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FTV Caroline: Fingers For Orgasms (May 2014)

She is not my type of a girl. But a lot of people will like her with her pigtails, hairy pussy and a Church-girl style. Her name is Caroline, she is 19 years old. Her height: 5’2", her figure: 34D-25-37. In her update:

-> Masturbation to Orgasm with Fingers, Toy
-> Public Nudity
-> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
-> See-Through Dress
-> Visible Vaginal Contractions
-> Nipple Stretching
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Long Pink Toy
-> Banana in Pussy

Total of 93 mins of HD vids & 235 Hi-Res photos in the members area.

FTV Caroline’s comments: “I first started shooting in Miami. My first scene ever was one for Hot Bush by Reality Kings. I also worked with BangBros for the first time and shot a spread and interview for Score magazine all in my first week there. It was super fun and to be quite honest I was surprised at how professional everything was. Hair and makeup was always provided and these studios had wardrobes that made Mariah Carey’s closet look small…at least how I remembered it from the last time I saw it on television. After that I came to Los Angeles and worked with Reality Kings again shooting Teens Love Cock and now First time video girls. I guess I’m not technically a first timer, but I am very new. I love adult film and have always watched it and loved filming and photographing my sex at home. Now you can watch me come too! Hehehe… I have riden in crazy fast sports cars, been to many different cities, and ate some damn good steaks between and after shoots. There’s always some bad apples, but 90% of people I’ve met in the industry are just really forward thinking, fun people, and many are not only kind of subversive naturally but pretty intellectual and not at all what many people are led to believe.
Being in porn feels like being in some secret club or secret society a lot days. I get a ton of questions of people outside of porn and usually they are very curious. I like to keep them guessing though! Hope you enjoy my scenes and all of the adventures I went on today. Have to say it felt pretty bad ass and hot to jack off(or jill off) naked in the middle of the road. :)”

This is FTV Teen Girl Caroline:


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FTV Girls Mary & Scarlet: Best Friends Forever

At first let me introduce you the upcoming FTV girls that you can see soon.

ftvgirls Bailey COMING ON: May 3, 2014. Photos: 362 pics. Video: 91 minutes.


Bailey recently turned 18, and decided to use FTV as a way to start her softcore adult career. Never done any adult work before, let alone masturbate or do public nudity, we’re happy to see her first experience here! She’s a tall, leggy, cute girl, with just the right shaped butt, and firm C cup breasts… We see her first walking through a popular tourist area, which is just about to set up for a concert, and watch her walk about in a beautiful pink dress. No panties or bra, we get all sorts of flashing and upskirt, all the while playing cat & mouse with the security watching right there! She even fingers herself on the spot, notice how wet she sounds. After this crazy public nudity experience, she goes home and plays with a large, pink, double ended dildo.

[uppod video= align=center]

ftvgirls Caroline COMING ON: May 10, 2014. Photos: 235 pics. Video: 93 minutes.


Caroline is a relatively new adult teen pornstar, and here we get to see her as the natural, supercute full figured girl she is. With a full natural butt and perfect, firm D cup natural breasts, she’s a cute one we all would like to get intimate with! We watch her wake up in the comfy bed, her full breasts exposed. Once out of covers, notice she has a lot of pubic hair, spreading herself between her pajama shorts. She then massages those full breasts and plays with her butt, leading to her fingering her vagina. She masturbates using her fingers, and has a nice natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Then we watch her fix her hair up and do a little makeup, put on a cute outfit, and go outside. Out at a resort, we see her in a cute little pink outfit, no bra or panties, and cute teenie wedges. She parades around giving us upskirt views and exposing those super firm breasts, then finger masturbates again to another orgasm with visible vaginal contractions right there in the open!

[uppod video= align=center]

Now The Fresh Meat: Mary & Scarlet

So… What do we have here? Oh, lesbians! Young and smiley lesbians. Their names are Mary and Scarlet. Mary was already shot by FTV Girls in January 2014 but now she meets her friend to have fun with. I haven’t seen their photos and videos yet and so excited!


FTV Scarlet’s Comments:

A good, young mountain girl with enthusiasm and living in the moment.. always! Scarlet is the name, this FTV shoot was a blast and my female parts surprise me more each day I have a sexual, spontaneous adventure with my "partner in crime" and best friend. I am a Certified Nurse Assistant but resist the scrubs, fashion is my passion!A couple years ago I started with a major of textile design at the University of Colorado, however I switched my major to nursing and now I don’t exactly know what I want to do with the rest of my life. I’ve discovered that I have so many hobbies but not professions,that is just who I am. Again, I am a girl that lives in the moment! From modeling to adult film and hoping for more mainstream,my life is in the arts. If I were to write down a goal, that goal would to become a international supermodel and maybe actress. If that cliché dream or goal came true I would be able to even start my own clothing line and pursue in my hobbies.

And now I’m watching girls’ photos! They’re very sexy. And the photos are very quality! In this update:
-> Girls kissing,
-> spreading their asses outdoors,
-> sucking nipples,
-> running & jumping naked on the street,
-> fingering pussies,
-> inserting several cucumbers in the vaginas,
-> rollerblading naked,
-> licking pussies and even asses,
-> filling vaginas with water,
-> playing with the sex toys,
-> dancing undressed,
-> even fucking each other with the strap-on!
Watch this action on 432 pics, 135 mins of HD video in the members area.


FTV Mary’s Comments:

Scarlet is my best friend and has been my best friend for a little over a year now. She is the most amazing individual that I know and I care about her more than anything. We have always been there for each other through thick and thin and I am so grateful to have her as a part of my life. We usually do everything together…and I mean everything!!! We get ready for the day together, hang out together every single day, talk about life, hang out with the puppies, go out….honestly everything. The great thing about Scarlet is that she is selfless. She always wants everyone around her to be happy before she can truly be happy herself. She instills this amazing quality also lights up the room around her. The most important thing that Scarlet cares about is her family as well as her friends and she will go to the end of the earth for every one around her. She truly holds a unique and genuine outlook to care for the lives around her which makes her even more special to my heart. Scarlet’s personality it extremely outgoing, friendly, and very talkative. If you give her the ear to listen she will be happy to talk your ear off the rest of the night and will become your true friend. One thing about Scarlet is she is very accepting and open to trying new things. If I had to describe Scarlet best, I would say that she is a load of crazy all rapped up in a tight little bundle, waiting to be opened so she can show the world that no one stands in her way.

This is FTV Lesbians Mary & Scarlet:


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2014 Upcoming FTV Girls (Streaming Videos)

Hello everybody! Here will be streaming FTV video previews of girls coming in 2014 on FTV Girls website.

FTV Girl Rachel (April 2014):

This supercute 19 year old has her very first adult experience with FTV, and besides being shy with public nudity, she seems sexually comfortable with herself and her figure. She’s 1/4 Japanese, which gives her a slightly exotic look and a super gorgeous face, with a leggy, slender form and fair complexion. We first see her at a resort, wearing a yellow dress and cute wedges. The dress is short, and we get all sorts of upskirt teases showing off her cute butt and petite private parts. Soon enough, she’s teasing herself out in the open, fingering herself, then going and doing naked cartwheels in the grass, and showing off her pretty feet. She’s most comfortable in the nude it seems — and we see a lot of her doing her FTV adventures fully naked. Back home, she masturbates with her fingers to a nice natural orgasm with strong vaginal contractions. Its nice to see a girl who can get off with only her fingers! We get extreme closeups of her private parts, gaping and pulling on her labia. Then in a sweater and no bottoms (just panties) she walks through a street, climbs a fence, and trespasses on some random house! She gets all naked, fingers herself some more, and plays with her labia. Then pulling out a jelly dildo, she gives it a blowjob, then does a sexy ride on the living room table. Watch her labia wrap around that large toy… she continues to do herself on the couch, then goes back to finger masturbation to another strong orgasm, with such satisfying orgasmic contractions. We do a lunch break, where she talks a little more about herself while her breasts are out in the open. Visiting a strip mall, wearing causal clothes, she then starts flashing her breasts & butt, and ending up naked and waving to cars as they drive by. This teen loves getting naked! Back home, she gets kinky experimenting with a speculum, opening up her vagina wide, so we can see right to her cervix. Then she pulls out a string of beads, and stuffs them inside her vagina. We then get to enjoy her perky breasts, watching her massage them, then pull on her nipples up close — the perfect kind you want to suck on! To end the day, she dances to some techno music, both clothed an in the nude. Oh, what a cute teen she is, and we’re happy to see her start shy, eventually being comfortable with all kinds of FTV fun. Another supercute teen, fresh, no tattoos, perfect for FTV 🙂

[uppod video= align=center]

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FTV Lacie: Erotic, Beautiful & Extreme (Dec 2013)

Free videos inside this post! Beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, amazing girl Lacie on FTV Girls. This update was released on December 13, 2013, Friday. FTV Lacie is 18 years old, but she looks a bit older… and sexy than other girls of her age. Her height: 5’9". Her figure: 36C-25-36. Sweet face, great body! This beautiful teen girl has her first time experience on FTV girls. But she goes extreme! In her update there is 382 photos (1600px) and 81 minutes of HD video (12000kbHD):

-> Public Nudity
-> Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
-> Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
-> Foot Fetish Scenes
-> Anal Toys
-> Double Penetration
-> Vagina Gaping Closeups
-> Fisting
-> FTV Monster Toy Ride
All this action on video in the members area ready for downloading.

FTV Lacie’s Comments:I was referred by a sort of distant friend of mine who is in adult, her name is Kennedy on the pornsites. For the longest time I knew about her dating the photographer for ftvgirls and she would always tell me that I should shoot for ftvgirls also. I wasn’t 18 just yet but I also wasn’t sure if I really wanted to do it with my boyfriend not being happy that I’d be all over the internet naked. Well I finally made my decision to do it now and it was an awesome experience for me. I’m planning to do two tamer softcore gigs after this in LA and then go home back to MN. I’m in my first year of college right now, so the money helps with some of my expenses there. I have a job as a barrista at a coffee shop but of course that isn’t that much in wages & tips. I get hit on a lot there too, but I have to be nice about it, and brush it off. It can get annoying at times. I’m tall, yes, and something about my look makes people think I’m older than I am. I can always get away with places where I have to be over 21. Problem is, I don’t like drinking, let alone drugs or anything like that. I just never got into that sort of thing. My dad is an ex-marine, and currently a sergeant in the police force. I was raised by him, more than my mom, so he wanted me in sports all the time, especially volleyball. I’m planning to go into sports medicine. My brother is now a star football player with a scolarship. I can’t ever live up to my dad’s expectations in sports, but I’m always in that dichotomy of a situation where I want to be more feminine, my dad wants me to be more masculine. Maybe I needed more of a mother’s influence.”

I like this cute girl… So there will be a lot of photos and videos inside this post!

This is Sexiest FTV Girl Lacie:


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FTV Girl Stacey: Babble Little One (May 2013)

Here is the girl who had been shot for FTV Girls in May 2013. Her name is Stacey. And I’m making this review because she is chubby. Yeah, I like this figure type. FTV Stacey is 18 years old and she has her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE on FTV Girls. Stacey is 4’10" tall, her figure: 32C-25-34. From the first look I didn’t like her much but then I was choosing her photos to share and noticed that I’ve chosen a lot of. Sometimes her face looks very pretty. Also I like her teeny feet. In her update:
-> Public Nudity: Car show, Street, Resort
-> Masturbation to Orgasm w/Toy
-> Massage(Hard): Breasts
-> Acrobatics at Park
-> Dildo Stuffing
-> Cucumber Stuffing
-> Extreme Closeups
-> Foot Fetish: Toenail Painting
-> Fisting
All this in 364 photos and 105 minutes of 12000kb HD video. Get her videos >

This is Chubby FTV Girl Stacey:


FTV Stacey’s comments on her shot:

“My trip started with a full day of travel from Tampa to Phoenix. On one of my connecting flights I sat next to a couple that decided to ask me why I was coming to Phoenix. I told them that I was only here for the weekend for a shoot with FTV Girls. Long story short everyone on the back of the plane figured out why I was there. I might’ve been that I had to explain what FTV was to this couple or that I talk too loud and giggle too much…maybe both. After getting off the plane I got my ride back to the FTV house. My night started with the grand tour and continued into a car show. At this car show I had my first experience with public nudity. Walking between cars topless is easier that I thought. After that dinner and some sleep to get ready for the full day of shooting we had planned for the next day. After waking possibly the earliest since high school, 6:30 A.M., the shooting began. We started with some early morning waking up stuff, nothing I’d ever wanted anyone to see me doing or I really expected to be on camera at least. After that we moved into some other random about the house stuff. Also while walking downstairs I saw a giant lizard laying under the table…

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