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FTV Nicole & Veronica: Horny Girls In Hawaii

January 18th, 2015 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Nicole, FTV Girl Veronica | 1,190 views

Here is the fresh sensual stuff, FTV Girls update from January 2, 2015! A lot of free photos (more than 100) & sample videos of two young lesbian girls in this publication. Two great girls Nicole (her last update here) & Veronica (was shot for FTV too) had their vacation in Hawaii with FTV photographer. I think they’re not lesbians in their real lives but here they had that kind of experience. So we have amateur lesbians here! It turns on better, right, guys?
Right now you can watch two teasers:


Yes, there was 2 updates with total 472 photos & 159 minutes of HD video:
-> Dress and Heels,
-> Foot Fetish Scenes,  
-> Hard Breast Massage,
-> Hard Butt Massage,
-> Hawaii,
-> Kissing,
-> Masturbation to Orgasm,
-> Milky Orgasm,
-> Public Display of Affection,
-> Public Nudity,
-> Squirting,
-> Unique Fetish,
-> Upskirt in Public
-> Exotic Locations,
-> Extreme Closeups,
-> Girl-Girl,
-> Veggie & Fruit Stuffing.
You can start downloading by getting FTV membership.

This is FTV Girls Nicole & Veronica:



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FTV Cosima: A New Sexual Experience (Jan 2015)

January 17th, 2015 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Cosima | 1,190 views

What a girl! She looks really gorgeous with her sexy body parts! As I saw her photo I’ve noticed that she differs from her other girls on the FTV Girls pornsite. May be coz she looks more mature. Her name is Cosima.

Age: 21 | Height: 5’8" | Figure: 36C-25-35

Cosima did a great work for FTV with her vagina… Pussy spreads, big sex toys, waterhose in her pussy and more, here is the full list of her sex art:
-> Public Nudity
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Fingers
-> Upskirt in Public
-> Dancing
-> Massage(Hard): Breast
-> Panty Stuffing
-> Water Hose Stuffing
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Long Labia & Stretching
-> Water Squirting
-> Veggie Stuffing
-> Nipple Stretching
-> Extreme Fisting
-> FTV Blue Monster Toy
363 photos & 105 minutes of HD video in total. All this action you can download from the members area after subscribing.

This is Sexy FTVGIRLS Cosima:


FTV Videographer’s Comments: Cosima broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks before this shoot, and she was always interested in trying out porn — the breakup brought her over the edge, and she ended up contacting a couple of websites to shoot adult work. She ended up shooting with FTV first, partly because of the fact that its girls-only, and the way the girls are presented. She sent me these photos:
cosima1 cosima2 cosima3 cosima4
She ended up picking up an adult talent agent in Florida (though she lives in California) and FTV became the starting point for her shoots before she flew off to Florida to begin her adult carreer. Meeting her in person, she reminds me of a cross between Addison and Meghan of FTV… We started the shoot at a very busy mall (and at the busiest weekend — fourth of July weekend) so there were hordes of people around. Just shooting her walking about was difficult without people getting in the way of the camera. She didn’t have too much clothes with her, but the conservative looking wear you see. So after introducing herself, we go shopping for dresses & heels. She flashes everywhere, and we see she’s got some nice full breasts. She ends up in the changeroom with the FTV assistant, as she shoots her fingering herself. Luckily all the public nudity we did there was under cover enough that no security caught us in the act. We went to an outdoor club area, and she did a cute little dance to music (which fit well with the oncoming rain) until a police car showed up. Nice upskirt views… We then go to a more remote area, where she gets naked in the grass and does some acrobatics for us. Back home, she masturbates her way, using her fingers to orgasm. Then I have her try the Magic Wand vibrator, where she has two more orgasms (I noticed vaginal contractions at some points, but I could not tell when the orgasms happened, maybe you can). She’s still a bit timid in front of the camera, but she’s loosening up over time. We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, her spreading and pulling on her long labia, and trying out some gaping. She ends up with four fingers inside her, which makes me think that she might be able to do ‘larger’ things later on… Wearing her sexy new wedges, with a cute short skirt and top, we then see her walking through a sassy mall. A nice series of photos taken here — and we started early enough so that there wouldn’t be too many people in the area. It was important, because she ends up fisting herself right there! Pretty incredible for her first time doing anything so extreme, let alone on camera. I even have her stuff her panties inside herself and then fist herself on top of it. Her sexy look definitely draws attention, whether it was the grocery store where she buys a cucumber, or the restaurant we went to for dinner. I also took some teaser video of her chilling on the couch. Now knowing that she’s pretty much an extreme girl, I had some kinky plans for her for the next day…


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FTV Girl Ariana: Seductive Teen II (Nov 2014)

January 14th, 2015 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Ariana | 1,042 views

She is a horny beautiful teen girl with a very sweet face. Her name is Ariana and she is 19 years old. Ariana’s height is 5’2", her figure: 36B-25-38. This girl has a great big butt and a very wide vagina! She spreads her pussy and inserts big toys inside! This is her second visit of the FTV Girls residence. Her first visit on this blog: FTV Girl Ariana: Seductive Teen (August 2014). In this update you’ll see 320 photos & 70 minutes of HD video:
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
-> Dancing Scenes
-> Visible Vaginal Contractions
-> Foot Fetish Scenes
-> Magic Marker Stuffing
-> Multiple Stuffing
-> Long Labia & Stretching
-> Double Penetration
-> Fruit & Veggie Stuffing
-> Extreme Closeups
-> FTV Monster Toy
-> Fisting (by male)
-> FTV Toy
Download all these video scenes from the members area!

FTVGIRLS Videographer’s Comments: So Ariana returns — a lot of members wanted to see her come back for more, and extreme fans were pleasantly surprised by her deep fisting. By this point she’s already started her porn career, but has the same fun loving and energetic attitude as before. We see her first at a resort, and she’s got that cute dress & wedges on (which she actually left behind at the FTV house). Starting with some warm-up upskirt, fingering and breast play, she encounters the FTV Monster Toy. Its huge, and she’s going for a rather extreme start. She rides it at first, getting about 1/2 way in, pretty deep! But she also ends up breaking the suction cup off, so we go to an office area further indoors (it was very hot outside) and she ends up doing herself sideways showing off that sexy butt of hers, as well as a clear view of the penetration. The toy helps ‘warm her up’ and stretch her out to a point so that she can fist herself, and ends up fisting even deeper than she did last time, going way past her wrist! But the fisting ends rather abruptly as a security guard shows up from behind me, actually startling me. It was time to go… Back home, she takes a little nap, then masturbates with her favorite toy the Magic Wand Toy. She ends up with an orgasm rather quickly, with strong visible vaginal contractions, then does some more labia stretching/pulling. Every time she has an orgasm, she ends up hornier, and gets sexually aggressive on me again. Putting on a cute nightie, she does a dance for us to her taste in music, then goes outside for a little soccer ball demonstration. And those of you requesting foot fetish (she has very pretty & petite feet) she shows them off, then does some toe sucking as well.

This is FTV Teen Ariana:



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FTV Girl Janessa: Wholesome Girl (October 2014)

December 30th, 2014 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Janessa | 2,017 views

TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE! FTV EXCLUSIVE! Sexy, sweet, smiley, gorgeous girl on FTV Girls for today! Her name is Janessa and she’d been shot for FTV on 24 October 2014. Janessa is 23 years old and as I said before she looks very sexy with her tall slim body and a great sweet smile on the beautiful face. Her height is 5’5", her figure: 34B-26-37. As I started watching her photos I just noticed her beauty… But then she started to undress & showing her private parts! She is very playful naughty girl, fucking her pussy with the banana and the FTV Monster Toy! So here will be a lot of free FTV photos below. In Janessa’s update:
-> Public Nudity
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
-> Shower Scenes
-> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
-> Anal Fingering
-> Big Ten Toy
-> Upskirt in Public
-> Fruit and Veggie Stuffing
-> Extreme Closeups
-> FTV Monster Toy
You can watch all this sensual action on video in HD quality (2 hours of public nudity, masturbation and just funny action) in the members area.

This is FTVGIRLS Janessa:



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FTV Melissa: 32 Weeks (December 2014)

December 27th, 2014 | Posted by Daniel | In FTV Girl Melissa | 1,715 views

I find pregnant girls very sexy. And today we have here one of the sexiest pregnant girl posing naked & masturbating for FTV Girls pornsite. She’d been already shot for FTV: FTV Girl Melissa: Extreme Teen Sex. And now we have her pregnant here having fun for us! On her 8th month of pregnancy! (Actually this is her 6th shot for FTV Girls from her 18 y.o.). I don’t know about her measurements for now, but her height is 5’2". Melissa has a great body with big boobs and great ass: you can find out this all on the photos below. And also you’ll see there the speculum exam from her! And you’ll see a lot of her naughty pregnancy selfies there. Also in her update:
-> Massage(Hard): Breast
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
-> Showering Scenes
-> Pregnant
-> Speculum!
-> Fruit Stuffing
-> Extreme Closeups.
Total of 168 photos & 37 minutes of HD videos with FTV Melissa available for downloading in the members area.
FTV Melissa’s Comments: Hey guys! its Melissa here.You guys have seen me around here a bunch and now I’m back, but this time you’ll be even more shocked at what you see because I’m pregnant! yup that’s right, I’m eight months pregnant now and want to share my sexy little belly with you guys :) Since the beginning my pregnancy has gone extremely well, no complaints here, except I’m always tired! No sickness,no weird cravings,no stuffing my face. I’ve just been trying to get use to the belly ha-ha. After I have this baby I will be hitting the gym extra hard and getting this body in better shape then I even was before I got pregnant. :) you’ll see… Ill be back to show you. heheh Besides being pregnant I went back to college full time and I’m still webcamming. Oh and don’t worry, like i said ill be back after I give birth so don’t think I’m going anywhere :) i love my job and what I do! I hope you guys enjoy this update, I had fun showing off my prego belly and my big boobies!!! :) xoxox

Pregnant FTV Girl Melissa:



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