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FTV Girl Addison: FTV’s Sweetheart (June 2014)

Meet the freshest FTV girl Addison, gorgeous first timer. She is the FTV girls sweetheart and exclusive. Addison has an amazing D cup natural boobs but also it seems she is a little chubby coz she doesn’t put off her dress from her belly even when she’s fully naked (like all chubby girls do). But babe got boobs! There will be not as much photos as usual and there will be one video with Addison spreading her pussy, stretching her labia, fingering her pussy & playing the sex toy! A lot of fun! Also in her update:
-> Public Nudity
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
-> Squirting
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Long Labia & Stretching
-> Glass Ball Toy
-> Nipple Stretching
-> Hairbrush Handle Stuffing
-> Veggie Stuffing
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This is the Busty FTV Girl Addison:


Addison’s comments for FTV shot: Hope you are excited to see my first time video! Making it was a blast. I discovered a lot about myself this weekend and what I like sexually and also got to try a lot of stuff I never thought I would do. I was very sheltered growing up. Lost my virginity very late almost 18! So I talk a lot about my experiences in the videos of first time experiences. The first time I ever used a toy was when I was 13 ! I made my own out of a brush ! Ha-ha. I got boobs at 12 or 13 HUGE boobs. So I got a lot of attention from boys at school and I think that made me even more horny. I remember I used to make my Barbies have sex and one time my parents walked in on it so they took my Ken doll away and let me only use girl Barbies. So I took one of the Babies hair and cut its hair short like a Ken doll so I could use it and still make them have sex with each other! Anyway so around that age 13 when I stopped playing with kids toys and started to notice all the boys staring at my big boobs at school I started to have dirty thoughts and touch myself and I noticed I was getting more and more wet. I used my fingers at first then one day I was brushing my hair before bed and I noticed that my brush might be a fun thing to use instead of my fingers! I slid it in slow VERY slow. It kind of hurt and I thought … this is what sex feels like? Then on night I discovered my clit. And the brush hurt that part. so i used my right hand and rubbed back and forth hard and even more hard and I came ! It was such a amazing tingly feeling. And you know after that I never stopped masturbating! I still masturbate at least three times a week. Sometimes I catch myself doing it every night and then I have to stop because my orgasms are much more intense when I haven’t touched myself in a few days.

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