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FTV Girls Lanah: Sexual Little Figure (Feb 2017)

Hello, horny girls & guys. Today we have new release on FTV Girls with a new sexy tiny brunette Lanah. TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE in her 20 yo from New York. This cute chick has compact body with small ass, little boobs. Her figure: 34A-24-34. Her height: 5’4″. All that she did for FTV is Masturbated! Really big amount of masturbation scenes with various sex toys. You should watch her vids. Here you’ll get some of her photos & a video sample.

In her update in 261 photos & 86 minutes or HD video in the members area you will find:
General – Public Nudity, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Massage: Vagina, Lingerie.
Fetish – Extreme Closeups, Vagina Gaping Closeups, Anal Toys, Milky Orgasm.

Lanah’s Free Photos

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Lanah’s FTV Comments

Hey guys my name is Lana and I’m from Ny. This week was my very first time in LA and my frst week of shooing this stuff. I’m from a small town in upstate New York so it gets pretty boring, and I’ve always been very sexual. There’s not much else to do! I remember being in school and people would call me a slut or whatever, but I was just really into sex and boys. Still am! This shoot was really fun for me. I liked that I got to be myself because I was afraid I’d have to act or something! Taking my clothes off is one thing but acting scares me! I guess I’m shy that way.

I’m really into the daddy/baby girl kind of porn. Its literally all I watch and during sex I always say please sir and thank you sir. It just what turns me on! I love to be totally submissive, being spanked and choked are HUGE turn ones for me 😉 My photographer for this shoot thought I was crazy! I guess I’m weird for a 19 year old. I also love having my ass played with. Licked, toyed, fingered, even fucked if I am ready for it. I love the feeling and the fact that guys don’t see that coming from me.

All in all I loved this shoot. I loved the pictures too! I cant wait to see them all. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be modeling for. Its fun but I have other goals in life and I want to go to college and all that. But I really really hope you guys love the stuff we shot! I loved shooting it!

FTV Girls Lanah Sample Video

Lana has 10 video clips with masturbation action in front of camera
Watch all her videos in HD quality (and 600+ other girls)

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FTV Girls Kourtni: Alluring First Timer (Jan 2017)

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! After big loads of sweet young girl Mackenzie we’re happy to introduce you a new, more lusty chick Kourtni. She is 20 years old. Her height: 5’2″, her figure: 34B-26-36. Not sure if it’s true but FTV Girls mention that this is Kourtni’s TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. But she is such a horny on her videos so hard to believe in this. Lets check what the lady says:

Born and raised in the beautiful USA. Totally outgoing and always love a challenge! Grew up in a small town and moved to this big beautiful city where i lost my virginity and had a great time doing so. In the last 5 months I’ve had sex twice! So you can say I’m a super tight girl! Animals are my favorite things created here on earth! Top 5 dogs are huskies, german shephards, great danes, labs, and golden retrievers! I got to do my very first shoot here at FTV and i loved it! Tried new things like putting sharpies inside me, using a magic wand, pushing my limits for sure! And… Squirted for the first time ever! (along with my first orgasm EVER) PLus i’m an extreme girl! Who knew?! I love shopping and traveling to new places hopefully going to take a few trips before 2016 comes to its end. I’m always on the look to try new things, whether it’s food, friends, or sexual. Horseback riding it my get away from this crazy life! (Plus i love being on top and in control of things!(; ) Hopefully can be getting one soon! Ether a big beautiful black one, paint, or a brown one with a white face marking. Working out and eating healthy is my favorite! Running is my get away at the gym then after that arms, back, legs, and of course booty! Salad and Go and Chipotle are my life ? You buy my chipotle we’re getting married! haha Anytime I’m in a dress no panties are worn(; haha I am very outgoing, super fun, you can always count on me to make you luagh and smile. You will never see a sour or sad look on my face cause there is way too much to look forward too!

In Kourtni’s update

General – Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public, Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys, Dress & Heels, Massage(Hard): Breast,Butt.
Fetish – Squirting, Extreme Closeups, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing, Near Fisting, Multi Toy Penetration, Marker Stuffing (9).
Extreme – FTV Monster Toy.
All this action recorded on HD video and waiting for you in the members area in 375 photos & 105 minutes of HD video.

FTV Kortni’s Free Photos

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FTV Girls Lana & Stella (November 2016)

New update released in the members area on Nov 11, 2016. Amazing shot with crazy girls! Lana & Stella. Both sexy & horny! 115 minutes of HD video & 452 photos. I advice you to subscribe FTV Girls today and start watching.

FTV Videographer’s Comments

After Lana’s second return shoot, she was planning to move to LA; there she became roommates with this British girl named Stella. That girl has even bigger breasts, on a very tiny frame, and blessed with a full round butt as well. Since Lana’s into girls, she fell for Stella, not only becoming friends, but becoming obsessive with her, and they rapidly became sex partners. So it only made sense to get them together for a girl girl shoot, the first one they’ve done on camera together. Here’s three pictures of them doing their selfies for fun as roommates: #1 #2 #3. It is very rare for me to come and visit Los Angeles, but a certain even had me there for a weekend; and a nice hotel room to boot. So it was the perfect timing for a change of scenery, and do the shoot around LA. So when the girls arrive, in this sexy heel/stockings/shorts/skimpy top combo, it only made sense to start that way. Their big breasts push out of those tops, and the girls really stand out on location. We head over to a very popular tourist destination, and let the girls do their own thing, being playful, flashing those big breasts, and giving me nice butt shots, as well as interacting with random locals. Notice the cops/security walking past in the pictures, so we had to be smart about it. They seemed to be wanting to tell us something (as in no shooting in private property), but I kept my focus on the shoot and we lucked out. Then we head back to the hotel lobby, where the girls talk a little bit about how they met and their chemistry together. Back at the hotel room, they strip down, and I let the girls free-flow what they want to do, with no direction from me. The end result is Lana getting dominant over Stella, (and I must say Lana definitely has a horny, perverted mind!) and Lana aims straight to Stella’s butthole, deep licking sucking on it. It was then when I realized that she has an obsession for anal/oral. The oral sex continues with breast sucking and clit licking, fingering, and Lana using a shoe heel to penetrate Stella. They exchange juices while making out, then Lana does the splits on Stella’s face as she goes down on her. Lana’s ass gets fingered while her clit gets licked, then more hard breast sucking and nipple play as Stella’s breasts get sucked and pulled on really hard. On the bed, Lana starts sucking on Stella’s toes, then shoves her entire foot in Stella’s mouth, making her deep throat it. They end up sucking her foot together… Notice how aggressive Lana can get, and she’s strong too, carrying Stella around like that. It turns into bondage, when Lana ties her up with the stockings, then shoving a stocking into Stella’s mouth. She has her way with her, turning on the Vibraking Toy and forcing it on her clit with maximum power. Stella squirms at the stimulation, but Lana keeps it on her until Stella’s vagina starts quivering in response to the extreme vibrations. Stella was originally afraid of using that toy, thinking it would be too strong for her, but she ended up liking it quite a bit. Lana even uses it on Stella’s breasts and nipples, to see what happens. Then, while holding hands, they use vibrators in a mutual masturbation scene that leads to Lana having two orgasms with super strong vaginal contractions, and Stella finishing off with the strongest orgasm of her life with the Vibraking. Notice how her vagina reacts on orgasm; it was cool to see these girls orgasm together, for real, FTV style. Once again, I let them choose what they want to do together, and a little dancing thing is next, kind of different from what most previous girl girl dancing scenes have been.

Free Photos of Lana & Stella

101 104 114 118
124 126 128 141
130 135 149 161
144 151 201 202
206 210 217 224
237 239 247 251
265 272 276 305
284 289 315 346
308 311 320 323
326 334 342 350
351 406 412 424
403 417 419 501
431 448 466 502
506 519 531 558
510 525 530 546
550 554 557 559
563 565 608 618
621 622 623 627
630 652 664 677
611 679 682 685

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FTV Girls Rachel: Big Assets in Tiny Form (Nov 2016)

TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE in 20 years old. Meet FTV Girls Rachel. She is 5′ tall busty chick. Her figure: 34DD-25-38. In the members area you can download 326 photos of her & 87 minutes of HD video: Public Nudity, Masturbation to Orgasm with Toy, Hard Breast Massage, Anal Fingering, Anal Toys, Extreme Closeups.

Model Comments

Hey members 🙂 My name is Rachael, I’m one of two identical twins (20 years old). I’m an undergrad at FSU, studying psychology. I was interested in psychology at a very young age, going through many struggles in my family. However sports always brought out the best in me. I am very competitive, and love to win! I enjoy watching sports, like football, and baseball. As well as playing; I have been a cheerleader for 12 years, and volleyball for 10. I like to go out and party with my friends on the weekends, followed by boating and a nice Sunday brunch. Hmm mimosas! Although, my favorite cocktail is an old fashioned. My favorite color is aqua blue, because it reminds me of the ocean. My favorite flower is a lily, because my grandmothers name was lily. I love love to go to concerts! Mostly Electronic. I’ve always been a Microsoft girl, even if apple is the trend. I love animals, mainly reptiles, because they’re so beautiful and detailed. In my free time I like to knit, and volunteer at my local rescue mission. I hope you think I’m as fun as my favs I actually am! xoxo Rach

Free Photos Of FTVGIRLS Rachel

1008 1020 1046 1059
1032 1037 1040 2005
1060 2002 2004 2010
2021 2023 2030 2034
2052 2057 2067 2070
3008 2042 2076 2075
3003 3001 2074 2071
2083 2080 2086 2091
3007 3015 3023 3026
3028 3045 3049 3052
3027 3031 3042 3053
3056 3058 3075 3078
3081 3086 3096 3097
3084 4019 4024 4028
4040 4045 4052 4053
4008 4011 4013 4054

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Free Streaming Videos of FTV Girls Rachel


Videographer/Photographer’s Comments

An interesting email came to me, a girl who, pretty much on a dare, decided to apply to FTV. She was very shy about it, but her risqué side wanted her to experience a soft-core shoot like this. Of course, she’s never done any adult shoots before, and hadn’t even really masturbated much in her personal life. She sent me these photos: #1 #2 #3 then sent me some selfie nudes: #4 #5 #6 #7. Her body is rather unique, where she’s got those big naturals and full butt, with a slim waistline in comparison. When I met her in person, she is a little thing, only 5 feet tall. Her hair was up like you see it, in those mini-buns, because supposedly she had much longer hair but cut it shorter for a charity. Looks cute on her anyway, and her rather exotic look (a mix of American Indian and German) gives this natural blonde a unique face. She hates being called half-Asian, which some mistake her for. Also notice her eyes, one is more blue, the other is green/brown. She was very timid to start, and I really had to work her rather slowly. She was too shy to shoot outside, and even believed that there was no way she would orgasm on masturbation. I was worried; but I let her try an introductory vibrator like the Oscillator and see what happens. Well not only did it work for her, it brought her to the strongest orgasm of her life. Then again, I did wonder if she ever had an orgasm before, because her reaction to it seemed a shock for her. In fact, around 6:14 on clip2, notice how when her orgasm begins (along with the vaginal contractions), she puts her hand on her vagina as if startled by what is happening to her down there. So yeah, it was an awesome orgasm, with two angles of the video. What was annoying was that phone call, someone did not turn off their phone… A second camera angle gets a different view of the masturbation and orgasm. After her orgasm, her playful side comes out, and she shows off her naked body in the bathroom, and puts one a cute little dress and heels. She parades around with her cleavage out, and lets us get more peeks between her legs and watch her squeeze her big breasts. There were so many things I could not do with her however, such as foot fetish (for some reason she refused) or peeing (refused again) so at the end of clip4 you see what I mean. I wanted her to take the hair buns down and see her with her hair flowing naturally, but she was not having it, and so I asked her to put it up in a single bun instead then. It turns into a hard breast massage scene, as she lathers her boobs with cream, and we enjoy her mashing them from every angle. Its another outfit change, one that she likes a lot, with her favorite heels. So she ends up masturbating with the Oscillator again, and guess what, she has another super strong orgasm… actually make that two! The orgasmic contractions seems to go on longer and harder with each one… Once again, because her masturbations are so erotic and responsive, I had a second camera angle recording her. She then pushes her anal limits, by starting with fingers, then two different dildos as she pushes them as deep as they can go. With some difficulty, she gets half of the blue toy in… I think she has a really pretty, ‘unused’ looking vagina, and it was over a month since she last had sex (and had only 3 partners in her life). So its all about extreme Closeups of her pretty clit and spreading that vagina that simply is too small/tight to be gaped. Using a smaller dildo, she penetrates her vagina, and notice how tightly her vagina holds that little toy. After she pulls it out, the pressure makes her milky juices flow out of her vagina and down her butt. I get up close, and record the juices flowing down her butt crack.

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FTV Girls Lucie: Sultry Little One (October 2016)

Hey, people! We have an amazing beautiful and tiny girl for today. Meet FTV girl Lucie. Sweet girl with cute face. She is 18 years old and she is only 5′ tall. Her figure: 32A-24-35. This small lady had her first time experience on FTV Girls. Lucie has three jobs, mostly minimum-wage types where she’s a cashier etc… and she has little time for fun, sex, or relationships. Lucie says she doing adult modeling to support her sister with her children. But maybe this lady just wants to be a pornstar… Who knows! Maybe we’ll see a lot of adult movies with her in future. For now Lucie has 2 updates in the members area available for watching or downloading. 2 hours of HD video, 400+ hi-res photos… where you’ll see:

1st update 2nd update
Public Nudity
Dress & Heels
Upskirt in Public
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys
Dancing Scene
Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
Big Ten Toy
Public Nudity
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys
Extreme Closeups
Anal Fingering
Double Penetration
Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
Anal Toys

Get access to 220 photos,

55 minutes of HD video

Get access to 233 photos,

74 minutes of HD video

Free Photos of FTV Girls Lucie:

102 119 124 132
138 145 153 201
139 146 157 162
159 161 204 205
209 216 219 232
213 224 242 249
235 241 260 261
282 284 256 252
325 309 271 264
335 336 346 357
308 340 359 364

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episode (1)

Videographer’s comments:

Once she opens up, and does little bit of teasing and on-location nudity, its pretty much nighttime, and so I put her to sleep. She wanted to have sex that night, but I held back and wanted her to be fresh for the next morning. And as the morning begins, I introduce her to the Magic Wand toy. She had never used a vibrator before (claiming that she could never afford one) and both me and her were shocked by the results. It not only brought her to two strong orgasms with visible vaginal contractions, but she ended up squirting twice as well! She’d never squirted before in her life. That’s when she got sexually aggressive on me again, but I wanted to get her to do some extreme closeups and spreads of her vagina. She’s got a really petite and pretty vagina, don’t you think? Also notice how she would finger her vagina and butt at the same time, and poke around with the same fingers — she didn’t seem to mind (and seems to do it a lot in her personal life). I would try to make her look into the camera, but she was usually looking towards my groin instead. We go for a lunch break, and she’s wearing a mishmash of clothes (because she doesn’t have much) and after an interview (interesting personality) we go to the backside of the restaurant and have her tease her vagina and breasts some more. Back home, its another masturbation with similar results; two strong orgasms and a lot more squirting. There’s a second camera view of the action, and its a pretty clear and erotic view of everything that happens. Each time she does this, she becomes more energetic, and more sexual haha. We then get more spreading and gaping, including with her butt. When Lia shows up, she takes a liking to her as well, as she is totally bisexual… A cucumber she got while we were at a grocery store ends up getting a blowjob — and it is the biggest thing she’s ever had in her vagina. She rides it, then does herself in missionary. Its hot watching that petite vagina get penetrated… Then as the sun sets, we go for more anal play in the balcony, with her fingering and using a bead toy. I have her spread and gape her butt as much as she can. Everything is so tight and tiny! WATCH ALL THIS ACTION >>

Free Photos of FTV Girls Lucie:

401 408 411 413
418 422 423 428
434 437 440 450
456 460 464 468
514 525 531 536
506 528 538 550
555 614 615 616
620 627 634 652
561 612 675 676
663 667 677 681

Watch HD Videos with this Young Girl Masturbating in Front of Camera