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FTV girl Jamee: Local First Timer (October 2008)

Who is it smiley teen girl? This is new FTV girl Jamee :). She is 24 y.o., she’s working as a teacher part time, and working at a hospital as well.  She spend a lot of time at the gym, because she wants to keep the body shape she has from all the varsity sports she would do thru high school. Shooting – is a good experience for her, sort of a personal desire in the back of her mind. Well, about her masturbation video… She says: "I probably am not the best masturbator for the camera". It was too hard for her to get there with my fingers.  Still though, the vibrator was incredible, because she hadn’t used one in two years.  The orgasm that followed was beyond anything she’s experienced in a long time. Still though, she didn’t seem to satisfy…

Here is Jamee:


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