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FTV Girls Adria: Golfing Teen in Porn (Jan 2016)

Today FTV Girls website updated with 19 y.o. girl Adria who has her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE in masturbation in front of camera. Adria is a young slim girl.. Sometimes she’s shy, sometimes she’s very smiley and funny. She has a body of a very young girl with her small tits & butt. Her figure: 32A-23-34 with height: 5’3". Adria has very different looks depending on her outfits: the sexy one and the childish, unexperienced girl. You can see it on the free photos below. And one thing about Adria: she is cumming fast with strong vaginal contractions! Check this on her videos in the members area.


In Adria’s update:

Public Nudity
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Fingers, Toys
Upskirt in Public
Massage(Hard): Breast

Visible Vaginal Contractions
Extreme Closeups
Long Labia & Stretching
Vagina Gaping Closeups
Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
Nipple Play
Golf Ball Stuffing
Anal Fingering

In total you can download 233 hq photos and 71 minutes of HD video with Adria after getting membership.


Adria’s Comments:

I have always found it difficult to talk about myself because I tend to be very curious about the people and things surrounding me. I am very outgoing and bubbly, most of my friends would tell you that I could walk up to almost anybody and start a conversation. I have always been a risk taker, which has gotten me in trouble at times, but I love trying new things and exploring new places. I am a huge foodie and love to try things I have never had before. One of my favorite foods is sushi even though, oddly enough, I hate fish when its plain. I have always been a "free spirit" if you will. Nothing drives me more crazy than staying in one spot for too long so I always try to take advantage of any opportunity that I get to travel. There is so much to learn from other people especially the ones who dont live in the same area as I do. I love to meet new people and get to know them even if its for a short period of time I feel like everyone posseses a piece of knowledge that I do not already know. I also find myself watching many documentaries because of this aswell. Filling my head with pointless information about "what to do when you come face-to-face with a lion". This always adds some good conversation starters when I visit my family so that I can bob and weave passed the expected "where are you going to college?" "what are you doing with your life?" questions. I have always been close with my parents. They were both raised very strict catholic but never implemented those values on us kids. They taught us the difference between good and bad and left it up to us to make the right decision. I really appreciate them for this because it gave me an opportunity to build my own views and decide for myself what was best for me.


Adria’s Free Photos:

104 106 120 122
125 133 140 142
145 149 153 158
155 159 164 166
160 161 163 171
167 174 179 184
172 173 196 201
188 191 221 222
202 206 208 214
218 227 233 243
234 239 252 258
253 260 261 265
266 267 302 307
310 314 317 326
328 330 334 336
339 342 343 346
348 354 356 360
344 349 353 366

Much more on videos! Including masturbation scenes!


Videographers Comments:

… Later on in the day, she puts on a very sexy black dress, with matching heels. She looks really tall and slender this way, and has a sexy look to her as she walks. We get some upskirt views, then follow her through this resort to watch her play with a long cucumber. It looks so big next to her small vagina, and it really does push her limits! She rides it as deep as she can (hot views) until she slips and ends up dropping it. When she tries to toss it over the ledge, she ends up hitting a window of a nearby office, and it smashes into pieces. A person comes out to see who did it, and looks like he’s calling security — its time to leave… again! I felt bad that it looked like someone was trying to vandalize, and wanted to clean it up, but couldn’t after that guy showed up calling security. So we go home (and she was really burning out from the heat, it was one of those 110 degree August days with exceptional humidity) and shoot in the FTV house. I introduce her to a large, thick dildo, as well as the FTV Monster Toy. She ends up using the thick dildo, but after a hard ride, it makes her very sore. So its definitely a no-go with the bigger toy. She takes a break from penetration with a nice breast massage and nipple play, then goes poolside to play with golf balls. She’s a little nervous about putting them inside, and as one ends up getting ‘stuck’, the female assistant ends up using her fingers to pull it out of her. She has used vibrators before, but the normal kinds… so I introduce her to the Magic Wand Toy. It ends up bringing her to a very strong orgasm, notice the very strong vaginal contractions. Even with her leg blocking the vagina on the second camera angle view, you can still see how it pushes forward/pulsates. The shoot ends near sunset, when she’s back in the white dress and ends up walking around a resort, looking like she’s doing a fashion shoot. I get the upskirt shots and teases, then have her try anal for the first time on camera. Its just a finger, but I hope it will satisfy some members’ anal fetish. I actually had a glass ball toy for her to try, but it ended up hurting too much so we did not shoot it. As she will have entered the adult industry by now, I am curious as to how she will enjoy it.


In The Members Area:

Some screenshots (from video pages of Adria from the members area):







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FTV Girl Arya: Sexy Hippie Chick

Hello, guys. Glad to see you here on ftv magic… again. Today we meet another one horny teen girl. Her name is Arya, she is 20 y.o. and she has her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE on FTV Girls. Her update was released on January 22, 2016. Arya’s height: 5’3", her figure: 32B-24-36. She is a smiley girl with small tits and big tattoos on her body. Arya sent these photos in her application: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.


In her update:




Public Nudity
Upskirt in Public
Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
Dancing Scenes

Extreme Closeups
Anal Fingering
Bottle Stuffing
Milky Orgasm
Strong Orgasmic Contractions
Shoe Oral
Heel Stuffing
Foot Fetish Scenes
Veggie & Fruit Stuffing

FTV Monster Toy

In total you can download 375 photos (1600px) and 108 minutes of video (12000kbHD) from the members area.


Arya’s Comments:

Ever since I was a little girl my heart and soul have had a passion for the arts and the mind. I find beauty in things most people might find absurd. I’ve spent the past two years of my life finding more beauty in this world, and seeking truth and love. I want to make a difference in this world, instead of being a part of the problem I want to be a part of the solution. The ways that I want to do that will be through my performing arts and showing love to everyone. Actions will always speak louder than words. Aside from all the deep stuff, I’m a very chill and laid back kind of person. I enjoy traveling, eating, and being. I love animals, and soon I will have a wolfdog to call my very own! I will be able to put him in my car and just ride. I think everyone needs to spend a season traveling around..or multiple seasons traveling. There is so much learn in this vast universe. I wish that us as a country would work together more, because it’s so sad to see all the hate and violence when we are all the same species. I want to do what I can to promote the peace. I got deep again, but that’s okay because I’m sincerely passionate about it, and I enjoy going on rants whether you like it or not. It’s honestly hard for me to talk about myself. I mean, I know myself really well and am still getting to know myself..and I could on talking about who I am, where I’m from, and how did I get here…I feel, writing about myself is superficial and I would much rather talk about things that really matter, and if that tells you anything about me it’s that I don’t live for only myself, because of how I grew up.

Arya’s Free Photos:

101 104 106 108
114 119 125 126
127 135 139 144
133 140 143 128
150 158 160 165
146 166 179 186
167 189 206 212
208 226 231 236
239 243 248 250
251 255 267 271
265 264 319 327
278 311 312 333
337 338 347 350
354 359 366 383
375 377 378 382
387 397 403 404
405 406 414 430
418 421 426 427
435 453 456 461
470 476 480 444
467 483 488 489

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In the members area:

2016-01-23_181602 2016-01-23_181658

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Arya masturbating in front of camera to orgasm


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FTV Girl Brielle: Arizona Native (January 2016)

If you forget, FTV means First Time Videos, this means that the girls invited to the studio to have their first time adult experience. One of the freshest FTV girls is Brielle. This young cute girl with charismatic attitude is only 21 years old, her height: 5’6″, her figure: 34B-25-35. Brielle has no problem with getting naked in front of the camera even though its her first adult shoot. She had sent these pictures of herself for consideration:

brielle7 brielle5 brielle6
brielle3 brielle2 brielle1

What can you see in her eyes? Maybe an innocent girl? Or a little horny creature who will show you all the intimate parts of her body? In Brielle’s update:

  • Public Nudity, Upskirt in Public
  • Masturbation to Orgasm with toys
  • Dancing Scenes
  • Strong Orgasmic Contractions
  • Extreme Closeups
  • Anal Fingering, Anal Toys
  • Double Penetration
  • Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
  • Vagina Gaping Closeups
  • Near-Fisting
  • FTV Monster Toy

So right now you can download all her photos (381) and videos (94 minutes) in the members area.

Brielles comments: Later on, when i turned 19, the first opportunity arose for the adult industry, the offer was to cam on a computer and flirt with guys, and being a little nervous I met up with the company manager and tried it out for about an hour or so. Let me just tell you, I LOVED IT. Everyday i started camming for hours. i love the attention and compliments. 2 and a half years went by and im still strong in the game. After i had enough fans and people enjoying my pizzazz I decided to step it up a bit and do some solo shoots in front of a video camera and a photographer. After my very first time i hadn’t done anything too extensive so i decided to do FTV girls. I enjoyed this alot because i got to travel to some really pretty places and be able to do some crazy out of the blue stuff; like attempt to fist my tight pink taco, use a glass toy at the mall, and play with some juicy zuchinnis in a whole new perspective. To be honest at first it was a little nervewracking to be around the general public, and not in my home… but all in all it worked out quite well… and lets just say im not TOO shy anymore thanks to you guys! im really happy i got to do this for all of you, and i hope you enjoy it all <3

This is FTV Girl Brielle:


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FTV Girl Anyah: Stretching it out (Nov 2015)

Hello, dear friends. It’s Daniel. Last FTV Girls update (November 20, 2015) brought to us horny 20 y.o. girl Anyah having her TOTAL FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE. She is very funny, no shy, having a lot of fun during her shot and public nudity scenes. Anyah has a slim well shaped body, her figure: 33B-24-35 with height 5’4". There is something special in her eyes. May be lenses… Anyah loves to stretch her pussy, spreading it out, so you’ll see a lot of pussy close-ups in this update. And also:

  • Public Nudity
  • Masturbation: Orgasm w/Toy
  • Dancing Scenes
  • Extreme Closeups
  • Vagina Gaping Closeups
  • Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
  • Golf Ball Stuffing
  • Anal Fingering
  • Anal Toys
  • FTV Monster Toy
  • FTV Titan Toy
  • Fisting

258 photos & 113 minutes of video uploaded to the members area. You can get access and watch/download all her videos + videos of other young girls.

Anyah’s comments: So I’ll just start from the beginning! I was born in Oneonta, New York and moved to Kansas when I was five. My family was the type that could never settle down in one place. We always moved every five years or so. I never minded it too much, I actually kind of liked it! It was always fun to me to meet new people, make new friends, and see new places. I was mainly raised in small towns, where everybody knew everyone. Most of my childhood i was EXTREMELY sheltered, until I moved back to my home state, New York. I lived about half an hour outside of New York City when I entered high school. That first year I learned how much I actually loved sex. At one point in my sophomore year I actually had gotten expelled for getting caught having sex on more than one occasion! After driving my parents crazy for a few years with my sex driven mind, and probably a few gray hairs we settled down in Southern New Hampshire. I went on to graduating high school in 2012, without getting band. I graduated with straight A’s and a 4.0GPA, I even had gotten a perfect score on my math state testing two years in a row and graduated in the top 10% of my class. After slaving away for four years, I decided I deserved a little bit of a break from all the homework and testing! Instead of being the responsible type that my mom wanted me to be so bad, I told myself, "take a year off, go enjoy life!" And that’s exactly what I did! So much that I found out I would be expecting that Fall. Life as it many times does, got in the way. I didn’t end up going to school for law, which was my initial plan, but instead took a course to get my real estate license. So if anyone needs to sell their home in the state of Massachusetts, I’ll be your go-to gal! I try to keep busy, even though my son already does quite so, by bartending at a little tavern in New Hampshire! I love the fast pace atmosphere of it all, but it doesn’t give me much freedom and spare time that I would like. I mean who really wants to work every night, weekend, and holiday? Not me that’s for sure. Hence the reason I’m shooting my first time video with FTV Girls!

This is Horny FTV Girl Anyah:


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FTV Girl Kinsley: Innocent Perversions (Sep 2015)

Guys, meet Kinsley. She is a really cute girl with sweet face and nice natural boobs. She looks such an innocent but you’ll be surprised watching her photos and videos. Her photos you’ll see in continuation of this post (I think I’ll share a lot of cause Kinsley looks great for me). And you can try to find her videos on website (videos will be there in couple of days).
So… FTV Kinsley is only 18 years old (recently turned) and she just finished high school (!). She wanted to start a softcore career in adult, and was referred to FTV Girls first, and see how she likes it. In her update:

  • Public Nudity
  • Upskirt in Public
  • Dress & Heels
  • Massage(Hard): Breast, Butt
  • Extreme Closeups
  • Vagina Gaping Closeups
  • Long Labia & Stretching
  • Veggie & Fruit Stuffing
  • Double Penetration
  • Anal Toys & Fingering
  • FTV Monster Toy

All her 383 HQ photos and TWO HOURS OF HD VIDEO you can download in the members area.

Kinsley’s comments: i loved all the locations about todays shoot they were all so pretty! my favorite was the yellow flowery one ha-ha yellow is one of my favorite colors even tho i have a ton. i tried a lot of new things today but I’m so glad i got the opportunity to try them i probably never would of if not in this industry but I’m happy i am because i learned a lot about my self ha-ha and now that i know i don’t have a full orgasm it is now my goal to reach that point no matter what it takes! i also enjoyed how the people i met today were so friendly and how i could put a smile on those golfers faces when i ran up to them topless ha-ha i was kinda shocked at how i was able to do that since i am normally shy but shoot i enjoyed it! i really liked all the public things i liked how it was taking a risk. So now back to sports ha-ha sorry I’m so bad at transitioning onto a new topic but anyways when i was younger i actually played soccer for about a year till i quit when getting hit in the face with the ball.. after that i stuck to softer spots like racing which i actually have two first place medals for and i am so proud of them because i had hardly any training, i ran a half marathon before and that was my favorite I’m actually hoping to do that again soon once i find out more details on races, i did cheer for about a year or two i don’t quite remember because it was a while ago but that is where i gained most of my flexibly from, i also did gymnastics when i was younger and ballet but i hated ballet, i now stick to just weight training and running because it builds muscle and is refreshing to run and enjoy fresh air and the pretty scenery even tho i run the same route every time i still enjoy it and i know how far i have gone by where i am at and how many loops i have made so i no longer need to wear a joggers watch, since I’m so into fitness i hardly eat junk food i don’t even touch it because i don’t want grease on my fingers ha I’m a bit of a neat freak, i don’t drink soda either i actually don’t like the taste but i love juice and water and my favorite food to eat is salads and believe it or not salmon ha-ha the same exact thing i ate today! Which was soo yummy by the way thank you for that i appreciated it ha-ha!!

This is Young FTV Girl Kinsley:


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