt, walked all naked there and videographer made extreme closeups of her pussy. In the FTV members area you’ll find 3600 mb of her HD videos. Below you can download some pics.

This is FTV Model Amelia: 


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