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FTV Girl Sonya: Xtra Red (HD Video)

Hey, it Sonya (no relation to Red Sonya though).  My natural hair color is really an auburn blonde/brown type and more curly but I straightened my hair for the shoot.  I like my hair red now because my pussy hair is sort of red too.  It also accentuates my blue eyes.  Makes them really stand out.  I’m a local girl who lives in Phoenix, but I’m originally from Kentucky.  I sort of got stuck here thru college and I’ve stayed here ever since.  I’m not very big on the hot weather but its nice this time of year.

ftv sonya

I’ve been dating this guy who has been my boyfriend for a year now, and he doesn’t mind that I’m doing this shoot.  He’s sort of a voyeur and he’s also 15 years older than me.  He will get off on seeing me here.  We like the rough sex and we also enjoy it extreme as you’d call it on this site.  He’s even fisted me once.  I started the whole fisting experience when I kept trying bigger and bigger toys until I finally tried fisting.  My boyfriend before this one had a really small weiner so sort of in a backwards way it led to me fisting myself. 

Her Sample FTV Pictures:

ftv_sonya_2 ftv_sonya_3 ftv_sonya_4 ftv_sonya_5
ftv_sonya_6 ftv_sonya_7 ftv_sonya_8 ftv_sonya_9
ftv_sonya_10 ftv_sonya_11 ftv_sonya_12 ftv_sonya_13
ftv_sonya_14 ftv_sonya_15 ftv_sonya_16 ftv_sonya_17

Its not an experience I do all the time but if I’m drunk it does go better.  I’ve climaxed by fisting myself before.  I’ve been masturbating since I was very young, my clit has always been active and sensitive.  Just fingers have been enough for 15 years of my life!  I was excited and a little nervous rubbing my clit on camera but I got off and I almost did get off on the steps at the hotel there. 

Screenshots from her HD FTV Videos:

ftv_sonya_18 ftv_sonya_19 ftv_sonya_20 ftv_sonya_21
ftv_sonya_22 ftv_sonya_23 ftv_sonya_24 ftv_sonya_25
ftv_sonya_26 ftv_sonya_27 ftv_sonya_28 ftv_sonya_29
ftv_sonya_30 ftv_sonya_31 ftv_sonya_32 ftv_sonya_33
ftv_sonya_34 ftv_sonya_35 ftv_sonya_36 ftv_sonya_37
ftv_sonya_38 ftv_sonya_39 ftv_sonya_40 ftv_sonya_43

The photographer called me an ‘intellectual’, maybe because I started talking politics to him from the start, and because I don’t watch TV or do celebrity watching and so on.  I told him that I really don’t like living in the US anymore because of all the dumbing down of our society.  I’ve really been thinking of living in New Zealand (Auckland) for so many reasons I won’t bother listing here.

In the FTV members area you can download
4600 Mb of 8000kb/sec HD Video
– Outdoor Public Nudity & Flashing
– Masturbation to Orgasm w/Fingers
– Fisting, Deep Spreading
– Hard Breast & Butt Massage
– Glass FTV Toy, Pink Toy Play
– Zucchini, Two Limes Stuffed

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  1. I can hardly wait to sign up to see more of Sonya. She is beautiful, sexy, and explosively EXCITING!!!

  2. I like her very much,i like girlfriend in this sort

  3. Sonya is a cool FTV girl. I like her 🙂

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