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FTV Girl Nina: FTV’s Most Beautiful (Oct 2015)

There was a girl from October 2015… I missed her last month. But I decided to share her body with you. Her name is Nina and she is 19 years old. Nina is a young girl with big boobs. Her height: 5’2", her measurements: 32D-24-34. Look at the photos of her in real life:

nina01 nina02
nina03 nina04
nina08 nina10

Want to see this girl naked? She has two updates on FTV Girls website, a lot of photos & videos. In Nina’s FTV updates:

  • Public Nudity
  • Masturbation to Orgasm with Fingers
  • Masturbation to Orgasm with Toys
  • Upskirt in Public
  • Massage(Hard): Breast
  • Extreme Closeups
  • Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
  • Anal Fingering
  • Vagina Gaping Closeups
  • Long Labia & Stretching
  • Massage(Hard): Breast
  • Shower Scenes
  • Anal Toys
  • Foot Fetish Scenes

84+83 minutes of HD video of Nina’s performance, 277+367 HQ photos with Nina you can download from the members area. Almost 3 hours of video!

Nina’s comments: Hey it’s Nina I was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. Cute little city in the east where everyone is friendly. I was born into a big family with 3 sisters and one brother with me being right in the middle. I love my family more than life and I would truly do anything for them. I’m the proud owner of a tiny little Chihuahua named Milli which I call Millz, she is a feisty little pooch that means the world to me. Millz is just like me sassy but sweet as can be. I moved out of my house and moved to Raleigh, Nc a few months after I turned 18. Although I adore being close to my family I’ve always thought of myself as very independent. I enjoy nothing else more than going to new places and taking in all the beauty nature has to offer. I try to get out of my town as much as possible. My favorite places to go is New York and Las Vegas. I believe the best way to be is naked all the time. I love how peaceful and free it makes me feel. My best hobby is definitely shopping, I could shop all day and never get bored. The mall is practically my second home. In the future I see myself as an established interior designer or real estate agent, happily married with two adorable kids. For now I will start by going to community college in the fall then NC state in Raleigh, or another college in whichever state I may choose to make my home. I’ve always wanted to live in Florida since the first time I visited Orlando last year. The warm weather and the beach makes for such a peaceful living which is exactly what I want. I could definitely see myself living in West Palm Beach soaking up the sun and splashing in the waves everyday. I’ve never been the girl who wanted to live in a big city being from a small town myself. Lana Del Rey is the queen of my heart, her music takes me to another world. I get to see her in concert in a few days and I couldn’t be any more excited. I might actually cry when I see her. I’m going to see Lana with my two best friends. I love them because they are just as crazy as me. Serena, my favorite is a crazy carefree girl. We’ve been wild together since the start. We’ve always said we were soul mates being so much alike in our own crazy ways. We even have our own language which we use all the time. Bibi is my second partner in crime and also the girl I share a home with. I appreciate her because she would never judge me and she always looks out for me and my precious Millz. Serena and I flew together to Phoenix so of course we’re both in this business together. I would love for her to do a shoot with me but she’s so shy about being on camera. Serena also wants to live in Florida, we would be living in our sexy little bikinis and seducing all the boys all over the sunshine state.

This is Busty FTV Girl Nina:


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FTV Girl Molly: Down to Earth (October 2015)

Today we meet a fresh FTV Girl Molly. This young girl recently turned 18, her height: 5’7”, her figure: 36B-24-35. Molly has zero adult experience. This sweetie tries out her first shoot with FTV, and learns to have her first orgasm on camera. In her update:

  • Public Nudity
  • Upskirt in Public
  • Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys
  • Squirting
  • Extreme Closeups
  • Kissing
  • Magic Wand
  • Vagina Gaping Closeups

93 minutes of her HD videos & 240 HQ photos you can instantly download from the members area just after subscribing.

Model Comments: So I shot my first porn! Ha-ha that’s so crazy to say that. If you would have asked me a year ago if I’d ever try anything adult I would have thought you were crazy. I really wanted to get out of my small town in Ohio and California is a place I’d wanted to go, so I figured I’d give modeling a try. Everyone has always said I should model because I am so tall. My friend Iggy and I came out here together to try this whole thing out. I guess you could say I’m a somewhat sexual girl, but its crazy that before this shoot I’d never had an orgasm before! I thought that I had, but my photographer saw me masturbate in out first play scene and noticed that once my legs started twitching I would pull the toy off. I always thought the leg twitching was the orgasm! Lol ugh so many wasted potential orgasms now that I look back. Also I think I don’t need boyfriends anymore, those toys were A M A Z I N G! Especially the hair dryer looking one, but Eric says I cant take that one with me 🙁 BUT he did give me the small pink toy to take home with me so at least I have that! Running around outside naked in public was less scary than I thought it would be. We he told me I would be naked in public I thought he was crazy but then I sort of just went for it and it wasn’t too big of a deal. We did get caught at our first spot by a security guy though, but he was cool and just said leave. The pool part we shot was awesome because it was really hot outside and I’m not used to that. However there were bees everywhere and I am allergic to them and I didn’t bring my epipen with me from Ohio so I think the bees scared me more than the public nudity! I invited my friend Iggy to help us the second day so she could see what adult shoots looked like since she will be doing some shoots out here also. It was so weird kissing her and having her grab my boobs because we are NOT like that usually, but it was funny ha-ha. Oh and I got to see Ferraris and take pics with them. We don’t see those in Ohio too often! Anyways thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed my first shoot! And first orgasm! And first squirt! And first time using a toy!

This is FTV Teen Girl Molly:


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FTV Girl Staci: Super Gorgeous (March 2015)

Do you remember the girl Staci? If not – here is her previous update on ftvmagic. Two days ago I was searching members area looking for the beauty girls for the new site and found the second update with Staci. OMG she is such a sexy chick! With that model’s face, with that great smile! Funny, smiley Staci showing us herself another time. I’m crazy about her. I find her second update much better than the first one. And I definitely will share a lot of photos here (she’s very photogenic).

  • Public Nudity
  • Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers, Toys
  • Lingerie
  • Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
  • Extreme Closeups
  • Glass Ball Toy
  • Anal Penetration w/Toy, Heel
  • Double Penetration
  • Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
  • Heel Stuffing

All this action recorded in HD and available for downloading in the members area (1.5 hours of video).

Model Comments: Hey, its Staci again, and I’m back! I’m more experienced now and more confident about modeling than compared to the first time I was here. That shoot was a lot of fun but I had absolutely no experience at all! I’m more in tune with my body too now. I find my sexual life quite interesting. As long as i can remember i masturbated in the bathtub, or in my bedroom, often i would just play with myself and then have an orgasm about 4th or 5th grade I started fantasying, about my male teacher, not of what he would do to me quit yet but I would think about him while i played with myself. I now masturbate at a minimum of once a day, sometimes to porn sometime to my own fantasies, the current one that i have been fantasizing about recently is being a house wife and my husband comes home but he is angry sometimes with things i do or lack of doing and sometimes with his own work life, the fantasy varies sometimes he enforces punishment and sometimes here comes the "taboo" scenario, he brings home his buddy’s from work and enforces the punishment together. I lost my virginity at 15, twice ha-ha, yes you might be slightly confused so let me explain. I had a vaginal septum. which means my coochi was divided into two vaginas in the interior, so my cherry was popped twice i suppose 😉 although i am very exclusive with the people i sleep with. aside from rare occasions, i only have sex within serious relationships, that’s when I allow the openness to begin. I believe if a person or couple can let go of the stigmas and taboos of exploring their sexual sides it can be life changing. I am told i am polygamous. still exploring that side of me, but my polyamory is slightly different. It started when, after being cheated on, witnessing countless cheating relationships and unfortunately hate to admit but even cheating myself, i came to the realization that more often then not it is not so much the act of having sex with someone but it is the act of deception that causes pain and problems. So then i decided to give any significant other at the time or future the option "if you are attracted to someone, come to me first and we will work something out" basically saying we will more than likely have a three some of some sort. I found just having that option solved any problem of cheating. all about openness, but me being me i took it even further and the wheels started turning. I thought to myself, i love women and men, for many different reasons, why couldn’t i have a girlfriend/wife and boyfriend/husband, all living together, sleeping together, and sharing a life together. I have yet to experience it, sometimes i get jealous, in a healthy amount and i actually like when a man gets jealous, so as i explore this part of my life we will see if it is as simple and ideal as i am thinking or if it is much more complex. That’s about the just of me, I hope you enjoyed my essay, and my new shoot with ftv.

This is Sexy FTV Girl Staci:


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FTV Jenna & Melissa: The Kinkiest Match (2015)

Hello everybody. Another one update with two girls. One of them is Jenna who started her FTV Girls modeling in 2015. And the other girl is Melissa who shots for FTV from 2008 and recently born a child.
Melissa’s Statistics. Age: 24 | Height: 5’2" | Figure: 34B-24-34
Jenna’s Statistics. Age: 21 | Height: 5’3" | Figure: 34C-25-38
There is a lot of things you can do if you’re a girl, even more if you’re a pregnant girl, much more if you have another naked girl for a shot. And I was ready for everything: milking, kissing, pussy licking, sex toy play, fisting, etc. But there is one thing I’ve just seen in this update I wasn’t ready for: filling pussy with mink from tits using speculum. Ok, lets view the full list of this shot’s action:

  • Anal Fingering,
  • Double Penetration,
  • Dress and Heels,
  • Girl Girl, Kissing, Oral sex,
  • Multi-Toy Penetration,
  • Masturbation to Orgasm,
  • Vagina Gaping Closeups
  • Fisting (whole fist in pussy),
  • Lactation (to the mouth),
  • Magic Wand masturbation,
  • Speculum in pussy,
  • Bottle Stuffing,
  • Squirting,
  • Unique Fetish,
  • Large Toys
  • Enter and watch all 394 photos & 101 minutes of HD video in the members area.

    Meet FTV Girls’ Lesbians Melissa & Jenna:


    FTV Jenna’s Comments: I asked her to fist me. We started with me laying on a high table with my legs spread on either side. She started off getting me wet and moving my pussy juices around with her fingers. When she got to four fingers I was ready. Or at least I thought! She put in her hand past her knuckels and I felt my pussy start burning and then she slipped in the rest and it was really burning and I couldn’t even hold myself up, so she took out her hand. Then I got in doggy style and she was able to slip it in much easier and it hurt less. She I felt my pussy so full when she started wiggling around in there. Even though it hurt, it feel so good and I couldn’t help but cum. It came over me like a wave of euphoria. We also got a glass water bottle and she milked her titties into it and got a good amount of milk in there. It was a good couple of sips and I enjoyed drinking every drop of it. Then we got it in her pussy. This was a challenge, we ended up getting it in with the mouth piece in first. I had to spread her pussy lips, insert the head of the bottle and wiggle around then put some pressure and wiggle through until the fat part of the head went in. Then it was easy and smooth after that. She kept pushing it out with her vaginal muscles and the bottle would quickly slip right out so we did that a few times. It was really cool to see the inside of her pussy through the glass like that. She then wanted to see inside me too so she put a clear, plastic geyno thing in my pussy. She then had to open it and lock it, but she put it in the wrong way so you couldn’t see my cervix. Then she unlocked it, repositioned it and locked it again. This time she could see in my pussy. Especially with that huge flashlight she had to light up my inside. I really wanted to see so I asked her to describe it for me and she said it was really pink and wet. I asked her to squirt milk in my pussy so she started dripping into the opening of the speculum and then she was dripping milk where she filled up my pussy with it. When she took it out, my pussy closed back up and pushed out all the milk. I could feel it drip over my pussy and ass and she loved watching. It was definitely a very fun and kinky experience. Melissa also fingered me while I used the hitachi magic wand on my clit. The hitachi was making my clit so sensitive and her two fingers made me go crazy and took my over the edge. I came so hard on her fingers and then we made out. I had so much fun experimenting new things with the gorgeous Melissa.I still have little butterflies from such an extreme day. I had an amazing time I will never forget.

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    FTV Girl Dolly: Kinky Little Redhead (August 2015)

    Hello, boys & girls. Glad to see on FTV Magic again. Do you like young redhead girls? We have one for you today with two big updates. Her name is Dolly, she is 18 years old and this teen have her total first time experience on FTV Girls. Dolly’s height: 4’11". Her figure: 32B-23-34.Yes, this young cute redhead has never been in adult before… but she goes extreme playing with FTV Monster toy, stuffing fruits, fingering ass and soda can stuffing! In her updates:

    Kinky Little Redhead:

    Public Nudity
    Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
    Schoolgirl Look
    Bead Stuffing
    Anal Toys
    Extreme Closeups
    Double Penetration
    Long Labia & Stretching
    Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
    Vagina Gaping Closeups
    Foot Fetish Scenes
    Golf Ball Stuffing
    FTV Monster – Deep

    366 photos, 61 min of videos
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    Kinky Little Redhead 2:

    Public Nudity
    Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
    Schoolgirl Look
    Upskirt in Public
    Dancing Scenes
    Massage(Hard): Breast
    Extreme Closeups
    Vagina Gaping Closeups
    Anal Fingering
    Anal Gaping
    Long Labia & Stretching
    Visible Orgasmic Contractions
    Foot Fetish Scenes
    Soda Can Stuffing

    328 photos, 70 min of videos
    Get access & Download >>

    FTV Videographer’s Comments: This girl never seems to be short of schoolgirl outfits. In fact, in the black formal schoolgirl outfit you see her in ‘the office’, she kept on when she boarded her plane. The excuse is that the TSA never bothers her when she looks like that. I’m sure she loves the fetish anyway, and the attention she gets from it ha-ha. Anyway, this schoolgirl theme starts at the office, reading a book, with some panty shots, then her meeting up with the FTV Monster Toy. Biggest for last… and her vagina has become used to the ‘large’ over the last two days. She attempts to give it a blowjob, then rides it down impressively deep. One might think that she must’ve had a boyfriend that was really large, or she has played with big things before, but she only lost her virginity less than a year ago, and hasn’t had many partners, or even larger guys. But she’s definitely naturally ‘flexible’ down there. She also doesn’t seem to feel ‘pain’ like most girls would with the pressure and it hitting so far back inside her. After she nearly gets off on the FTV Monster, she then super gapes wide open, so we can see how stretched out she’s become. Its one last kinky shoot while we have time — playing with golf balls. She stuffs three of them inside her, then gapes herself open to show the pink balls inside her, and pops them out. Its an amazing ending, and this tiny teen definitely surprises us with some amazingly kinky, extreme and fun things she was able to do, all on her first shoot ever here on FTV.

    This is Young FTV Redhead Dolly:


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