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FTV Girl Kirsten: The Teaser in Me

Hey Guys, I’m Kirsten, originally from Massachusetts now living in LA.  My video got a sassy start, with the exotic car, and the fancy mall, but really, I’m just a down-to earth girl.  I can pass for a sassy rich girl at a mall like this, just by wearing the right clothes and walking the right ways, but its all an illusion.  You guys will probably notice sometime through my videos here that I’m married, so I might as well break it to you now.  Hope it doesn’t change my desirability since I am a sexual girl, and you’d (I hope!) would think I’m hot!

ftv kirsten

I like rolling up my jeans, or capris, keeping a shirt with a lower profile showing off my cleavage (the bra helps out of course) and putting on sexy heels.  No outfit is complete without proper heels.  I’m short, so I wear heels most of the time, except when I was dating a guy who was shorter than me by one inch.  I was very nervous about showing my breasts out here, there are large building with glass windows everywhere.  I can’t see into them, but I’m sure they can see me out here as clear as day.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv kirsten ftv kirsten
ftv kirsten ftv kirsten
ftv kirsten ftv kirsten

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