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FTV Girl Renna: Italian Goddess

So Renna returns with her beauty and sexiness intact hehe.  She contacted me by phone about 1 month ago, that she wanted to return for a second shoot if I’m ok with it.  Well, she was popular enough, and so invited her back from Florida.  She’s dating a director involved with another adult site right now and doing pretty well for herself.  She wanted to do a single girl website, and asked me if I would do one, but with Alison & Lia’s websites I have my hands full.  Also being picky as I am, I think she’s gained just a bit of weight, which makes it more difficult to shoot in bikinis, full nudes, etc… 


Very sweet girl in person, sharp, personable and intelligent, she’s not your normal ‘porn girl’.  Definitely sexual, and from what it seemed to me, she was wet all the time.  While rubbing herself for example, she would stick a finger over her ‘pink’ while spreading, and the juices she would pick up from there she would use as lube to rub her clit.  Even with the big blue vibrator, she didn’t need any lube.   She really enjoyed that blue vibrator the last time, and so why not use it again… whatever it takes to make her orgasm. 

Some Sample FTV Pictures:

ftv_renna_2 ftv_renna_3
ftv_renna_4 ftv_renna_5
ftv_renna_6 ftv_renna_7
ftv_renna_8 ftv_renna_9

Sample FTV Videos: First & Second

She also takes it deep, which is nice to see.  The ribbing on the toy looks hot as it pulls out of her.  Got the closeups as well, as long labia wrap around the toy on pullout.  She had brought quite a few corsets with her, and she told me that she had lost a lot of her wardrobe before; this was all new stuff she had bought for her shoot.  I had her try some on, in the mirrored closet, which allowed for some good angles (though tough to keep myself out of the picture).  The red corset was my favorite, probably because of the way it would work her cleavage.  Then with some baby oil, I had her give herself a hard breast & butt massage.  I love her breasts, and got many angles/views of them along with her perfect erect nipples.

On the FTV paysite you can find:
-FTV Masturbation to Orgasm w/Toy
-Deep FTVToy Penetration/ FTV Closeups (like on this screenshot
-Lingerie Dressup Scene & Full Fisting
-Hard Breast & Butt Massage, Shower
-Stuffing Hair Curler Like Toy

8000kb/sec FTV HD Video:
Welcome Back
First Extreme

Unique Proffecional FTV Photos:
White Princess
Finger When Wet
Shower Sex

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FTV Girl Miko: FTV by Lia

Lia’s Comments:  Last minute Rob had to take care of a little traffic ticket and go to court. So I stepped in to help shoot this hot little handful Miko. Who flew in from California. I knew the moment I met her at the airport we were going to have a "girly" fun shoot.  After getting to the FTV house and trying to decide what to wear, I thought, hey nothing girls love better than shopping and we were off to the mall.  After picking out a few hot little numbers we ducked into a dressing room where the only hot little number was Miko!

ftv miko 1

With store ladies coming by what seemed to be every  20 seconds I thought we might get busted but there was no way I was going to disturb Mikos good time with her fingers lol.  After a little finger action and a new dress I want to show Miko this cool  mural on the way home for the troops. She was in such a good mood we cranked the music in my car and she let loose showing me her sexy dance moves. Then we were starting to get hungry stopping by a local sub shop to grab some food and head back to the FTV house where I decided to get to know a little more  about Miko’s personal life back in California. As well as some of her sexual habits.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv miko 2

ftv miko 3

ftv miko 4

ftv miko 5

ftv miko 6

ftv miko 7

ftv miko 8

ftv miko 9

In the FTV members area:
127 photos & 1463 Mb of video
-Changing in FTV Mall Dressing Room
-Lia’s Shoot, Masturbation w/Toy
-Play in Bathtub, Massage

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FTV Girl Lindsay: Sexual Energy

Well… to make a long story short, I knew Lia for 2 years through work, and I discovered by accident that she has her own nude website, and all about the ftvgirls website.  When Lia finally explained what she was doing, and how her life had changed dramatically with the nude website experience, I was intrigued and I wanted to do it too.  First she was quite resistant about introducing me to the photographer, but she finally set us up, and here I am!  I’ve never modeled before, mainstream or nude.  But I’m very sexual and I’ve always wanted to do something like this, I just needed a good lead.  My body isn’t voluptuous like Lia’s but its very athletic.  I’m always training, jogging, going to the gym and hiking.

ftv lindsay

I’ve been very sexual since I was very young, I wont say how young but it all started with experimenting and discovering that orgasms are the most wonderful thing a woman can experience.  I love gyrating my hips to my hand, I’d do the same thing if I’m on top of a guy.  They have a big box of different kinds of toys and vibrators, and I liked this large sparkly vibrating one which had the right fit for me.  What was the pillow for?  Well since I started to masturbate when I was young, I would use my pillow to rub myself, and now when I want to come it helps make it happen.  Just a habit I guess.  I lost myself into masturbating and the camera wasn’t distracting anymore.  I came once, and I felt like I needed one more since they usually come together and so I came a second time.  You see how wet I get?  My juices can sometimes wet my bed.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv_lindsay_4 ftv_lindsay_5
ftv_lindsay_2 ftv_lindsay_9
ftv_lindsay_6 ftv_lindsay_7

In the FTV members area:
215 photos & 476 Mb of video
-Dressup Scene/Video of Photo
-Hard Masturbation to wet Orgasm
-Anal Fingering/Long Blue Toy
-Masturbation Hike/Shower Scene
-Bathtub Masturbation/Squirt