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FTV Haley & Hayden: True Twins (June 2010)

FTV Girls website has been updated several times since my last post here, on FTV Magic. And now I gonna decide photos of which girl to share here. Let it be two girls, real life sisters. Meet the girls: Haley & Hayden. They are twins, but differ from each other because Hayden has bright hair color and fuller figure & Haley has the dark hair & lots of tattoos. Here are their application photos: Haley & Hayden. As for me, I like Hayden more. They both real first timers, didn’t shot nude before. And today they are going to masturbate. Incredibly, they end up having their orgasms as the exact same time, and with some really nice, visible orgasms. In girls’ update: dress up scene & change room scene, masturbation to orgasm with sex toys, video of photo shoot, public nudity at mall & grocery, breast massage & nipple play, fisting!, extreme close-ups, foot fetish, cucumbers stuffing.

FTV Girls Haley & Hayden:


Haley & Hayden’s Sample FTV Photos:
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103 119
120 130
140 157
147 149
151 162
159 161
210 229
223 234
245 249
250 253
252 264
254 258
350 411
329 353
354 413
418 420
424 426
432 461
439 447
449 455

253 Photos, 4700 Mb Video Added

Screenshots From Girls’ Videos:

2010-06-18_120431 2010-06-18_120455

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18 thoughts on “FTV Haley & Hayden: True Twins (June 2010)

  1. truley sexy twins.
    great pix

  2. i just came

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