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FTV Girl Violet: Finding Her Limits (June 2016)

Meet a girl with a beautiful face and with a great figure. This update was released on June 10, 2016. Here is the sexy brunette. Her name is Violet, she had just turned 19 years old. And she is an extreme girl. In this update you’ll see big toys, vegetables & fist in the pussy of the young horny girl. Violet’s FTV Girls update devided for two parts and here is the first one with following content:

Public Nudity
Dancing Scenes
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
Strong Orgasmic Contractions
Extreme Closeups
Vagina Gaping Closeups
FTV Monster Toy

Total: 228 photos & 84 minutes of HD videos you can download from the members area.


Free Photos of FTV Girls Violet:

105 103 113 111
109 120 135 146
145 140 126 123
148 153 158 166
157 174 180 181
170 171 175 220
214 202 207 209
225 228 231 234
244 247 251 252
259 263 267 276
250 275 281 286
309 314 321 324
301 319 329 337
333 340 344 348

Watch VIDEOS of Violet masturbating in front of camera (in HD quality) in the members area.


Model Comments

Hi there I’m Violet I am really excited to be a part of Ftv girls this experience has opened my mind and allowed me to explore my sexuality in ways that I never imagined. I am currently a full time student majoring in psychology with a minor in philosophy. I have a few options for career goals but as for now I am focusing on completing an internship in the practice of psychology. Training to be an aerialist has become a huge part of my life, I am learning with aerial silks and lyra. One of my short term goals is to perform at events and circus shows. In my free time I enjoy scuba diving. I have been diving for two years, eventually I would like to explore caves. Horseback riding is also a big interest of mine. I have spent endless amounts of rewarding hours working at a stable while I took care of the horses and taught others how to ride. Since I was younger I was always drawn to idea of working with animals especially marine mammals. When I was younger I would constantly go on marine excursions at every chance I received. I really enjoy traveling to different locations to explore various cultures. Norway and Germany are the top two places that I would love to travel to. I am very adventurous and I am almost always up for new experiences. I really love meeting new people and surrounding myself with good energy. One of my favorite things to do is hanging out with close friends and surround myself with positive people who I can learn from. If you would like to know more about me I would love to have the chance to talk to you and get to know you as well.

Screenshot from the members area:



FTV MEMBERS’ Comments:

  • Merlin7

    I am overjoyed to see Violet get the best treatment possible from the adult industry – both professionally and personally. To see such a well-done scene, where the most genuine, captivating woman is having the time of her life, is a privilege. Thank you very much.
    I’ve been tempted for years to get an FTV membership, knowing it was the best site, the only site, to see intimacy rather than porn, but never made the leap. Once I discovered that you had booked Violet, it was just a matter of time, and now I’m a member until at least 6/12/2017.
    I can’t wait to see more of your work with this wonderful girl!!
    P.S. If any content that doesn’t make it past the cutting room floor were to appear on the weekly goodie page, I would be eternally grateful. I just can’t get enough of her, she’s my shining Starr.

  • Jan

    Fantastic veggie scene. Possibly best ever. Outdoors and well filmed. And Violet is great. Thanks to Violet an FTV

  • VENU

    FTV Pure Art here. Violet is a stunning beautiful girl. Big round breast with amazing wide hips and bubble butt. She is a delight of curves, a truly voluptuous woman. All her beauty is captured with flawless magnificent and perfection by FTV cameras. We can see in some video frames and in a lot of pictures her entire full body walking slowly and we can she her full beauty, her amazing beautiful hair moving with the wind. Great finding. VIOLET you are more than welcome. A CURVY VOLUPTUOUS WOMAN HERE AT FTV…thanks for this perfect set of videos…

  • Steve

    I agree she is sexy and voluptuous! I wish there was more video footage that was body appreciation. Things like long


    Screenshot from the members area:


    Watch this beauty girl masturbating in front of camera and getting orgasm (in HD quality) in the members area.
    Download all her HD Videos & Photos

    episode (1)

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FTV Girls Alexia & Nina: Sharing the Pleasure

Are you ready for the new update? And this update is lesbian one! Two young cute girls: Alexia & Nina having fun licking and fucking each other on FTV Girls. You can see Alexia in solo action on FTV magic here: FTV GIRL ALEXIA: INNOCENT EXTREME (AUGUST 2015).
And Nina’s previous update here: FTV GIRL NINA: FTV’S MOST BEAUTIFUL (OCT 2015).
But today these horny teen girls giving pleasure to each other. Nina and Alexia have become friends and were very excited to shoot together. Models who have a genuine chemistry off camera are always better to shoot because theres no need to force anything. They had a lot of fun going on awesome and not to mention orgasmic adventures for two days.

Action in this Update:

  • Extreme Closeups, Glass FTV Toy, Kissing, Large Toys, Magic Wand,
  • Masturbation to Orgasm, Oral, Strong Orgasmic Contractions, Toys,
  • VibraKing, Fisting, Girl Girl, Hard Breast Massage, Vagina Gaping Closeups,
  • Public Display of Affection, Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public.

Free Photos of Alexia & Nina:

1006 1008 1033 1030
1023 1041 1042 1049
1026 1037 1039 1040
1043 1045 1053 1062
1070 2013 2015 2016
2018 2026 2027 2030
2034 2036 2037 2045
3003 2017 2025 2047
3009 2043 2053 2055
3006 3014 3029 3036
3040 3041 3042 3043
3030 3031 3044 3049
4005 4006 4014 4020
3050 3051 4022 4024
4028 4031 4041 4045
4036 4058 4059 4065




FTV Girls Alexia’s Comments

Hi I’m Alexia! I was so excited to shoot for FTV again and especially because I got to do so with the beautiful Nina North. Nina and I have become such amazing friends over the past two years, but we had never done anything more than kiss until this shoot. Being able to share orgasms with her brought us closer than ever… literally! While shooting my solo for FTV a few months ago, I used a hitachi for the first time. I thought it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had! But it was one-uped by my new found love, the vibra king toy! That thing was insane! It was such a powerful orgasm that my whole body was shaking! It was one of those things where I needed to focus on holding it on my clit because my natural instinct was to turn it off. That double sided dildo in the master bedroom was interesting too. I saw this European girl post a pic of that postion I had always wanted to try it. It was super hot and I think it looked good, but didn’t feels so good on my back! Another thing was Eric gave me the camera when he want downstairs and we did a POV scene using the double dildo and Nina came again haha I don’t know how she does it back to back like that. I was happy that I could still fist myself! I think I got a little tighter or maybe I just needed to warm up more, but hey it went in! The flashing at the golf course was pretty funny LOL the guys were basically just staring and not even playing golf after we had our boobs out. One even said thank you! I was really excited when I heard we were going to the beach. I always love the beach but even being in LA so much now its hard to get down to the beach with my schedule. Nina and I ended the day with yet another amazing orgasm on the beach. Im pretty sure you could totally see what we were doing and there was this super cute couple taking photos together. Anyways, thanks for having me again and I really hope you all enjoy the shoot!

Screenshots from Videos:














103 (1)











  • episode
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FTV Girl Alana: Frisky Gamer Girl (March 2016)

Hi, everybody. Several hours ago official FTV Girls website updated with a new girl Alana. She is 23 years old next door-type girl with a very kinky side to her. Alana’s height: 5’6", her figure: 34B-26-36. Alana did have one PC game that got her obsessed, Guild Wars. Playing this game made her realize how much she loves having an online community, and that love sent her back online searching for more. She didn’t always has many friends in real life, but when she had an online community, she had people to go talk to or joke around with. Alana found her place in a chat room based in a flash-game site eventually. She was actually just on the site to play a game when she noticed the sidebar. She’s been a part of that room for 5 years now, and during those years had video chats with each other off-site. Alana started noticing that she would get excited by people watching her. She was very teasing and flirty, leading up to flashing, nudity, and then more. She got told "you should really try nude modeling”. Alana contacted FTV photographer through a gamer forum and sent these cute pictures of herself:

alana1 alana2 alana7 alana8

Find her other real-life photos & selfies in the members area.


Alana’s Comments

There are a number of things that make someone who they are, like their skills, temperment, how they treat others, and their interests. I feel like most of these are better observed than told. Interests, however, are things to be told, things to talk about. It’s hard to convey exactly who I am through writing, but maybe I can tell you a little about the things that bring me life. Things like cute women, curling up with a fantasy novel, playing with dogs, or perhaps my favorite subject…

My favorite interest and hobby is gaming. That doesn’t mean I’m "hardcore" about it, or that I love every and all type of game, but it means that when I want to spend a little "me" time, I turn on my console (sorry PC lovers). Really, though, there’s nothing wrong with PC gaming, I just don’t have the computer for it and I prefer controllers. I remember when got my xbox and a copy of Halo 2 (I did go back and play the first later). I had played some games before on the computer, or on my friends’ nintendos (like Super Smash), and while I enjoyed those, it was not like this. I was hooked. I would spend every weekend staying up with my best friend until daybreak playing the game. I remember getting the special Spartan edition 360 when it came out. My game interests have changed now. I’m not sure what it was about Halo that really gripped me. It might have been the first person perspective that made it really feel like it was me.

I no longer need the first person perspective to feel like a character is me or at least feel like the character is a PART of me. Some games feel that way without it, and some don’t feel that way with it. Despite the feeling first coming from a first person shooter, I rarely go for those anymore. I’ve become obsessed with open-world exploration, or at least games with decision making. Non-linear, if you will. That love was kindled when I played Fable, and grew into a roaring fire when I discovered Morrowind (total customization–and if you’ve played Skyrim you should really play–it’s a little outdated now but even better). I even left the sci-fi and fantasy realms and enjoyed myself in the present era, playing games like Grand Theft Auto, or went a little back in the past for Red Dead Redemption.


In Alana’s FTV Update:

Public Nudity
Upskirt in Public
Dress & Heels
Dancing Scenes
Massage(Hard): Breast
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toys
Strong Orgasmic Contractions
Milky Orgasm
Extreme Closeups
Vagina Gaping Closeups
Anal Fingering
Anal Toys
Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
Long Labia & Stretching

In total you can download 370 photos (1600px) and 106 minutes of video (12000kbHD) with Alana in the members area.


Alana’s Free Photos:

138 118 133 124
109 119 128 130
146 149 156 180
161 158 176 179
181 185 194 191
189 213 217 222
223 225 246 247
236 226 238 265
255 257 262 264
274 283 284 323
320 325 326 329
333 334 340 342
351 358 361 363
364 365 368 373
309 349 371 384
381 374 375 385
393 412 413 422
392 401 416 444
447 448 452 464
458 467 488 494


Sample Alana’s Video:

Watch this girl masturbating to orgasm in front of camera


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FTV Girl Nadine: Hula Hoop Teen (Jan 2012)

FTV Girls will be updated with a fresh girl in a couple of days. But I decided to find something interesting in the members area I haven’t posted on ftv magic yet. 2016-02-04 21-59-06 2016-02-04 22-00-11

And I’ve found. One unique girl. Her name is Nadine, on the moment of the shot she was 18. And she’s chubby. You know… A little bit fat girl. But her smile is so sweet, her face is so innocent! This is her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE, and she is an FTV EXCLUSIVE girl. Her height: 5’3", her figure: 34C-27-38. I think some of you guys love big girls… especially in their young age!

Nadine’s Comments:

I’m normally a very eloquent and entertaining writer, but when i have to write about myself all bets are off. I get writers block and keep deleting and retyping every sentence because i just don’t like the way it sounds. So bear with me here, I’ll try to make this good. I was born and raised in Berkeley, CA. I went to catholic school and had a very happy childhood. Things started to get interesting in highschool, when i became obsessed with sex, nudity, and masturbation. Nothing really happened to spark this new fascination, it was all a part of my maturing personality. I was growing up to be a pervette, and everyone knew it. So it came as no surprise that shortly after my 18th birthday I became deeply involved with the adult industry. The good things is that i totally LOVE it! I truly believe that sex and sexuality are vital to a happy lifestyle. I masturbate and/or have sex at least twice a day, to keep the doctor away. Sexual repression is not healthy! A powerful vibrator and a realistic dildo (or a real dick!) usually does the trick for me, but sometimes i like to use nipple clamps. My puffy nipples are very sensitive and can be like a second g-spot, depending on how kinky of a mood im in. Which brings me to my next point, bondage. Im not super hard core with it (yet) but I like to tie up my partner and tease him until his balls are blue. Then i tease him some more. I also like spanking, CBT, and sensory deprivation. I truly love the adult industry and hope that i can take my place in it to the nest level. No need to worry about my future, i am not foolish enough to think that i can keep doing this forever, which is why in the "real-world" I am a student at UC Berkeley, majoring in anthropology. I am also quite the intellectual, i read a ton. You wont see me buying designer purses and shoes, I’d rather blow my money on books and old vinyls (i do actually own a record player). I was born about 50 years too late, and am severely disappointed in my own generation. Our lack of basic intelligence and especially our music (if you could call it that) is appalling. Some of my favorite artists are Jefferson Airplane, Jimmy Hendrix, Grateful Dead, and Janis Joplin. My hobbies are hula-hooping, hiking, painting, drawing, and camping. I actually know how to make fire with sticks! When i go camping I really rough it. No stupid RV or campsite with a cable hook-up. Just the great outdoors, the way nature intended. So why should you get to know me? I have excellent taste in music and impeccable manners. i love to have deep, philosophical conversations and get into heated political debates, but I am also fine with just getting down and dirty 😉

In Nadine’s Update:

Public Nudity: Mall, Playground
Public Nudity: Sporting Goods, Park
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
Massage (Hard): Breast
Hulahoop Scene
Extreme Closeups
Hard Dildo Ride
Near Fisting
Banana, Zucchini, Gourd Stuffing

Nadine’s Free Photos:

102 106 108 112
116 121 127 129
141 153 159 207
255 258 261 263
212 235 302 304
303 307 313 314
316 319 320 324
325 332 333 336
326 343 345 348
363 366 369 376
350 359 371 408
420 424 427 428
419 445 446 448
435 437 441 450
451 459 462 465
467 470 473 478
458 471 474 476

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Videographer’s Comments:

I got an email a while back from Nadine, with the following pictures: #1 #2 #3 #4. No doubt, she looks very young, so I asked for her ID’s by email right away. She was very enthusiastic on the phone, and had quite obsessively seen most of the tour videos on every coverpage of the FTV tour. So she knew what she was capable of shooting — and she did not disappoint. Quite an exhibitionist, she would have probably done even more risky stuff, but with christmas shopping and 10x the security around this time of year, that would be near-fatal haha. We got a way with a lot, her flashing, upskirt (at the time I didn’t know she wasn’t wearing any panties) and catching someone random sitting behind her off guard. That was the first night, and next morning the main shoot begins. It happened to be a rather cold, and overcast day, which put a downer on the exposure/grain levels of my photo & video. She masturbates/teases herself in the bed, then goes outside to flash and go explicit at the gas station and playground. Its been a long time since I’ve shot in a playground, and it took a long while to actually get those few minutes because of all the random dog walkers in the area. Then she masturbates with a vibrator to orgasm, with visible but slight vaginal contractions at the end. Its extreme closeup mania after that, with spreads and gapes (especially after getting stretched out with the dildo and semi-fisting). The eroscillator brings her to an even stronger orgasm, with more hints of vaginal contractions. Then its all about her ‘puffy’ nipples…

Screenshots from Nadine’s Video Pages:

2016-02-04_222416 2016-02-04_222520
2016-02-04_222612 2016-02-04_222654
2016-02-04_222754 2016-02-04_222831

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FTV Girls Adria: Golfing Teen in Porn (Jan 2016)

Today FTV Girls website updated with 19 y.o. girl Adria who has her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE in masturbation in front of camera. Adria is a young slim girl.. Sometimes she’s shy, sometimes she’s very smiley and funny. She has a body of a very young girl with her small tits & butt. Her figure: 32A-23-34 with height: 5’3". Adria has very different looks depending on her outfits: the sexy one and the childish, unexperienced girl. You can see it on the free photos below. And one thing about Adria: she is cumming fast with strong vaginal contractions! Check this on her videos in the members area.


In Adria’s update:

Public Nudity
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers, Toys
Upskirt in Public
Massage(Hard): Breast

Visible Vaginal Contractions
Extreme Closeups
Long Labia & Stretching
Vagina Gaping Closeups
Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
Nipple Play
Golf Ball Stuffing
Anal Fingering

In total you can download 233 hq photos and 71 minutes of HD video with Adria after getting membership.


Adria’s Comments:

I have always found it difficult to talk about myself because I tend to be very curious about the people and things surrounding me. I am very outgoing and bubbly, most of my friends would tell you that I could walk up to almost anybody and start a conversation. I have always been a risk taker, which has gotten me in trouble at times, but I love trying new things and exploring new places. I am a huge foodie and love to try things I have never had before. One of my favorite foods is sushi even though, oddly enough, I hate fish when its plain. I have always been a "free spirit" if you will. Nothing drives me more crazy than staying in one spot for too long so I always try to take advantage of any opportunity that I get to travel. There is so much to learn from other people especially the ones who dont live in the same area as I do. I love to meet new people and get to know them even if its for a short period of time I feel like everyone posseses a piece of knowledge that I do not already know. I also find myself watching many documentaries because of this aswell. Filling my head with pointless information about "what to do when you come face-to-face with a lion". This always adds some good conversation starters when I visit my family so that I can bob and weave passed the expected "where are you going to college?" "what are you doing with your life?" questions. I have always been close with my parents. They were both raised very strict catholic but never implemented those values on us kids. They taught us the difference between good and bad and left it up to us to make the right decision. I really appreciate them for this because it gave me an opportunity to build my own views and decide for myself what was best for me.


Adria’s Free Photos:

104 106 120 122
125 133 140 142
145 149 153 158
155 159 164 166
160 161 163 171
167 174 179 184
172 173 196 201
188 191 221 222
202 206 208 214
218 227 233 243
234 239 252 258
253 260 261 265
266 267 302 307
310 314 317 326
328 330 334 336
339 342 343 346
348 354 356 360
344 349 353 366

Much more on videos! Including masturbation scenes!


Videographers Comments:

… Later on in the day, she puts on a very sexy black dress, with matching heels. She looks really tall and slender this way, and has a sexy look to her as she walks. We get some upskirt views, then follow her through this resort to watch her play with a long cucumber. It looks so big next to her small vagina, and it really does push her limits! She rides it as deep as she can (hot views) until she slips and ends up dropping it. When she tries to toss it over the ledge, she ends up hitting a window of a nearby office, and it smashes into pieces. A person comes out to see who did it, and looks like he’s calling security — its time to leave… again! I felt bad that it looked like someone was trying to vandalize, and wanted to clean it up, but couldn’t after that guy showed up calling security. So we go home (and she was really burning out from the heat, it was one of those 110 degree August days with exceptional humidity) and shoot in the FTV house. I introduce her to a large, thick dildo, as well as the FTV Monster Toy. She ends up using the thick dildo, but after a hard ride, it makes her very sore. So its definitely a no-go with the bigger toy. She takes a break from penetration with a nice breast massage and nipple play, then goes poolside to play with golf balls. She’s a little nervous about putting them inside, and as one ends up getting ‘stuck’, the female assistant ends up using her fingers to pull it out of her. She has used vibrators before, but the normal kinds… so I introduce her to the Magic Wand Toy. It ends up bringing her to a very strong orgasm, notice the very strong vaginal contractions. Even with her leg blocking the vagina on the second camera angle view, you can still see how it pushes forward/pulsates. The shoot ends near sunset, when she’s back in the white dress and ends up walking around a resort, looking like she’s doing a fashion shoot. I get the upskirt shots and teases, then have her try anal for the first time on camera. Its just a finger, but I hope it will satisfy some members’ anal fetish. I actually had a glass ball toy for her to try, but it ended up hurting too much so we did not shoot it. As she will have entered the adult industry by now, I am curious as to how she will enjoy it.


In The Members Area:

Some screenshots (from video pages of Adria from the members area):







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