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FTV Girl Kristen: The Joy of Extreme II (March 2016)

This is a second part of Kristen’s update, the girl who appeared on in the members area in this month for the first time. Here is her previous update. This time we have some more photos & videos of this sexy girl & even extreme action. So after subscribing FTV Girls you can get access to the following videos in HD quality:

IN Kristen’s Second Update:

Dress and Heels
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers,Toys
Upskirt in Public
Nipple Stretching
Peeing Scenes
Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
Anal Toys
Double Penetration
Extreme Closeups
Vagina & Anal Gaping Closeups
Anal Veggie Stuffing
FTV Monster Toy

Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

So part 2 of Kristen continues, and it starts in stark contrast to her first update. While she had the schoolgirl teen look in the first one, here we see her dressed up like a model, wearing her favorite purple dress, and some sexy heels. Believe it or not, she had just bought those heels, just for this shoot — she never wears heels. No matter, she seems to walk fine in them. She does some teases, but the focus is on her pierced nipple, where she pulls and tugs on it, then plays with her labia… all at the backside of a mountainside resort. She still had the urge to pee, and though in the previous update she wasn’t able to, I put the camera on tripod, and left the area so she wouldn’t have stage fright. Notice how her milky wet vaginal juices mix in with her peeing. She’s pretty naturally wet at this point, and has no trouble getting two cucumbers inside her, both going deep until they nearly disappear. The third takes a little more work, but she even manages to get in a fourth! She truly is extreme. Some hot gaping views from underneath, as the lighting was just right. But because of her positioning at the resort, I needed better angles to get the penetration without having her hand in the way. So we went back home, got her in a better position with her butt cropped up, and got some amazing views of her pushing those cucumbers in so deep, even with four of them! Then she tries anal, stuffing a cucumber in her butt, then pushing for double penetration until she has three in her vagina, one in her butt. Its incredible to see, and she seems to like the feeling of being ‘filled out’. Notice how the cucumber in the butt almost disappears — and I get nervous about it getting stuck, so I have her push it out before it goes too deep. Once its all done, she does some vaginal and anal gaping… Then comes her fisting video — which actually was her first time fisting (the one in the other update was her second time). We didn’t know if it would be possible, but she was the one who really wanted to try. Once the fist went in, and the shock went away, she started enjoying it. It led her to fist pumping her vagina hard and fast, with her other hand working her clit, to a strong orgasm. To me, it was one of the hottest fisting videos I’ve shot in a long while. She really truly enjoys it.

Kristen’s Free Photos:

1001 1020 1028 1044
1035 1039 1052 1060
1040 1068 1069 2033
2035 2038 2067 3003
2042 2050 2054 2059
2060 2061 2066 2071
2072 2073 2075 2081
2091 2096 2101 2085
3004 3008 3043 3056
3016 3017 3024 3028
3034 3047 3048 3053
3060 3065 3073 3075



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FTV Girl Kristen: The Joy of Extreme (March 2016)

Hi, guys. Meet FTV Girls Kristen Two updates of this girl was anounced in the members area. And today is the day when the members can watch the action of the first one. And of course I share with you some photos of this horny teen girl. Kristen is 20 years old. Her height: 5’2", her figure: 33A-23-33. Yeah, very small tits. But not only her bobs small. She has a very tiny body. Kristen is another one girl with total first time experience. But in spite of this moment she performed a lot of crazy things with her pussy in this FTV Girls update.

In Kristen’s Update:

Public Nudity
Schoolgirl Look
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers,Toys

Long Labia & Stretching
Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
Upskirt in Public
Extreme Closeups
Vagina Gaping Closeups
Multi Toy Penetration
Large Veggie Stuffing

In total you can download all her 246 photos and 78 minutes of HD video right now from the members area.


Kristen’s Comments

I believe that if you put positivity into whatever you do in life you will be happy. I believe in Karma and the power of the universe. I’m really excited about my own personal journey in discovering myself and the world around me. I consider myself a pretty open minded person. I’ve also always been a very sexual person, I’m comfortable trying out new things. I can say with no shame at all that I love to get off. Something I’ve secretly wanted to try is being tied up during sex.
I also love to hike, nature, and anything green! I grew up in California but want to travel the world in order to learn more and find a place to settle down, no rush though. I like to go where the wind takes me. Some things I can’t live without are my dog, smoothies, and my passport. I eat mostly organic foods and enjoy Mexican, Asian, and Italian food the most. But my favorite thing to eat is an Acai bowl. I love to spend my time out in nature and that includes hiking, snowboarding, and paddle boarding! Hula dancing is something that I love to do very much and I hope to live in Hawaii one day. I love cars, I love to learn more about them. My dream cars include a GTR, a Mercedes SLS, and a classic 69 Camaro SS in matte black. I love action movies and comedies, I love going to music festivals and love to dance for fun. Music is something I’m also very passionate about and I would love to learn to play guitar. Shooting with FTV included a lot of firsts for me so I hope you all enjoy!


Kristen’s Free Photos:

102 103 110 112
115 139 145 147
127 122 117 121
131 151 152 143
133 158 165 180
155 170 171 178
172 177 176 175
184 183 186 187
446 429 432 422
445 407 416 401
417 437 442 423
448 455 461 475
483 603 606 610
615 620 630 639
617 629 616 649
643 653 654 658

All this action and more recorded on video.


Download all her HD Videos