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FTV Girl Christine: Shy Beauty

Same thing, in private, with the camera placed low on the bed.  She uses a vibrator for quite a while until she has an orgasm.  I also get some extreme closeups and gaping shots of her private parts.  At 13:20 or so you can see her strong orgasmic contractions on clip 3 (indeed… a long video… but we want real orgasms).  After she had her orgasm, I did some photos of her using her toy, and noticed her juicy buildup, so I started videotaping it, and caught some of it in clip 4.  On clip 5 I did the ‘voyeur’ thing and videotaped her when she wasn’t paying attention; its always funny when girls try to sing to their music.  Clip 6 is a rather different sort of update, with her traveling with me and my car club on the Arizona roads.  The other members had no clue that she was flashing away, all the better since the wives that tagged along wouldn’t like it much.  Some cool exotics on this event.  Sorry about the shaky in-car video, Christine is videotaping it while I drive.  In the end, it was fun experience for her, and she left with a lot to tell her friends about.

 ftv christine

On the second day, she spent most of it seeing friends and shopping for clothes — then she returned to do a masturbation shoot.  She preferred to do it in private, without me around, so she could have a real, strong ftv orgasm.  Its a long ftv masturbation video, but with a lot of strong contractions throughout, to her orgasm finish.   I had to put the camera on a tripod, and as the day grew darker, so did the video.  In the evening I took her out for dinner, and we did some video in the general area … to help you see what she looks like/wears on a night out on the town.  Some flashing here and there, then she strips down and rubs herself at the parking lot… in the car.  Some butt naked walking in heels.  A few people in their cars just sat and watched.

Her sample ftv masturbation videos: first & second.

Some photos:

ftv christine ftv christine ftv christine ftv christine

8000kb/sec HD WMV Video in the FTV members area
-Full Nudes on Street, Nightlife
-Panty Stuffing, Shoe Heel Play
-FTV Masturbation to Orgasm w/Toy
-Public Nudity/Flashing at Park
-FTV Masturbation in Parking Lot

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FTV Girl Bianca: Sunshine Girl

Hi Sweeties!  I’m Bianca, and this is my first time video.  Me and the photographer hit it off right away and had a lot of fun working together.  There was a cute girl with him too, her name is Violet and she’s a model like me!  I was shy in the beginning because I’ve never modeled in the nude outdoors like this before, standing on a wall, with cars driving by!  I still have a bit of acne, I’ve just turned 20 and its getting better but please don’t fret over it!  My big pretty brown eyes should make up for it.


We went to a hotel in the area which seems pretty deserted (lucky for us!) so I could get naked without anyone bothering us.  I don’t think I could pose nude if someone else was looking.  My ex-boyfriend would have liked to see the photos they took here because he was a photographer too and loved taking pics of me.  The assistant asked me some intimate questions and I told her the truth that I’m almost more into girls nowadays than into guys.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv_bianca_2 ftv_bianca_3
ftv_bianca_4 ftv_bianca_7 
ftv_bianca_5 ftv_bianca_6

In the FTV members area Bianca has:
152 proffesional photos & 208 mb of video
-Outdoor Public Nudity
-Multi Toy Play to Milky FTV Orgasm
-Big Ten FTV Toy/Double Penetration

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FTV Girl Alex: First Time 18 (March 2007)

About I am so excited about this experience! Is so that to tell! I like to become naked and even have made some films with my friends in the past. Now I am legal, and I can make it for real! I grumbled Kristina all the month long about reception, it adjusted, and it has told to me, that I cannot make any interview even, while to me not 18. I wished to receive pictures and video as, it has made also I wish to have many guys, observe, that I become naked. You reach to see not only my tits, but also mine ass also!


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