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FTV Girl Stephanie: Bringing Us The Summer

I think I’m a cute girl, not a gorgeous one maybe, but cute enough to be on this website! I’ve come down from Seattle, where its still raining and cold 🙁 I love it here in Phoenix, and I have an aunt in Tuscon. I won’t get to see her on this trip but I’ve got to get back to classes on Monday. So just here for the weekend! I was VERY excited about this shoot. I’ve heard so much about FTV and I wanted to ‘debut’ on this site. But then they told me that my stuff won’t appear until June! I’m writing this note on February 12th, two days before valentines’ day! Well I’ll probably have done a lot more modeling jobs by the time you read this 😛 I actually did this before valentine’s day because I want to surprise my boyfriend with some sexy nude photos of me and a video for him to watch. Its sort of his fantasy for this to come true. We’ve been together since I lost my virginity at 19, so its been over 3 years now. Before that I had angelic thoughts of no sex before marriage and stuff. Well my attitude has changed a lot since then. Obviously I’m not all innocent if I’m doing this now. I don’t see anything wrong with nudity though 🙂


The photographer was very friendly and easy going about letting me do what I needed to get ready, and was never pressuring thru the shoot. I masturbate in personal life, and I usually do it with my fingers. I have a better time and a better orgasm with my fingers 🙂 Usually I start on my back, then when I’m close to orgasm I move to my stomach and then I’m done. The first time I made it without doing it on my stomach. The bed was really comfy and the mirror up top was totally different! Personally I’d love to have sex on this bed with my boyfriend so I could watch myself in the mirror! My orgasms are strong and make my whole body tighten up. Its almost like a good legs and abs work 🙂

Sample FTV Pics:

001 002
003 004
005 006
007 008
009 010
011 012
013 014

Sample FTV Low Quality Video: 


8000kb/sec HD WMV Video in the Members Area
-Shower, Dressup, Shaving, Makeup
-Flashing Outdoors, Public Nudity
-Masturbation to Orgasm w/fingers
-Zucchini Stuffing, Pen Stuffing
-Lingerie & Heels, Pink Toy
-Grocery Flashing, Yoga Indoors