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FTV Girls Roxanna: Flowing Sensually 2 (Dec 2016)

Hello, friends. Good news for those of you who liked FTV Girls Roxanna. And of course you all liked her! Sexy brunette, horny and hot as fire with a figure of top model. FTV Girls released her second update with some great action inside the members area such as squirting, milky orgasms & peeing scene. Also in 314 photos & 110 minutes of HD video you can watch public nudity,  masturbation to orgasm with toy, dancing scene, hula hoop scene. And of course a lot of Closeups of her teen pussy.

Roxanna’s Comments

I like doing my makeup and I like doing other peoples makeup also. I like getting my nails done at the salon, getting facials, and getting massages. I recently just started picking up djing and I love it. Its something to do for fun on the side. I have a lot of friends that dj. I like cars, but I cant do American made cars. A nice car reminds me of a sexy women. I love women also. My first sexual experience with a girl is when I was eleven years old and I had a sleepover with my girlfriend Kacey. We decided to scissor each other under her bunk bed and then she went to sleep while I cleaned her room for her, I am not sure why I did but I did. My latest girl sexual experience was when I met this girl at an event called “fetish night,” and she asked me to come back to her place, so I did. Next thing I knew she pulled out this huge treasure chest full of toys and bondage gear. She tied me up, and gagged me with a gag ball. It was super hot, and it turned me on being dominated by a girl. I decided I wanted to be a submissive brat so I talked backed to her and I was punished by being whipped. I like being a dominator to both men and women. I also like to be submissive- it just depends on the type of mood I am in. I’m shooting ftvgirls because I think of it as me being a sexual introvert looking to have a fun time. I am a very sexual individual, so this is my sexual outlet. I like watching movies and T.V. My favorite T.V. shows are CSI, Ben 10, Tom and Jerry, Keeping up with the Kardashians, SpongeBob, Adventure time, Jackass, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Hannah Montana. (Yes I still watch that).

FTV Roxanna’s Free Photos:

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FTV Videographer’s Comments

So as we start the next and final part of her four-stage adventure shoot, we wanted to travel out to college town, and do a little bit of hula hooping on location. Right on a busy street corner, I let her show off her skills, expressing herself out there in front of everyone. She also puts her hair in pigtail braids, which looks really cute on her. With a little more interviewing on the street, she ends up flashing at a train station and then taking her shorts off to rub and finger herself. Yeah, it is very risky there, though more remote than the busy street. A great place to take photos though, and it ended up being on the coverage. Back at home, I finally introduce her to the Vibraking Toy, and it brings her to a squirting session, with a weaker orgasm — I find out that she prefers the Magic Wand toy, because of the greater vibrating surface it has on it. I would have done more foot fetish on her, she has pretty feet — but I ended up focusing on masturbation and the adventure shoots instead, since she was all about traveling around for the shoots. It does take a long time when you’re at over a dozen locations around town. Speaking of which, we went to a construction yard, where there was some construction equipment lying around, and she wanted to climb one. She’s wearing one of my favorite dresses she brought with her — a cute red summer dress. Since she’s wearing sandals this time and not heels, she has an easy time climbing and squatting on the seat and fingering herself. It does become more a butt show as she turns around and lets us see her finger herself from behind. Love that ass. This was still on a street, so some male drivers stopped to watch from a distance. Migrating further, we went to another construction site, and let her try the long dildo. She was doing herself nicely, and it did look sexy — but she spotted a police car drive up behind us, and we made our quick exit from the back. I saw some construction guys there, and they must have called it in. It could have been trouble, if we hadn’t left soon enough. She seemed unpassed though, and at another spot she undresses and continues her playful nature. I just remember Amber’s shoot and how that shoot got us into trouble on the construction site. We go back home, and she uses her favorite toy again, and I think this was her best orgasm yet. It starts with her getting milky wet, then doing some heavy squirting, and having some really strong orgasms with strong vaginal contractions. And when she fingers herself, you can hear how juicy she is inside. I love that sound. Good thing I had two camera angles on this one, it was definitely worth it. As the day was coming to an end, I wanted to finish off with another scene on location, and since I love that figure so much, have her parade around in lingerie and heels like a Victoria’s secret model, but right on a street where I could get some good sunset lighting. Might as well do another dance, striptease special to some music again. Though I forgot how long that song is — and that dance went a lot longer haha. Once the sun set behind the mountain, my colors were lost, and the video gets more ‘blah’, so we moved to another spot for her goodbyes. The last clip has outtakes, some when we were in the car with her bra/panties that I didn’t like too much because of the exposure, and some of her playing VR behind the scenes, and of course, her doing her essay above and talking a little more about herself. She is so cute without makeup, a true natural beauty. And so ends this adventure super shoot — she’s really into girls, so I’m hoping for a return shoot where she gets busy with one…

FTV Roxanna’s Screenshots from Videos:

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FTV Girls Roxanna: Flowing Sensually (December 2016)

Roxanna – is a fresh FTV Girls model, young & slim teen. She is very fun, open personality with a charisma. She also very beautiful and horny. FTV Roxanna is 5’9″ tall, her figure: 35A-25-36. Roxanna likes to does outdoor things such as canoeing, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, and camping. And very likes animals. Roxanna has some talents which you can see on free photos below: she is very flexible, plays with hula hoop, performs naked yoga. But this is her FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE: she has never shot any adult before, nor has she been in front of a camera. In her update:

Public Nudity
Upskirt in Public
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys
Dancing Scene
Extreme Closeups
Vagina Gaping Closeups
Milky Orgasm
Peeing Scene
Strong Orgasmic Contractions

In total 274 photos & 94 minutes of HD video of Roxanna can be downloaded from the members area.

Free Photos of FTV Roxanna:

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Screenshots from all videos of FTV Girls Roxanna:

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