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FTV Girl Gianna: Need for SEX

Hi guys, this is my first break into nude modeling and video, and I live here in Arizona.  I’ve always wanted to do porn, but not the hardcore sex side of it, at least not with any stranger I just meet.  This website was a perfect start for me, where I don’t have to have sex with anyone.  I’ve taken tons of nude photos with amateur photographers before but this is my first professional shoot.   I really enjoyed the results.  I’m skinny and petite, guys usually comment about my blue eyes and my firm boobs that are a handful, not too big, not too small.  When they have sex with me, they like my ass and the way I can stretch out.  They didn’t tell me to shave my pubic hair, but I did it anyways, I felt it would look better in nude photos.


What I’m wearing today is how I always dress, casual, no bra, short skirt or short jeans.  Looks like the photographer liked what he saw and let me wear what I came in with.  I did bring some sexy stuff to shoot with later.  I walked in the back yard, and the videographer took over (he’s the silent, intent type) and he videotaped my eyes, and then moved down my body and got closeups of my breasts and ass.  It was all to get me in the mood for my masturbation video.

Sample FTV pictures:

ftv gianna

ftv gianna

ftv gianna

ftv gianna

ftv gianna

ftv gianna

ftv gianna

ftv gianna

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177 photos & 285 Mb of  video
-Video of Photoshoot
-Masturbation to Orgasm w/toy
-Striptease & Flexibility

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FTV Girl Hanna: Foreign Exchange

A guest photographer submitted this shoot to us, it was not taken by the FTV team.  Hanna is from Hungary, and you see her walking the streets, then going upstairs to undress from her casual clothes.  She tries on several sexy outfits after she comes out of her jeans.



Sample FTV pictures:









In the FTV members area:
318 Photos & 462 Mb of WMV Video
-Masturbation with Toy
-FTV Dressup Scene, FTV Kitchen Scene
-Shower & Masturbation w/glass toy

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FTV Girl Emma: Redhead Nympho

Heyyy.  What a day!  My shoot was so tight.  I acted like I’m a mallgoer shopping for stuff.  Little did people know we were shooting for a pornsite!  Well… is something like this porn? I don’t think so.  Its not like I’m having sex.  Did you get to peek up my skirt like a perv?  Here’s your opportunity!  Some guys saw what happened and one guy in a fancy car sat there watching so I flashed him!  Or maybe he was on his cell phone calling the cops!  We were out of there when more ppl were watching.  I don’t want to offend anyone!  I headed over to a park.   Here I spread my legs peel my panties aside and finger fuck myself.  I look so bad-girl!  I have fun this way.


I come back to the house & get it on with my vibrator!  Its small and discreet so nobody sees it.  Very useful when I’m going to the airport!  I didnt get any time limits when I masturbate so I did it until I came twice.  I felt all wet inside and juiced up for more sex!  More more more!  Horny girls always want more.  I’m a nympho, and its why I did this shoot in the first place.

Sample FTV pictures:

113 146
322 152
219 308
316 346

You’re going to ask if my hair color is natural and of course it is! There’s no highlights or touchups its just like it is.  Guys get off on my red pubic hair!  I’m part Irish and part Hungarian, and some other good stuff.  Oh and if u’re wondering those are freckles on my pussy!  If you’re wondering even more those tattoos I got when I was 15.  I lost my virginity 2 years after that! 

In the FTV members area:
168 Photos & 1246 Mb of 2000kb/sec WMV Video
-Flashing & Upskirt at Busy Mall
-Public Nudity/Masturbation at Park 
-Masturbation to Orgasm w/toy
-Hard Breast & Butt Massage
-Glass FTV Toy Play, Multiple Orgasms

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FTV Girl Celine: Elegant Sexuality Girl

Hi, its great to be back, and its great to see the handsome muscular photographer too.  I’d date him if he wasn’t married!  But lets focus here.  Its definitely a hot day today, but there’s a nice breeze going on, and I’m wearing a short skirt with no panties, helps let the air go through!  I had to watch out for the wind, or it might push up my skirt.  I’d usually be wearing panties, but the whole outfit is what I’d wear normally, things that work in a classy way, and show of my best assets (my legs, my breasts).  Anyways, I’m happy to be here again, and I’m a little less bashful about getting naked on an outdoor location, or masturbating in front of the camera.


I was excited to see the photographer’s new Mercedes, but I got so see a courtesy vehicle instead, supposedly his car was at the dealer getting a radar detector installed.  But it all turned out good anyways, my look fits black.  Now this is the mall’s parking area (more in the back area) so I was nervous the whole time, and so it took me a while to orgasm.  I kept getting close, but my anxiety kept taking over.  It looked sexy on video, the photographer knows how to shoot it.  I got wet playing with myself, its the penetration feeling that works best on me.  So yes, I like a ‘good fuck’.  I came two other times that day, and it got better and better.

Sample FTV pictures:







I’m totally fluent in French, so it was the photographer’s idea that I’d get all close and personal with the camera, and masturbate directly & intimately with you, the viewer!  All the while I’m speaking french.  It worked so good for me that my orgasm was much better than the last one in the car.  But I was just warming up.  The later it gets, the more sexual I get, and I’m just starting to get super-comfortable with the photographer.  It was about 3 hours later, after we did some other things, when I dressed up in sexy black lingerie & heels, and got it sexy watching a few videos from the FTV site. 

In the FTV members area: 
179 Photos & 1054 Mb of 2000kb/sec WMV Video
-Public Nudity at Mall, Upskirt
-Masturbation to Orgasm in Car
-Pink Room Extreme Closeups
-Hard Breast Massage, Shower
-Multiple Masturbations, Toys

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FTV Girl Tera: A Gorgeous Extreme

When I saw her in the blue dress & heels, I had to do a fashion-based shoot on her there.  Though she can pull the teen look, I think she looks much hotter in this more ‘sophisticated’ style.  Maybe its me, but I think its hot when a girl looks like she’s posing for a fashion set, but then a nipple pops out from a low cut dress, a slight peek between her legs from her sitting down, no panties, etc.  Her legs look so sexy in those heels, and that gorgeous exotic face of hers is quite seductive with her staring at you.  What better than to start with her fingering herself on the stairs, and slowly move to four fingers, going into potential extreme territory.  Here’s where we started talking about her trying out extreme. 


She likes larger penises, and said she is capable of using my larger toys.  I wanted to try her on the most extreme, fisting first, and going down from there.  So on to the couch, a perfect setting for her attempt, she tries fisting for the first time.  Her angles initially were from the front, but her reach made it difficult to go all the way in.  Once she lifted her hips up, she was able to do a full fist, and go past her knuckles.  It wasn’t painful for her, and she seemed to enjoy the first time experience.  Her wrists get tired from that angle, and she moves to fingering and rubbing her clit once again.  Hot angles of the fisting with you being able to see her vagina expand as it comes in and out.

Some Sample FTV Photos:

002 005
007 008

Then after taking a break, she gives us the pleasure of checking out her private parts up close.  She has that clitoral piercing, so I took extreme closeups of the barbell and her clitoris, her playing an pulling on them, then talking about her piercing experience at 18.  We then move to her already stretched out vagina, for some super wide spreads and deep inside views.  Her labia are all swollen as she plays with them.  Make sure you check out the photos with the macro lens if you’re into the super extreme details.

Her sample FTV videos: first & second.

A lot of you are dying to see some extreme ‘veggie’ action on HD, well your wish comes true here.  Once again she wears a very sexy dress & heels, show off her figure while washing the lemons & zucchini.  Then she picks out a zucchini, and starts pushing it in her, taking it as deep as she can go.  Why did I buy two of them?  Well of course, to try and see if she could double penetrate herself.  At first she is unsure, and unable, but she tries hard and gets both in there!  You can see that she is stretching herself to the max… an amazing sight.  She then slowly pushes them out with her vaginal muscles.  Then comes the next even more ‘extreme’ idea, trying a lemon out.  She manages to push it in, and makes it completely disappear in her.  Spreading herself open, she rolls it around inside her while you see it in deep (a first for FTV).  Pushing it out turns out to be much more difficult, and she is only able to do it by pressing really hard while squatting down.  Truly incredible.

1440X1080 HD Video on the FTV paysite:
-For A Real FTV Orgasm
-Discover Extreme
-Finish to the Fist

Unique Proffecional Photos on the FTV paysite:
-Fun Like A Teen
-Hot Model Will Fist
-Sexy Veggie Shoot
-Pigtailed Extreme