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FTV Girls Alexia & Nina: Sharing the Pleasure

Are you ready for the new update? And this update is lesbian one! Two young cute girls: Alexia & Nina having fun licking and fucking each other on FTV Girls. You can see Alexia in solo action on FTV magic here: FTV GIRL ALEXIA: INNOCENT EXTREME (AUGUST 2015).
And Nina’s previous update here: FTV GIRL NINA: FTV’S MOST BEAUTIFUL (OCT 2015).
But today these horny teen girls giving pleasure to each other. Nina and Alexia have become friends and were very excited to shoot together. Models who have a genuine chemistry off camera are always better to shoot because theres no need to force anything. They had a lot of fun going on awesome and not to mention orgasmic adventures for two days.

Action in this Update:

  • Extreme Closeups, Glass FTV Toy, Kissing, Large Toys, Magic Wand,
  • Masturbation to Orgasm, Oral, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys,
  • VibraKing, Fisting, Girl Girl, Hard Breast Massage, Vagina Gaping Closeups,
  • Public Display of Affection, Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public.

Free Photos of Alexia & Nina:

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1023 1041 1042 1049
1026 1037 1039 1040
1043 1045 1053 1062
1070 2013 2015 2016
2018 2026 2027 2030
2034 2036 2037 2045
3003 2017 2025 2047
3009 2043 2053 2055
3006 3014 3029 3036
3040 3041 3042 3043
3030 3031 3044 3049
4005 4006 4014 4020
3050 3051 4022 4024
4028 4031 4041 4045
4036 4058 4059 4065




FTV Girls Alexia’s Comments

Hi I’m Alexia! I was so excited to shoot for FTV again and especially because I got to do so with the beautiful Nina North. Nina and I have become such amazing friends over the past two years, but we had never done anything more than kiss until this shoot. Being able to share orgasms with her brought us closer than ever… literally! While shooting my solo for FTV a few months ago, I used a hitachi for the first time. I thought it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had! But it was one-uped by my new found love, the vibra king toy! That thing was insane! It was such a powerful orgasm that my whole body was shaking! It was one of those things where I needed to focus on holding it on my clit because my natural instinct was to turn it off. That double sided dildo in the master bedroom was interesting too. I saw this European girl post a pic of that postion I had always wanted to try it. It was super hot and I think it looked good, but didn’t feels so good on my back! Another thing was Eric gave me the camera when he want downstairs and we did a POV scene using the double dildo and Nina came again haha I don’t know how she does it back to back like that. I was happy that I could still fist myself! I think I got a little tighter or maybe I just needed to warm up more, but hey it went in! The flashing at the golf course was pretty funny LOL the guys were basically just staring and not even playing golf after we had our boobs out. One even said thank you! I was really excited when I heard we were going to the beach. I always love the beach but even being in LA so much now its hard to get down to the beach with my schedule. Nina and I ended the day with yet another amazing orgasm on the beach. Im pretty sure you could totally see what we were doing and there was this super cute couple taking photos together. Anyways, thanks for having me again and I really hope you all enjoy the shoot!

Screenshots from Videos:














103 (1)











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FTV Girl Alexia: Innocent Extreme (August 2015)

She is so sweet! She is like an angel… Such a beautiful girl in her 19 years old. Just look at her, get FTV membership and watch her masturbating in front of camera in HD quality. Her name is Alexia and she is a total first-timer. Yes, you won’t see this cutie anywhere else except FTV Girls. Alexia is 5’3" tall, her figure: 33B-24-35. She had sent in these photos of herself in her application for FTV shot:

alexia1 alexia2
alexia4 alexia5

And she was invited in FTV residence where she showed her dirty side:

  • Public Nudity
  • Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
  • Dancing Scenes
  • Massage(Hard): Breast
  • Vagina Gaping Closeups
  • Extreme Closeups
  • Strong Orgasmic Contractions
  • Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
  • Anal Fingering
  • Foot Fetish Scenes
  • Anal Toys
  • Peeing Scenes
  • Milky Orgasm
  • FTV Monster Toy
  • Fisting

All this crazy action performed by FTV Alexia recorded on camera in HD quality (1.5 hours of video) and you can download it right now after subscribing FTV Girls.

FTV Alexia’s Comments: Hey! Alex here. I was born in the dirty south where everyone lives in rural counties and life just has a slower pace in general. My parents split up when I was very young, so I’ve always been a mommy’s girl. My mom was my best friend growing up… she still is! I get my one of a kind, genuine and crazy facial expressions from her, as well as my ambitious attitude. I will always look to my mom in times of uncertainty, I know she has my back! Speaking of having someone’s back, my friends mean the world to me. My girlfriends and I have stuck together through thick and thin! I love them all like sisters, sometimes we even introduce ourselves as blood. My best friend and I even look alike. Sometimes I’ll recieve a comment on a selfie asking if I am Maddy! I met Maddy in the third grade. We went to a tiny, private school in southern Virginia. My mom and I moved when I was a little older, but Maddy and I remained besties. Every summer since we were old enough to drive, we take a week long roadtrip to the beach. Despite the beaches on the East Coast not being very exciting, I look forward to this time with her every year! She makes me laugh like nobody else can and I know I am in the best company even if we are just riding in the car. I absolutely love the beach. I really enjoy camping and hiking in the mountains, but I would pick a beach trip over a mountain trip any day. The sand between my toes and the thick, salty wind in my hair gives me a sense of tranquility. Having a clear mind is really important to me! It is so easy to get caught up, negatively, in this generation. Social media and societal expecations have a huge impact on my peers; I try to stay positive at all times. Exercising and eating healthy helps! I am a huge candidate on just simply feeling good. My body is the only one I have! Therefore I want to treat it right. In high school, I was a camp counselor at an over night, wilderness camp. Working at this camp gave me the perspective that anything is possible if you work hard to achieve it AND how important it is to maintain a healthy body and mind! I feel myself growing a little wiser everytime I come to a realization about how I can make myself stonger. To me, being strong means following your heart but not forgetting your mind. It means knowing when to take control and be a leader or when to fall back and let someone help you. Looking to your peers with and open heart and mind can go such a long way. Life is too short and the world is too big to form an opinion on what everyone else is doing. Being open minded and nonejudgmental of others is my number one moral.

This is Cute FTV Teen Alexia:


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