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FTV Girl Kymberly: Sophisticated Teen

Hey hot stuff, I’m Kymberly, and I’m happy to be on this site to shoot my first masturbation video :)  I’m 19, but everyone says I’m more mature for my age, so I tend to date guys a lot older than me.  I had to break up with my last boyfriend when I moved out of Florida, and he was 32.  He was in the Air Force.  I moved to Phoenix around thanksgiving and love it here because its not as humid!  I miss my friends back in FL though.  I browse the internet, I have myspace, and I have friends who’ve done porn so I wanted to dive right into it!  I looked up ftvgirls, because they’re local here and I sent some pics and got an interview.  Beautiful house.  I think I surprised the photographer with my sexuality because he said that he’s never seen someone so comfy with all of it. 

ftv kymberly

Sure, I love it, and I think I love the thought of so many guys watching me here.  I’d probably done it even sooner if it was legal to get naked at sixteen.  I masturbate every day and I love to keep my clit stimulated for hours!  I don’t think the photographer knew I was going to do it for so long :)  Sure, I was a little nervous.  But when you’re clit is on fire, nothing else matters.  I didn’t even think about the camera.  I just went along with what I always do when I’m at home.  I don’t live with my parents, I have a roomate, so I can masturbate in my room without worrying that my parents would listen in on me.  Toys make noises you know :)  Its kind of fun to have toys to pick from and I picked the strongest one, then I tried a second one and wanted to use a third one but I think the photographer had enough of the interview. I managed to get away with 3 orgasms with his two toys.  And why not?  Its freakin’ fun.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv kymberly ftv kymberly ftv kymberly ftv kymberly
ftv kymberly ftv kymberly ftv kymberly ftv kymberly

In the FTV members area:
312 photos & 1688 Mb of HQ video ( 2000 kb/sec)
-Long Masturbation to Orgasm w/Toy
-Sexy Lingerie/Panty Stuffing
-Classy/Dressy, Sexy Heels, Upskirt
-Dance/Flexible to Music
-Big Ten Toy, Attempted Fisting

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FTV Girl Jenaveve: Every Man’s Fantasy

Hey guys my name is Jenaveve (not my real name though, just for my modeling).  If my parents knew what I was doing, they wouldn’t like it at all!  They’re very conservative.  My fathers’ side is Mexican, but Aztec background.  That’s why I have the slanted eyes, some people think I’m asian.  I discovered the ftvgirls website on the net when I was browsing for porn (yeah!) and liked its presentation so I sent them an email to model.  This is how I usually dress, simple flipflops, a skirt, and a shirt without any bra.  I do keep panties on though, just for this video I have it off.  My breasts look real, that’s what people tell me, but they are implants.  They are very squeezable and fun to play with, don’t you think?  We took pictures out on a clear sunny day (February in Phoenix is perfect weather, about 75 degrees, so not to hot and not too cold for what I’m wearing).

ftv jenaveve

Its true that I can have many orgasms in just minutes, I told that to the videographer.  So I played with myself and teased my body for a while to get into it, and not to come too quickly and tire myself out.  I can use fingers to masturbate but a vibrator is better, I don’t have any at home so I borrowed one from the videographer.  I prefer the egg kind the best, and it doesn’t have to vibrate just on the clit directly, close to it is enough to arouse my pussy.  My nipples are sensitive, and even more since I got my implants (don’t know why exactly, but it is great for guys who like my breasts, they’ll suck on them and play with them, and I’ll enjoy it).  I came four or maybe five times, the first is the hardest to come to, but the rest flow as long as I’m still in the mood, and boy was I horny today!  We aren’t done masturbating yet!

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv jenaveve ftv jenaveve
ftv jenaveve ftv jenaveve
ftv jenaveve ftv jenaveve

In the FTV members area:
216 photos & 408 Mb of video
-Big Ten Toy Masturbation/Orgasm
-Hard Breast Massage/Foot Fetish
-Pool Masturbation/Flashing

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FTV Girl Mandy: A Little Playful

Hi guys, I’m writing this thru e-mail to talk about my experience with FTV, or more specifically about my shoot with Rob.  Back about 6 weeks ago, I saw some of his photography on a modeling website, and then followed the link to the website.  I didn’t realize at first that it was more than photography, like masturbating, toys and kinkier stuff, but I bookmarked the site and came back to it once in a while to check out the new models & updates.  Finally I contacted Rob, and he invited me to Phoenix to shoot. 

ftv mandy

I’ve done lots of regular, bikini and nude photography before, but nothing so explicit or video-like.  The kinky and rebel side of me wanted me to try this out, and you’ll see that I’m a very sexual person, and get off by masturbation very easily.  Today I brought with me a very big bag of clothes, I had an idea of what the photographer wanted, but took no chances, and brought dresses, casual, bikinis, skirts, pants, lingerie and more.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv mandy ftv mandy
ftv mandy ftv mandy
ftv mandy ftv mandy
ftv mandy ftv mandy

In the FTV members area:
169 photos & 895 Mb video
-Public Nudity/Upskirt
-Masturbation to Orgasm w/toy
-Schoolgirl Masturbation
-Hard Breast/Butt Massage

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FTV Girl Jocylnn: Georgia Runaway

Jocylnn comes from Georgia (in some suburb near Atlanta).  She contacted me via email, submitted a bunch of photos taken around her high school graduation about a year ago. I had to have her come down for an FTV shoot.  Little did I know that she was planning to come down to California anyways.  She lite rally ‘ran away’ from home (I’m not sure why) to move away from family and a state which she called ‘a dead end’.  So here she is, somewhat shy, but all for masturbating on camera.  No offence, but it seems like she’s gained a little weight since those photos, but she is very cute nonetheless. 


Best of all, she has the sweetest, most genuine personality.  Very warm and friendly both on and off camera.  The sort of girl you want to kiss and cuddle with.   There was a turn of events that changed our shoot plan a bit — when she arrived at the Phoenix airport, one of her bags was missing (which had all her heels and some of her hair & makeup material) so she was sort of upset and to the point of tears.  So we spent a good part of the morning at the ‘lost baggage’ department, which sucks for me, because it cuts into my shoot time.  We ended up without that bag, so that is why you see her barefoot in the entire shoot.  Well… many of you guys prefer girls bare feet, so it works out. 

Some Sample FTV Pictures:

ftv_jocylnn_2 ftv_jocylnn_3
ftv_jocylnn_4 ftv_jocylnn_5
ftv_jocylnn_6 ftv_jocylnn_8 

The second bit of trouble came when my main camera was damaged en route, so I had to use an older, ‘crappier’ 1st generation digital camera.  The location I was shooting at was beautiful, so its too bad I could not take advantage of it more photographically.  But in the end, there were pleasant surprises to come out of Jocylnn.  Even though she was shy from the start, she was quite amazing when she was masturbating.  She had two strong orgasms, and it seemed to me like she was releasing a lot of built up tension.  By her 3rd climax in the next video, you can see how much more relaxed she is.  I truly believe that sex & orgasms is good for the mind and body… don’t you?  She was very shy about the whole public nudity, but I got her to reveal her nips both at the restaurant and the parking lot.

On the FTV paysite you can find:
-FTV Masturbation to Orgasm w/Toy
-Minor Flashing at Restaurant
-Breast & Butt Massage, FTV Closeups
-Dressup Scene, Second FTV Orgasm

2000kb/sec FTV HQ Video:
Two Orgasms
Masturbate Easy
Unique Proffecional FTVgirls photos:
Barefoot Dress
Cute Attire

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FTV Girl Lindsay: Sexual Energy

Well… to make a long story short, I knew Lia for 2 years through work, and I discovered by accident that she has her own nude website, and all about the ftvgirls website.  When Lia finally explained what she was doing, and how her life had changed dramatically with the nude website experience, I was intrigued and I wanted to do it too.  First she was quite resistant about introducing me to the photographer, but she finally set us up, and here I am!  I’ve never modeled before, mainstream or nude.  But I’m very sexual and I’ve always wanted to do something like this, I just needed a good lead.  My body isn’t voluptuous like Lia’s but its very athletic.  I’m always training, jogging, going to the gym and hiking.

ftv lindsay

I’ve been very sexual since I was very young, I wont say how young but it all started with experimenting and discovering that orgasms are the most wonderful thing a woman can experience.  I love gyrating my hips to my hand, I’d do the same thing if I’m on top of a guy.  They have a big box of different kinds of toys and vibrators, and I liked this large sparkly vibrating one which had the right fit for me.  What was the pillow for?  Well since I started to masturbate when I was young, I would use my pillow to rub myself, and now when I want to come it helps make it happen.  Just a habit I guess.  I lost myself into masturbating and the camera wasn’t distracting anymore.  I came once, and I felt like I needed one more since they usually come together and so I came a second time.  You see how wet I get?  My juices can sometimes wet my bed.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv_lindsay_4 ftv_lindsay_5
ftv_lindsay_2 ftv_lindsay_9
ftv_lindsay_6 ftv_lindsay_7

In the FTV members area:
215 photos & 476 Mb of video
-Dressup Scene/Video of Photo
-Hard Masturbation to wet Orgasm
-Anal Fingering/Long Blue Toy
-Masturbation Hike/Shower Scene
-Bathtub Masturbation/Squirt