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FTV Girls Demi: Exposing That Butt (February 2017)

Hey, guys. Meet Demi, new FTV girl. She has a big great ass and small tits with long nipples. Her figure: 36D-26-36. Her height: 5’4″. Demi is a tall girl, reminds a housewife despite the fact she is only 22 years old. As for her private parts should be said that her pussy looks not nice, this chick has a dark long labia. But maybe there is some lovers of such a pussies. You’re welcome. Below we posted a lot of her pussy’s closeups.

FTV Girls Demi Photos

Watch HD Videos with FTVGirls Demi Masturbating in Front of Camera

In the members area

Demi has many-many great action quality videos in the members area (total length is 105 minutes). Also a lot of free videos of FTV Girls Demi will be posted on In her update:
GeneralPublic Nudity, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy, Upskirt in Public.
FetishExtreme Closeups, Long Labia & Stretching, Kiegels, Near-Fisting, Speculum, Anal Toys, Nipple Play, Lactation, Fruit & Veggie Stuffing.
Download all her videos (105  minutes) & photos (348) in the members area.

FTV Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

Demi sent an application to FTV with these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12. She had started webcamming, but wanted to take the next step into adult, starting with FTV. She is very confident and proud of her figure, and isn’t shy about trying anything. Definitely not shy about public nudity, in fact, completely oblivious to the dangers. When I met her in person, I found her firm full bubble butt one of the sexiest I’ve ever seen; so I had to start her in skimpy workout shorts so she could really show off that butt without taking anything off. We went to a pretty lakeside park, and I recorded her running around and stretching; focusing on that amazing ass. Even though she wasn’t getting naked at the beginning, her ass was offending the housewives out there, and some got pretty pissed at her. The guys watching were cool though, and that’s when she started exposing her vagina (and that’s when I noticed her long labia) and her fingering herself right on the bench without a care in the world. Then I noticed how amazingly thick and long her nipples are, so they definitely had to be played with. Eventually she does some naked running at the park, and again, not nervous at all about it. When we get home, she uses the Eroscillator toy to a very strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. Notice how she likes playing with her nipples while she does it. Actually she had started with the Magic Wand toy (now an outtake video) but couldn’t get to orgasm with it. It was too strong for her, and she likes the softer feeling of the Eroscillator. Also notice how she doesn’t put the vibration directly on her clit, but near it instead. She doesn’t need that much vibration to get her off it seems. She then gives us extreme closeups of her private parts, starting with her very prominent, swollen clit (which she squeezes between her fingernails), then playing with her long labia. She stretches them, pulls and ties them, then stretches and gapes her vagina as wide as she can so you can see deep inside. As athletic as she is, she also demonstrates her keegel exercises up close. She wanted to try extreme, and she’s very kinky, wanting to experiment as much as possible after seeing what girls do on the site. She tries fisting, but she’s unable to reach deep enough to go for a full fist. She asks me to try, so I attempt it too — but she’s simply too tight down there. She then requests to try a speculum scene, and was super curious to how she looks in there. So after getting good photo and video of her completely open to her cervix, I showed her pictures of it. After our lunch break, we ended up going to a grocery store where she flashes some more (and gets caught by employees), and a gas station. Off camera, you should have seen how upset the heavyset woman who worked there became and raged on us. Demi has no shame when it comes to public nudity, which I love, but I also have to be careful that she doesn’t get into trouble either.

Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera

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FTV Girls Katy: Tall, Sexy, Extreme (February 2017)

Meet fresh and one of the sexiest ladies on FTV Girls released on February 3, 2017. Tall, gorgeous brunette with long legs and a great smile Katy. Her update is separated. And here is what you can see i the first part:
Total photos: 265
Total videos: 52 minutes
This episode features: Dancing Scenes, Extreme Closeups, Fisting, Large Toys, Magic Wand, Masturbation to Orgasm, Public Nudity, Squirting, Toys, Upskirt in Public. GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA

Katy’s Free Photos

Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Getting Herself Off

FTV Videographer’s Comments

Katy is a very gorgeous girl with some really long legs; and that beautiful smile of hers is just perfect. When she sent me her application photos #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 (GET ACCESS TO THE MEMBERS AREA), she seemed too hot for adult. So why is she doing FTV? Because she wanted to try something different other than fashion/runway. I was happy to oblige. She also has a confidence in herself, so she didn’t seem too shy when we started on location at a mall. Her green dress is so short, or maybe because she is so tall; her butt sticks out even without heels. So it becomes a very sexy tease session as we get peeks of her vagina and butt throughout the location, and then she dances to some music there. We had to stop several times when the not-so-right kind of females walked by. When she spreads, you can see how juicy wet she is down there, and it builds up so much — so that when she starts masturbating with the portable magic wand, it wasn’t that hard for her to push that big head into her vagina (no lube needed!). That’s also when I noticed that she might be a good extreme girl if she could take that thick head in without difficulty. She also expressed to me that as much as she liked the clitoral stimulation, to orgasm, she likes pure vaginal pounding. So that’s what we aimed for when we went back home. I gave her the long dildo, and she pounds herself with it hard, but needs a ‘helping hand’… so I start pounding her with the toy. She wants it extremely hard and fast, and it ends up making her mini-squirt… man my arm was getting pretty tired from using all my arm muscles to satisfy her. Notice how incredibly wet and juicy she gets, so I have her pick it up from her vagina and taste it. Also notice how deep she went with that toy, the deepest I’ve seen a girl do that thing, especially when I forced it a little deeper at the end. I felt like my presence might be a little bit of a distraction, so I let her masturbate again, with the camera on tripod… and this time with the Big Ten Toy. It does bring her to a strong orgasm, and she gets milky wet again. Of course she has to taste herself… The toy also becomes useful to ‘stretch her out’, and let us get some good gaping shots as well as clit closeups. Her clit is so tiny. I thought, might as well go for the biggest I have, and to get a genuine surprise reaction out of her, I brought it over from behind me, and introduced the FTV Titan Toy to her on camera. I was confident that she could take it, and she did — the thing is massive, and its also very hard, like a glass toy. She takes it rather deep, and even deeper on the ride. It truly did push her limits, and it was starting to get her sore… The final challenge is to see if she can fist herself, which I was pretty confident she could, even with her much larger hands. It turns into a hard, deep, full fisting scene where she ends up with an orgasm (?) because she loves the penetration, but I think all that action finally stretched her out enough that she bled a little on her hand. So its time to take a break, and let her privates recover for the next day’s shoot. And so the shoot continues on part 2, where she gets even kinkier… and just as extreme. The last clip is an outtake clip — it was a contributing shooter who was supposed to spend a day shooting her, but it ended up not working out. I salvaged what I could from that shoot and made it into clip8.

FTV Girls Katy Free Video

Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl CUMMING in Front of Camera

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FTV Girls Chloe: Charismatic Beauty (Jan 2017)

Cute girl. Really cute. Have a nice butt. And she also horny as well. Her name is Chloe. And when you see her you will think she is a regular girl next door who never do something like this shot for FTV. And this is true. This is Chloe’s TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE and she is FTV EXCLUSIVE. Not sure about future but by now FTV Girls is the only pornsite where you can see this girl naked or plays with pussy.

Chloe is 22 years old and she looks like the movie star Jennifer Garner. Same face. Her height: 5’4″, her figure: 34B-25-36. In the members area you will find 380 photos &  107 minutes of 12000 kb/s HD video. In her update: Public Nudity, Upskirt & Downblouse in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm with toys, Kissing (girl-girl), Extreme Closeups, Pussy Stuffing: Faucet, Curling Iron, Hair Brush, Water Squirting, Water Hose Stuffing, Peeing Scene, Panty Stuffing, Anal Fingering & Toys, Big Ten Toy.

FTV Videographer’s comments

So here she is at last! Partly thanks her witness to Saraya’s experience, and getting to know me better, conservative Chloe ends up choosing to shoot for FTV. Little did I know how kinky and sexual she’d get — then again, I learn through the day that she’s a pretty horny girl, and she’s been sex deprived for several months. Even the last month she was supposed to meet and hook up with this guy she felt was attractive, but he turned out to be an asshole (according to her and they never ended up having sex). I did ask for some photos, even though I had already met her: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 She’s got that total girl-next door look, and she works her butt off at a law firm, so our shoot starts after her work, and it also happens to be a rather dark, cloudy day. I shoot her in exactly what she was wearing to work that day; and we head over to a busy tourist area to start the shoot. She’s that sort of outdoorsy, ‘hippie chick’ type, loving 70’s music — as you see in her intro on the first clip. I try to get teasers from afar, (of course, cars constantly get in the way), and then upskirt and breast teases with risky public nudity on the spot. People in windows saw, but I hoped that nobody would call in any trouble. As we overstayed our welcome there, we end up in Saraya’s parents’ house. Saraya is at her university, but she let us shoot there. It turns to a masturbation video, where you can see how Chloe is excited to use that vibrator. She ends up with a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions, and clear juices forming down her vagina. Then she tries to do a peeing scene, but gets the ‘pee fright’. In fact, she ended up never having to go to the bathroom that entire day thereafter lol. It turns into a watersports scene anyway, as she talks about how she first started masturbating by pushing a small shower head inside her… yikes! So we emulate that on the kitchen sink, and putting it in was hard for her, but when the water turned on, it gave her some sort of orgasmic arousal. She loved it. But before that happened, we got some extreme closeups of her clit, and her attempts and mini-gaping. She’s never had more than two fingers inside herself. Then she does an outfit change, but boy is it getting dark with the rainclouds everywhere. The video is darker and grainier than I’d like, but the shoot must go on. She then uses the hairbrush handle like a toy, and her tight vagina grips it well. Something that you should know, she’d been eyeing me for a long time, and I think she partly decided on shooting because she was attracted to me. So many times off camera she would hint at it, and it grew stronger during this point. I try to nullify it with her curling iron, and she ends up fucking it, and when she rides it, she gets deep where it ‘hits the right spot’ in her tummy. Then I further nullify her aggressive sexuality on me by giving her the eroscillator one more time, for another orgasm which seems to go on even longer, with the contractions going on for a while. A shame about the tattoos though, on this pretty body of hers, she does plan on having them removed however, as they were ‘mistakes’ when she was younger. The very end is her wearing her office clothes again, and doing a few more breast/nipple teasers before saying goodbye until the next day.

Chloe’s FTV Photos

Watch HD Videos with ftvgirls Chloe Masturbating in Front of Camera

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FTV Girls Ivy: Gaping Extremes (December 2016)

Last FTV Girls updates were just softcore with all this public nudity and dancing scenes. Until now. Today members area released fresh lady with name Ivy. And this girl will show you hardcore. She will spread her pussy, stretch and fuck with huge dildo. Ivy is a young sexy chick in her 20 years old. She is tall and slim. Her height: 5’7″, her figure: 34A-24-34. And she has very deep vagina!

In her update

General: Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy, Dancing Scene.
Fetish: Other Stuffing: Cell Phone,Bottle, Vegetable & Fruit Stuffing, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Peeing Scene, Water Squirting, Foot Fetish Scene, Stocking Stuffing.
Extreme: Fisting; Double Fisting, FTV Monster Toy, Magic Wand Penetration.

Ivy’s Free Photos

332 photos & 73 minutes of HD video available in the members area

Ok… Here is one video sample…

Sample streaming video of FTV Girls Ivy

Download full version of this video from the members area.
Also you will find there many-many videos of other teen girls.

Screenshots from her other videos

Watch HD Videos with FTV Girls Ivy Fucking & Stretching Her Pussy

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FTV Girls Lana & Stella (November 2016)

New update released in the members area on Nov 11, 2016. Amazing shot with crazy girls! Lana & Stella. Both sexy & horny! 115 minutes of HD video & 452 photos. I advice you to subscribe FTV Girls today and start watching.

FTV Videographer’s Comments

After Lana’s second return shoot, she was planning to move to LA; there she became roommates with this British girl named Stella. That girl has even bigger breasts, on a very tiny frame, and blessed with a full round butt as well. Since Lana’s into girls, she fell for Stella, not only becoming friends, but becoming obsessive with her, and they rapidly became sex partners. So it only made sense to get them together for a girl girl shoot, the first one they’ve done on camera together. Here’s three pictures of them doing their selfies for fun as roommates: #1 #2 #3. It is very rare for me to come and visit Los Angeles, but a certain even had me there for a weekend; and a nice hotel room to boot. So it was the perfect timing for a change of scenery, and do the shoot around LA. So when the girls arrive, in this sexy heel/stockings/shorts/skimpy top combo, it only made sense to start that way. Their big breasts push out of those tops, and the girls really stand out on location. We head over to a very popular tourist destination, and let the girls do their own thing, being playful, flashing those big breasts, and giving me nice butt shots, as well as interacting with random locals. Notice the cops/security walking past in the pictures, so we had to be smart about it. They seemed to be wanting to tell us something (as in no shooting in private property), but I kept my focus on the shoot and we lucked out. Then we head back to the hotel lobby, where the girls talk a little bit about how they met and their chemistry together. Back at the hotel room, they strip down, and I let the girls free-flow what they want to do, with no direction from me. The end result is Lana getting dominant over Stella, (and I must say Lana definitely has a horny, perverted mind!) and Lana aims straight to Stella’s butthole, deep licking sucking on it. It was then when I realized that she has an obsession for anal/oral. The oral sex continues with breast sucking and clit licking, fingering, and Lana using a shoe heel to penetrate Stella. They exchange juices while making out, then Lana does the splits on Stella’s face as she goes down on her. Lana’s ass gets fingered while her clit gets licked, then more hard breast sucking and nipple play as Stella’s breasts get sucked and pulled on really hard. On the bed, Lana starts sucking on Stella’s toes, then shoves her entire foot in Stella’s mouth, making her deep throat it. They end up sucking her foot together… Notice how aggressive Lana can get, and she’s strong too, carrying Stella around like that. It turns into bondage, when Lana ties her up with the stockings, then shoving a stocking into Stella’s mouth. She has her way with her, turning on the Vibraking Toy and forcing it on her clit with maximum power. Stella squirms at the stimulation, but Lana keeps it on her until Stella’s vagina starts quivering in response to the extreme vibrations. Stella was originally afraid of using that toy, thinking it would be too strong for her, but she ended up liking it quite a bit. Lana even uses it on Stella’s breasts and nipples, to see what happens. Then, while holding hands, they use vibrators in a mutual masturbation scene that leads to Lana having two orgasms with super strong vaginal contractions, and Stella finishing off with the strongest orgasm of her life with the Vibraking. Notice how her vagina reacts on orgasm; it was cool to see these girls orgasm together, for real, FTV style. Once again, I let them choose what they want to do together, and a little dancing thing is next, kind of different from what most previous girl girl dancing scenes have been.

Free Photos of Lana & Stella

101 104 114 118
124 126 128 141
130 135 149 161
144 151 201 202
206 210 217 224
237 239 247 251
265 272 276 305
284 289 315 346
308 311 320 323
326 334 342 350
351 406 412 424
403 417 419 501
431 448 466 502
506 519 531 558
510 525 530 546
550 554 557 559
563 565 608 618
621 622 623 627
630 652 664 677
611 679 682 685

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